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Viofo A129 Duo Dashcam with GPS US$111.27 (~A$144.58) Delivered (CN) @ Banggood


Selling for $200-230 on eBay & AliExpress so a great price on this very popular dashcam. Check last few deals for comments/discussion.

To get price in title:

  • Apply coupon BG46546 & remove shipping insurance at checkout.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD

Also make sure to checkout their AU Warehouse Clearance page here for more great deals.

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  • +1

    Really want to buy this but have heard the Parking mode is broken/unreliable?

    Having 2 hit and runs on my car and having to pay the excess twice, I want a reliable parking mode.

    • +2

      I have the 4k version of this, do you have any sources on the parking mode not working? I'm wanting to try that out soon

      • +1

        I have the 2k version and I found it depends on the parking mode that it has been set to. I had issues with the motion sensor parking mode as it either froze the camera when it switches from parking to driving or it doesn't write to the SD when in driving mode after coming out of parking.

        I switch it to time lapse (5 FPS) and it hasn't had an issue since. My first thought is that when the motion sensor isn't activated, the cam doesn't record so when it switches over to driving mode, it doesn't start recording correctly. In time lapse, it never stops recording so it hasn't had an issue.

        • +1

          So your'e driving and recording as a time lapse? Is that not annoying?

          • +2

            @wiipantz: I believe from the review I watched a while ago, it only goes to fps when parked.

            • +1

              @witheredcouch: Correct, time lapse is only for the parking mode. Mine is running at 1440p 60fps at the front and 1080p 30fps at the back while in driving mode. The switch between time lapse parking mode to full fps driving mode doesn't seem to have any issues.

              • @CoreNex: Awesome, did you hardwire it yourself or get it done? Sorry to hijack but am curious if there is any good resources on hardwiring for parking mode.

                • +4

                  @wiipantz: Hardwired with the Viofo kit by myself. Thankfully there's a community for my car so I was able to get some assistance from the forums regarding wiring paths and fuse locations.

                  Some helpful tips which is applicable for all car models:
                  - Make sure you buy Fuse taps that fit your car, the Viofo kit doesn't come with the taps.
                  - Most, if not all, trims can come off. The Viofo kit comes with a small plastic trim pryer which helps remove them from the pillars.
                  - When wiring the kit through the trim, locate the airbags in your car (typically in the pillars) and either avoid them or run the wires behind the bags. You don't want the cabling to get in the way of an air bag going off.
                  - If you don't have one, get a Circuit tester from places like Bunngins/eBay/Supercheapauto. You'll need one to identify which side of the fuse is live and which side isn't. It'll also be used to locate a fuse which is always on (required for parking mode) and one which is off when the car is off (used to switch into Driving mode).

                  • @CoreNex: Cheers mate good tips, I installed the front and rear in my own car ok enough more after a guide on the hardwire side whcih isn't so easy to find funnily enough.

                  • @CoreNex: Any info regarding the dashcam hardmount option running down the car battery? I've read stories where hard mounting can reduce the battery so much it won't start the car.

                    • @R.R.P: There's talk of hardwiring kits causing batteries to go flat. The Viofo kit has a slider which allows you to set the usage limiter so it won't drain the battery past a certain amount. Ideally, it'll continue to stay on until it detects the battery getting to a certain level, once there it'll shut off the cam so there's enough/plenty of juice for the car to start and charge the battery.

                      Some kits are automatic in terms of the limiter while others are a physical slider, you'll have to find one that works with your cam. From what I'm aware, the blackvue ones are pretty good with great app support but are a bit complicated to DIY (the kit is also pretty expensive). Viofo is self install friendly and has solid hardware but support is lacking.

                      • @CoreNex: Thanks mate, I own the 4k Viofo and have the hardwire kit but was hesitant on doing the install

                • @wiipantz: Try ODB hardwiring kit.

    • +1

      I just set mine as low bit rate recording mode. The video quality is decent.

  • +2

    This is a good price, thanks OP

  • How does this compare to the A800?

  • +1

    Awesome. Ordered.
    Does anyone know the best place to get the circular polariser filter and hardware kit (for power)?

    • Same website for the hardwire kit? You may also need an additional 1 to 2A fuse the same fuse type as yours if not supplied by the hardwire kit.

