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Bonsoy Organic Soy Milk 1 Litre $3.50 ($3.15 with S&S - Expired) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Created by Japanese soy masters using recipes perfected over many centuries, Bonsoy only a premium variety of whole soybeans. The beans are cooked finely ground with purified hot water this process gives Bonsoy its unique mellow flavour. Our special variety of whole soybeans are ideal for people wishing to add soy to their daily diet. Bonsoy is a great milk alternative and is perfect for cooking and baking Bonsoy is creamy, delicious and is a healthy satisfying every day food delivering an excellent source of vegetable protein.

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  • I see they have a new almond blend variety? Any tried it?

    • In coffee gross, on its own pretty good. Don't know about in other drinks, can certainly taste it.

      • Agree, I'm a lactard, I find lactose free milk to be very sweet and the only non dairy 'milk' I can handle in coffee is straight soy milk or oat milk.

    • Got a 6 pack of bonsoy Almond for $10 to give it a go. Unlike the other comment above, I had no issues with it in coffee but I generally quite enjoy almond and am potentially not as sensitive to these types of things as others

      • I tried it too because the local green grocer had some for sale at $1.90, I found it not bad in coffee too. Taste much better than Vitasoy and Aldi's varieties.

    • Won't froth much for coffee, but otherwise it's alright.

      I only got it because my local IGA sells it for occassionally for $1.50 - otherwise I wouldn't buy.

  • Ordered this after Wowifoundabargain posted it earlier, max it allowed with an S&S order was 6.

  • How does S&S work? Will it revert back to 10% off $4.90 if price changes, or isnit at $3.15

    I can get a box of 6 locally for $21.99 - I don't want to S&S and have Amazon price jump

    • Just delete the subscription after you've received your order. The S&S is the price at the time of the next subsciption -10%.

  • Sweet purchased 6

  • Does anyone think Bonsoy is actually significantly better than, say, So Good Soy to warrant the price?

    • Taste better. Taste better with coffee too. Day and night for your family. Worth it.

    • Depends what you're using it for. Coffee? Absolutely, one of the few soy milks that don't get in the way of the taste of coffee. There isn't that 'soy' taste that most other milks have.

      • Yes, pretty much exclusively use soy milk for coffee. I've been enjoying the So Good Barista Soy which isn't much cheaper, but will give Bonsoy another go.

        • I tried that Barista Soy the other day and was actually pretty impressed, so you might not find much difference between those two.

          • @naverda95: Good to know, I drink coffee with soy milk too, would definitely give the Barista Soy a try.
            So good reading comments in Ozbargain, you learnt so much :)

        • I am the same and only use soy milk for coffee. Have been using Bonsoy, Regular So Good Soy and tried So Good Barista Soy when it was $2 at Woolies a week or two back and can say it is a step up from Regular So Good Soy and very similar to Bonsoy. For the price, i would stock up on So Good Barista Soy.

    • Funnily enough, the Woolworths barista (they've got a little coffee shop inside my local) uses this stuff despite So Good being half the price.. and can DEFINITELY taste the difference… So Good has a bit of an astringent after taste no matter how I steam it… haven't tasted that in Bonsoy

  • Bonsoy Almond Milk also available at the same price, including S&S option.

  • It's $3.50 at woolworths.

  • Anyone else missing the s&s option?

  • I can't find the S&S option anymore for Bonsoy Soymilk
    but S&S still available for Almond milk

  • Don't see the S&S anywhere, did they stop?

  • Also looks to be $3.50 on special at woolworths at the moment.

  • Comparing Bonsoy and So Good Barista using Nespresso frother, So Good is better as it has less foam. The Bonsoy generates too much foam.
    I also find the taste for So Good Barista is better without the sourness of Bonsoy.

    • sourness of Bonsoy

      Do you sense the "sourness" drinking Bonsoy on its own? Are you sure you didn't curdle your Bonsoy with a very acidic coffee? It's a common problem with soy milks, makes milk coffee look terrible and taste sour. So Good having "Barista" (ie. targeting coffee drinkers) in the name would have substances added to ensure this doesn't happen. Must be the "acidity regulators (332, 450)" in its ingredients.

  • All gone now