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Synology DS 920+ & WD Red 2TB Hard Drive $864 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Some good combo savings in this promotion:

Synology DS 920+ + WD Red 2TB hard drive = $864 (Price break down NAS = $774, HDD = $90)

Synology DS 920+ + WD Red 4TB hard drive = $910 (Price break down NAS = $774, HDD = $136)

Synology DS 920+ + WD Red 8TB hard drive = $1052 (Price break down NAS = $774, HDD = $278)

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  • would this NAS be a good option for a video editor? I'm newly looking at different setups and currently a bit of a noob when it comes to this type of storage.

    • No.
      Video editing requires fast r/w, which equates to direct attached storage… like USB 3.1 or ThunderBolt. Get something like the Samsung T7.

      • You can edit off a NAS but you likely want one with 10 Gb/s networking (and the same for the editing device) if you're dealing with high res footage / professionally. Otherwise this would be more for archiving than current projects.

        • can != good

          I assume he/she is using a laptop or even destkop, so how would they then connect to a 10Gb/s NAS with spinners (HDD slow)?

          And all of these is ignoring the HUGE cost.

          @OP; NAS is for providing large amounts of storage for archiving and providing services over the storage to your premises, not for video editing.

          • @raybies: Editing off a NAS is how larger production houses do it because editing off external SSDs is madness at scale and do not perform as well.

            The cost isn't huge if you're doing it professionally which was my caveat, it's not even much more than this, certainly more reasonable than a stack of external SSDs.

            Even this NAS has the ability to add NVME cache, which works reasonably well for video editing because a raid array of spinning disks is much faster in raw bandwidth than a SATA SSD like the T7 and random IO will be faster to the NVME SSDs. So it's really only lacking faster networking. There are pretty reasonably priced 10Gb/s options, especially if you only have one editor. If you have many, your sanity will thank you for not having external drives everywhere.

            So much depends on OPs use case, it's not great to make assumptions.

      • here and in your follow-up post you're quite right, but I just wanted to add for clarity that @Dealr will probably want both an external SSD for active projects AND a NAS.

        • yeah sorry, to clarify, as diamondd has guessed, I'm wanting NAS for archiving. I use WD Nano Blue's and Samsung Evo 860's for active work.

  • Meh combo.
    I want the NAS for $774 delivered. I guess I'll just wait for Computer Alliance to do another $775 delivered.

  • I wonder should I go for this or Qnap TS453, which has 2 Ram slot, and 2.5Gbe

    • QNAP NAS devices are great but it's important to know they use a weird implementation of the ext4 filesystem so you can't just plug a drive into a linux box to recover your data if the NAS fails. You should have an external backup anyway but most people don't so it's worth noting.

  • Temped to get one as a backup destination for my current NAS, but I've been waiting on DSM 7 for over a year now. Maybe Synology is having funding issues

  • From what I can find online WD red 2,3,4,6TB model are SMR drives which is bad when using in a RAID.
    Source: WD blog post