      I don't have the polariser filter, thinking if may darken the video footage at night.

      • actually it looks like aliexpress is the cheapest for the hardwire and CPL. (to answer my own question)
        I intend to try it for a while before hardwiring anyway.

        A polariser usually darkens about 2 f stops, and a digital camera should adjust at the expense of image quality.
        I've just found a comparison here between with and without CPL (jump to about 1:50 to see side by side)

        • Link please.

    • I've heard you can connect to the OBD. Might be worth looking into

    • I got my hardwire and cpl from ebay, slightly cheaper than Banger's price

  • +4

    Great I got one last time from Banggood. Awesome camera and quality. So good having the rear camera as well to capture everything. Have one incident in your car and this pays for itself.

    • Just need to catch a Karl Stefanovic ranting about his workmates and bosses?

  • How do you wire up the rear camera?

    • +6

      Looks like it connects to the main camera so you just run a cable from the rear one through the trim and into the front one

    • how clean you want it to look will depend on how you want to route the wire through the car. You'll most likely have to remove trim for a mint look and pass the wire through a grommet if you have a hatchback/wagon.

      Pro tip: avoid the airbags

  • +3

    What luck. I've been wanting one of these for a couple of weeks, waiting for a deal to come up, checking this site occasionally, checking on old deals, etc. I finally decided to buy one on AliExpress, and was just adding it to my cart when I noticed this deal popped up! Thanks @adr8 .

  • It's showing $147.47 for me even without the insurance, does anyone know why?

    • +1

      Title price is based on paying in USD, if you switch currency from AUD to USD price should be $111.27, then using this converter https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/personal/get-support/convert... the AU price works out to be $144.58.

      • Does the US$111.27 definitely include GST? That’s the price I get on the web but it doesn’t specify the GST component. In the app it does specify GST which brings the total to US$122.40.

        Edit: US$122.40, not US$1122.40

        • US$111.27 is the total price, no additional amount gets added at checkout. So the US$111.27 includes GST.

  • +1

    @ard8 do you have a combo deal with this camera plus rear camera plus CPL filter, plus 3-wire hardware kit?

    • Not that I'm aware of.

  • After coupon shows as US$115.01?

    • Remove shipping insurance at checkout.

      • +1

        Thanks, cost is $150.55 AUD when using Paypal.

        • +1

          In Paypal choose to pay in USD and let your card do the conversion

  • After coupon I got US$122.40, which includes $11.13 of tax. What did I do wrong?

    • Use link in OP, it should start with au or you could use the App

      • +1

        Ordered. Thanks mate.

  • From personal experience, rear camera cable too short. It's not a normal USB cable but looks like mini USB. Tried to splice but it has 6pins two pairs shielded and overall shielded. Will be a difficult splice. Make sure you get two fuse taps and consider getting cpl. why it doesn't come as default with cpl boggles the mind

    • I have implemented this in two cars (hardwired) , one SUV and one long Sedan.
      Personally had no issues with the cable length for the rear camera. Not sure how you did run the cable and faced length issue. Did you run it yourself?

    • +1

      I have found that if the cables are at the bottom of the car, it will be too short. Usually running it at the top of the car there is more than enough excess cable. Issues running on top is obviously keeping the cables out of the way of the side airbags.

      • unfortunately I have curtain air bags and could not access top and went through bottom. Short about 1.2m

        • Looks like you cab buy a 8m cable on Amazon for 26 delivered

        • I run mine via the top, either tucking the cable at the base of the clips that hold the curtain air bags or pushing it in further past the grab handles, obviously removing the grab handles gives more slack to the roof liner as well to position the cable.

    • The cable is like 5m. I have 2-3m of extra cable going to the back

  • +1

    If anyone happens to be in the same boat, I followed this guide for my Forester. Easy done.


    Things to additionally get in preparation for those who are new like me…

    SD card.
    Fuse taps.
    Fuse blades (low profile / micro are handy)… I used 5A fuses but apparently you only need 2A.
    CPL filter.
    Hard wire kit.

    • Admittedly, I just plugged mine in the centre cigarette plug.

      • Hey if it works, it works

    • I am in same boat. Need for my outback. Can you tell me from where did you get fuse taps, fuse blades and hard wire kit?

      How much does it cost in total?

      Is CPL filter really required?

      • +1

        Fuse taps ($5.95) and fuses (few dollars) from jaycar. I changed mine actually from micro to standard mini blade. The micro blade taps don't sit properly.

        Hard wire and cpl were $40ish for both from ebay.

        I use the cpl on the front only because I have dark tint on the boot glass.

  • +1

    Been wanting to buy one of these Dash cams so, perfect timing! Thanks OP!
    I also used 'CASH REWARDS' website to get either 5% or 8% cash back. Didn't look up exactly which category this purchase is eligible for but hopefully any because cash back is always good!

  • How long do you think I have to wait if I order today? Sydney area.

    • +1

      It took about 3 weeks. I think the biggest delay was Fastway.

    • It took about 5 weeks for me during the Christmas period.

  • -1

    Got one as I missed the last one.
    Where do you get fuse and whats a good 128mb mem card (brand)? Is 128 mb sufficient or should I get higher?

    • 64 or 128 GB not MB :)

    • From what I heard, go Samsung Pro Endurance 😄

    • Do you know how long 128gb gonna last?

  • +1

    I own one of these. Gave up on the parking mode but it's hardwired so turns on when the car is on. Before it was making the batter flat even with the hardwire kit

    • Interesting, I hard wired one for a friend with park mode ie Constant Power and ACC, he hasn't said a thing about his batteries going flat. It is set to 12.4v though for the hard wire kit. What car is it installed in? Installing another one for another friend hence the the interest in park mode not working.

  • Does anyone use the parking mode with a power bank? How long does it last?

    • +1

      I am planning to do the same and tried it once on continuous recording and it lasted around 3 h in 10000ma power bank but the power bank was not fully charged .in fact nearly empty but im yet to test it with fully charged power bank or different parking mode.

      • +1

        Thanks for replying. Sounds like it might last fine with a 20000ma power bank that I've got on hand then for when I'm parked on the street!

  • Has anyone hard-wired for parking mode in Honda HRV? Have been unable to find the specifics for the fuse type so far.
    Any idea if this affects the warranty?

    • Same! I bought one for my HRV but struggling to find decent tutorials to help wire it correctly

      • Any luck guys? Were you able to hard wire it on your own?

        • Sadly, no! I am just using it through my ciggi lighter.

          • @theebargainhunter: I have HRV too so now I am thinking to use Power bank of some good size. I know it won't replace usability of having hard wire kit but still 'having something is better than nothing' :)

            • @jt14: I thought about that too, but I'm worried if the sun might heat up the powerbank and explode.

              • @theebargainhunter: yeah I too read about it. I was just wondering what if I keep power bank hidden under driver seat or in glove box where sun won't reach and keep it in an insulated pouch or something :)
                Sounds crazy! I know..

                • +1

                  @jt14: If you're spending more than $80 on the powerbank and all the extra things to pull through, then it's worth just getting this professionally rewired.

  • My goodness, just bought this last week off eBay for 230. Bummer.

  • Anyone know if a longer replacement rear camera cable can be purchased?

    • Nvm found Amazon $26

  • is there any good deals on 4k model ?

  • +1

    This coupon has reached the 100 limit times

  • Hi Op, when I apply the code, it say this code is applied more than 100 times already.

  • I ordered 2 x units from the last banggood offer but never received them. Tracking showed delivered but I never received it.. photos provided was of someone else’s home!

    Followed up with Banggood online chat and was directed to the transport agent called PFLogistics in Sydney… what a bunch of clowns , they do not answer calls or emails.

    Complained to Banggood again and they gave me a full refund.

    I am hesitant to re-order if dodgy PFLogistics will handle the shipment again!

    • Try use parcel collect service, so they will send it to lpo.

  • Has this expired? Code used up?

  • +1

    Any chance of getting a new coupon code issued?

  • +2

    Got it today

    • +2

      Got mine today too! Now time to look up on Youtube for hard wiring guide.

  • +1

    Got mine yesterday too. I've gone the 'soft' wiring initially. Although the headliner on the i30 has huge gaps I didn't need a pry tool to push the cables up there..

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