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adidas Ultraboost (Multiple Colours/Sizes Available) $119.95 (50% off) Delivered @ Culture Kings


More Color/size for Ultraboost at Culture Kings From $119.95 delivered while stocks last

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  • They don't do 1/2 sizes

    • I was gonna say.

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        the .5 ones don't matter much in these. Ive got 10 pairs and found the .5 the same length just tighter. Better to round it off

        • +8

          I tried the 10 on many times but found it slightly too narrow and short. I got the 10.5 and they've been perfect.

          • @solidice: same the 9s were a bit too generous in the toe box but 8.5 right (equivalent to a Nike 9 in peggys fwiw)

        • +2

          I find that to be the opposite. I have multiple pairs and found especially in the OG models that .5 a size up makes a huge difference for me in terms of fitting width wise (I'm normally a TTS US9). 1 full size up would be too big both width and length wise.

        • Half sizes only increase width. No effect on length.

    • +2

      I definitely prefer the 11.5 over the 12 or 11s. Oh well

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        take out the insole until it stretches after a few days

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    These is cheap for the OG models. the 19s/20 and this years 21's are god awful ugly. Thats why adidas sell them for $100 to get rid of them. These OG ones are hardly on sale which is why i bought 2 pairs at xmas

    • +1

      Yep, this year's 21 boosts are so ugly! I need to find some older ones in blue on sale. Unfortunately these ones are just black or white.

    • I agree. They still have these og models at adidas online, but at full price and they are called ub 4.0 dna. We probably will need to wait till next xmas for price drops.

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    Are the sizes us or uk?

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      not sure why you were downvoted… the sizes are generally US sizing in Australia.

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    don't forget Suncorp rewards for folks that have it - 15% off Gift Cards.. only have $500 in stock at the moment though.

  • Didn't expect size 12s to be available. Needed new shoes, so thanks OP :)

  • Which ultraboost is this ? DNA or 20 ?

    • I prefer the 20s personally

  • -1

    Anyone with flat or wide feet should steer clear of ultraboosts. Get NMD's instead

    • +6

      I have flat feet, but love the Ultraboost!

    • i have wide feet and i can't wear nmd's, my feet press against the bulging bits on the sides.

      ultraboosts are the most comfortable shoe i've ever worn.

  • I'm usually a 9.5 US in Nikes, so what size should I get 10?

    • I actually went half a size down (11.5-11) and it was a perfect fit.

    • I feel ultraboosts run large by half a size. I normally wear Nikes too.

    • Go TTS unless your feet are wide. Us10 in NMDs fit me perfect but 10s in UB were tight. Length was good but I had to take the insoles out. 10.5s fit better but still a bit tight for me

  • Is the Black/Black/Red one the same? In the close up shots it looks slightly different than the Black/White

  • just a warning to those with wide feet. the first pair of UB i bought fit beautifully, second pair was tight and uncomfortable.

    Very confusing

  • -2

    Just wore a pair out wouldn't buy again.

  • +2

    Cheers OP

    Edit: username checks out

  • Allwhite Size 9 sold out. Was in my shopping bag but refused to checkout. :(

  • Thanks, ordered a pair

  • $109 at DFO's

    • Which one? all of them? Like Moorabbin…

  • +1

    Check your local store if it's OOS online. I wanted the black/black/red in size 9 which was not available online. Went to the store in Parramatta and they were happy to match the online price.

    • I thought about going to parra, they had 3 allwhites in stock in parra store,but didnt want to risk it being sold out and wasting my time. Checked for the size again after 1hr and it was in stock. Looking at it now and its still in stock. I missed out on adidas sale for this model pre xmas but tbh I dont think it was much cheaper than this price as it was not in outlet section of adidas.

  • Are these much better than Nike free runs?

    • They look better 😁

  • +2

    Thanks for posting, I was about to buy a pair of these on the Adidas website for $200 last night but was too tired and went to bed without checking out. Lucky me!

  • +1

    I've never felt cool enough to go into culture kings

  • Thankyou, got 2!

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