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Seiko Prospex Green Alpinist SPB121J Automatic Watch $699 Delivered @ Starbuy


EDIT: price has dropped to $699 now and for that price, I wholeheartedly recommend this amazing watch.


Admittedly, this isn't as a big a deal as Starbuy's previous deals on the other colour variants of the Alpinist which were being sold at $699. But if you were looking for a green Alpinist and are put off by the prices for the SARB017 on Amazon (now hovering at the $1k+ mark), this is a pretty good alternative. Plus you get a pretty good upgrade in the power reserve department (70 hours for the 6R35 vs 50 hours for the 6R15).

The Prospex logo and the cyclops lens are pretty controversial changes from my understanding - but the cyclops lens is in keeping with the original Red Alpinist line from the 90s and I suppose this change harks back to that era.


Case Diameter: 39.5mm

Case Thickness: 13.2mm

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Made in Japan

Date Display

Rotating Compass Inner Ring

Screw Down Crown

WATER RESISTANCE: 200m / 20ATM / 640ft

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    I've got the cream dial one but this green one is really the one that I always wanted. But it's hard to get excited about it when the arguably even more desirable SPB117J has been on sale from starbuy for $699…


      Agree on the SPB117J. Missed the last sale so waiting for it again!

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    Hmm the price seems to have dropped to 699 now :) https://starbuy.com.au/seiko-prospex-alpinist-spb121j/

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      Ask and ye shall receive it seems!


    The pull of the SARB017 that made it legendary was that it was a very pretty watch with a decent set of features for a very attractive price.

    This.. well looks are subjective, but the value just isn't there. You can get a Hamilton for this price

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      Well I think value can be subjective as well. For $699 / $789 (the original sale price), its amazing value. You're getting a Japanese manufactured watch which is extremely versatile, can be dressed up or down, and has a tonne of history. The nearest Hamilton equivalent that I can think of is the Hamilton Khaki Field which is admittedly more sporty and can't be dressed up to the same extent that the Alpinist can. There's also the Hamilton Intramatic 40mm and 38mm (sportier version and dress version respectively) which have different vibes.


      Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Black Dial Leather Band Men's Watch H70455533 aren't too expensive at the moment (only going up)
      I just bought a few for about $520 each. Saved a bit of money from the customs missing the package


        I'm pretty sure they are always around 400 us$
        The only reason they are low at the moment is because of the Aussie dollar going up. And it looks like it's further going up.

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    Good price, Trying to get a hold of SPB089 but quite ridiculous the pricing on those at the moment

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      Ikr! The markups are plain crazy


      Yeah agreed! the closest we will come to an affordable blue Alpinist is the blue bezel-less Alpinist (SPB157). Myer was having a 20% discount on all watches and the SPB157 was on sale for $800, would have pulled the trigger on it if I didn't already buy another watch…


    Bought one of the Alpinists from a previous OzBargain deal (10/10/2020) but the watch is always a couple of minutes slow and I'm getting tired of resetting it….should I send it back to Starbuy?
    Thanks in advance.

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      ~20 seconds per day is normal, which adds up to a couple minutes over a week, but a couple minutes a day is way too much and might mean something is wrong with the watch.


    Thanks for the prompt reply.I don't think losing that much time every day should occur with a watch of this quality.I'm going to contact Starbuy now.


    Hope they drop the price of the white/gold as well.