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SkyBus Melbourne ↔ Tullamarine Airport $9.50 One Way @ Klook


I think that this is the cheapest ever that a one way Skybus Melbourne Airport ticket has ever been.

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  • Booked a ticket for a trip on Friday, thanks!

  • Yet it's still 2x the price of a regular bus ticket. Why do they allow these services to be privatized? I never understood the benefit of not just running additional public transport on CBD to airport routes. Perhaps someone in state government or city planning could shed some light?

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      privatize it to a mate's company, one year later join said company and enjoy your free $$$

    • The state government actually gets paid and makes a profit from selling the rights to the airport bus service to SkyBus. Seeing as its mostly fleecing tourists I think they're ok with it. There's also the fact that SkyBus provides a good quality of service (all day everyday, every 10 minutes) that the PTV might not as easily provide.

      There is a public transport way to get to the airport which isn't even that bad. https://www.danielbowen.com/transport/melb-airport-cheap-way...

  • 3 month voucher expiry

  • You need special buses for one. Maybe the government doesn’t want the capital outlay of a whole fleet of buses for one route? Who knows.

    The airport link train service will be $20 bucks each way I guarantee it

  • Thank you! Perfect timing!
    "$5 off SkyBus, no minimum spend. Code for one-time use only. Valid until 31 March.
    Expires: 31 Mar 2021 12:28pm"
    SkyBus official website actually has a Summer special $15 one way/$28 return (not sure what's normal price)

  • That's 2005 prices !

  • Who is going to airport and why?

  • Is there an option to book just one way Melbourne to Airport route?

  • OOL to surfers is just $2 on your average GC bus route. i miss QLD

  • It says it is an open date ticket but you must book the date of travel or is it 3 months from that date?

    • Hi there! It's 3 months from the date you book it (not the date of travel). i.e. if you book it today, but plan to travel in 2 weeks - it is valid for 3 months from today. However, if you don't go in 2 weeks, you still have 3 months to use it as an open date ticket!

      • This 3 months expiry is confusing as I was able to select a travel date of 14th August 2021 when I booked today. I won't be traveling until August 2021. How do I receive a refund as it says it's non-refundable?

  • In case anyone here doesn't know already, the offshoot services to St Kilda, Docklands, and Southbank (advertised on the deal website) are currently suspended so you can only use this on the service leaving Southern Cross.

    • Hi,

      Is the suspension still in place currently? Just bought a return ticket and will be staying at Dockland.


  • Great find OP - thank you!

  • I don't have travel planned, can I buy and change dates later on?

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      Hi there! The ticket is valid for 3 months from the date of booking. As it is an open date ticket, you can use it any date in those 3 months!

  • Silly question. Can the $5 discount be used for multiple times with the same account? I will need more than 1 ticket. Thanks.

  • This would be the normal price if we socialised plane travel/airport transfers. ez clap.

  • Just to clarify, you can use this from CBD to Airport too right? It works both ways?

  • I'm not seeing a $9.50 price. If I book a return that's the cheapest at a total of $21.45 with the code.