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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor $539 + Delivery or Pickup @ Umart


Hi everyone,

I know its not a "bargain" but everyone who ROASTED the scorptec deal at $549, its sold out.
So i guess in hindsight, this is a "deal".

Shopping Express is $559.00

Good luck


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    RRP $469 🥴

    • +12

      i know i know, i would downvote myself too, im just here to deliever news to people who can get stock due to bots.

      i got my 5800x at $606 lol

      • wait how? the msrp on those are $699 if not mistaken where as the 5900x are $859

      • +1

        Got my 5800X for $606 also, and also from OCUK
        Was delivered in about a week, working great.

        Got the details from this Discord server focused on price and availability of recent hard to get hardware.

        Had been waiting for a 5900X as at RRP the 5800X is a bit overpriced in my opinion, but at AUD$606 delivered i couldn't argue, snapped it up.

        I know what it's like to wait, best of luck to those of you still in that shituation.

        (edit - forgot to add discord server link - fixed)

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    Waiting to see how long till sold out..

    1, 2, 3…

    • Cool, so you counted all the stock….

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    I'll just stick with old gen for now.

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    Thanks OP but shame on UMart for selling above RRP

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      im surprised my post didnt get pulled down? the scorptec one got sooo much HATE hahahhaa

      glad to help

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    I bought this on launch day for 469 without issues and it was in stock for another few weeks after that. What the heck is going on?

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      the world is crazy

    • +3

      What did you think Wiemar germany-levels of money printing was going to do to consumer prices in the end?

      • Yeah our dollars aren't going to be worth as much now.

    • instead of prices going down they keep going up.
      because of all this shit, every other gen of hardware, retailers will purposely only list a few at a time to purposely keep prices high and thus high profit.

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    aaah NO! i got it at rrp when it came out and thought that was too much, this is ridiculous

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    Ohh they have 5900x in stock too!! edit; nevermind all gone!

    • +1

      Lol I had it ready to go in cart with 1 button left to push but I managed to talk myself out of buying it for that price

      • +1

        Good man. I'm going to keep my 2700x and wait for the refresh later in the year(5800x). And same with my 1080ti strix for a 6800xt. Fu#k it, I'm not giving them my money.

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    Lol, why would you buy it at this price

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      hereeeeeeeeeeeeee we go, our first down vote everybodyyyyyyyyy!!!

      • +1

        I hope you didn't buy this lol

        • +2

          i mentioned i got my 5800x at $606; im only here to help others, whom I know missed out at $549 and complained.

          • -3

            @BaeSuzy: I'm not sure why you would advocate for this deal then, just to laugh at the people buying this 🤔

    • +4

      Because of the non-zero risk that they will never be this cheap again as a result of Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation?

      • +1

        Buy intel, much better value for money

        • +1

          I can't believe I'm actually thinking of agreeing with you on Intel being better value. My brain is saying no no no. Lol

          • +1

            @mckayver: if i was going a budget 6 core CPU right now i would go a 10400F

            • +1

              @vanyellow: agreed, i would of went intel if i was still hanging on for the 5600x

              been posting all the 5600x at sub $500 on newegg for everyone, this isn't the best, but with bots, normal people wont ever be able to find deals, so trying to help.

    • Supply and demand

      • Buy intel, better value and plenty of supply

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    Good to buy with a 28 degrees card to claim price protection insurance later

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    Just a note, PCCG already said there's going to be a lot of stock coming in for the 5600X and 5800X, so they'll fulfill their orders and have some left over to sell. The problem is the 5900X is the one that they said won't be able to be fulfilled until mid-April (and that's just for the pre-orders already there). This should be the case for a lot of retailers.

  • expensive, i got my i9 10900k for $629. not much more

  • Gained nearly $100 in a few months. Wonder when it'll be an actual deal.

  • +1

    Not sure what's more insane, the price of this CPU or that Intel has become the value option.

  • -1

    The 5800X was so bad even at release price/MSRP ($699) in terms of cost/performance.
    Just by looking at benchmarks from Gamers Nexus you could tell the 10850K was much better value at $100 less ($599).

    then this

    5600X ($539) has logged in.


  • Already gone…

  • Maybe when Alder Lake is available in March AMD supply won't be so tight.

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    I'm sorry, but RRP is irrelevant if it doesnt exist at that price. If this price is cheaper than what it costs everywhere else then its a deal. Plain and simple. If it isnt worth it to you, then dont buy it and keep quiet. Thanks

    • +1

      Yep that "RRP" pricing hasn't existed in a while.

    • thanks mate, im honestly just trying to post deals when i know it be sold out, before normal people can buy without bots.

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      The cpu was already bad value at rrp and now this is still a deal even though better alternatives are available 🤔

      • i wasnt aware the 5600x was a bad cpu. I understand how the 5800x is a bad deal when its barely any cheaper than the 5900x, but i thought the 5600x was a solid performer.
        Dont forget there are people out there who already have older systems who can upgrade to this cpu. Also, some people may wish to have the choice to use PCIe 4 SSDs. If none of this matters to you, Intel is a perfectly viable option, but dont write off this CPU just because it doesnt fit your needs/wants.

        • +1

          Youre buying a 6 cores cpu, gen 4 ssd won't mean anything

          And if you don't upgrade every year or 2, buying a 6 cores cpu is even worse

          A 5800x is not bad value contrary to popular value, for gamer it is actually the best value zen 3 cpu

          • @ln28909: well i will give you this, 10700k is the same price as this and is easy to get hold of, so i guess to a lot of ppl would be better off with that. Still doesnt help me with a video card tho, im now looking at a 3090 because i have next to no chance of getting a 3080, and even if we get a 3080Ti, it is still some way off :/

            • @DanielP2: Depends on how much you want to pay, $1900 3080 is not particularly difficult to get

              And idk why people don't like 3090, then go buy zen 3, you get much more for your money

              • @ln28909: The 3090 is gonna be damn expensive for a strictly gaming card especially considering i wanna grab a strix and slap on a waterblock.. i would much prefer to just settle for a 3080, but havent really seen them in stock anywhere :/

                • @DanielP2: $3.1k for a strix +$300 block from phantek, it's not really that much more expensive than a 3080 strix + block as they're like $2100 now

                  • @ln28909: cheapest ive seen the strix for at the moment is 3359 at skycomp

                      • @ln28909: thanks mate, ill keep an eye on their page incase they get in the strix (or a factory waterblocked card)

        • benchmarked against 3600

          5600x is only noticeably better if you're gaming at 1080p. chances are you'd be at 1440p/ultrawide/4k if you're spending >$500 on a cpu

          this costs about 70% more than the 3600.

  • +1

    i bought a motherboard , ram.pcie4 nvme drive, ready for a ryzen 5600x build. No way am i going to pay these prices for a 5600x. Somebody is dreaming, i am not aligned to Intel or AMD. I will just wait until comet lake or alder lake are releaed to get a better choice. If need be i will sell what i have

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