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Mayver's Super Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter 375g $2.50 (Min Order Qty 2) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


OOS, see links below for other types.

OzBargain's favorite, price-matching Coles this week.

Ingredients: Roasted PEANUTS (99.3%) & Sea Salt.

Edit: also Dark Roast, Natural Smooth, Mayver's Cacao Super Spread 280g ($3.41) and Mayver's Smunchy Protein+ Peanut Butter ($2.89)

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  • Is amazon going to kill local businesses in the future with all this price matching?

    • +14

      kill Coles? probably not. kill the corner deli selling the same peanut butter at $8? probably.

      • Yes agreed. But I am thinking more along the lines of small businesses like MSY

        • +4

          MSY are hardly small with 13 stores nationwide. They'll need to innovate and/or improve their customer service if they want to remain relevant.

          • +4


            improve their customer service

            I mean it literally couldn't get any worse.

          • +6


            They'll need to innovate and/or improve their customer service if they want to remain relevant.

            Hey .. I still want PARTS.pdf

    • I, for one, welcome out new Amazon overlords!

      • +1

        I welcome death by snu snu

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    Dark Roast pls, bought it

  • Why is the Mayver's Super Natural Smooth Peanut Butter actually called

    Mayver's Smooth Peanut Spread on the jar and not Mayver's Smooth Peanut Butter?

    • Just sounds smoother I guess. It's still 99%+ peanuts.

      • I believe there could be a legal requirement for the use of the description peanut butter so I think somewhere along the line that product may not meet it. It does not make sense not to use its real name.

        It’s also the only one which is “organic”.

        • +1

          It does not make sense not to use its real name.

          Spread sounds healthier than butter, to me anyway.

          Might also just be an attempt to distinguish it from all the similar sounding products in their range.

    • from the website it sounds like PB has some salt, spread is nothing but peanuts…

      • The spread in question has sea salt listed in the ingredients.

  • I bought some a while back after being told aussie owned aussie produce looked at the label after get it home where reading glasses are peanuts are imported from overseas as they claim when asked there are no peanuts left in oz returned to supermarket and wouldn't touch again

    • +1

      It was originally Aussie peanuts, 100%, then 50%, now imported as there are not enough peanuts in Oz

    • -1

      Your loss. Pity Australian's are so deeply economically illiterate and easily swayed by marketing.

    • Wow, is this a drama queen competition? Talk about crazy overreactions to not reading a label before buying something.

      • did you actually read my post before sprouting ? where I said my reading Glasses were at home (and therefore couldn't read label? NO of course not, Just read the first word or two. just an opportunity to bring someone down and sprout your viewpoint

        • Yes, that's it, we're all growing points-of-view. You know you can look this stuff up online before going to the shop? Crazy, this advanced technology we have available today.

  • If you have access to AAMI/Suncorps gift cards, take a further 3% off. What I love about these giftcards in general is that you can just enter the purchase value down to the cent.

  • Does anyone know, even from past deals, when these may expire? A few months? I just opened a jar of peanut butter (different brand) and I'd like to try mayvers (never eaten before and gave heard good things).

  • Gone :(

    That was fast!

  • Still some of the "Mayver's Smunchy Protein+ Peanut Butter with Hemp" available @ $2.75: