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One Way "Pride Flight" on 5/3 12:05pm Brisbane - Sydney, Economy $150, Business $350 (Unlimited Drinks, DJ) @ Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia to operate its first pride service from Brisbane to Sydney at 12noon Friday 5 March
Limited seats on sale today (Thursday) at 6.00am AEDT with set price Business and Economy fares
Change and cancellation fees waived for Pride Flight tickets^

Virgin Australia is taking fabulous to new heights, today announcing it will operate a Pride Flight from Brisbane to Sydney on Friday 5 March, ahead of the country’s largest annual gay and lesbian celebration.

With almost 200 seats up-for-grabs, Pride Flight, the first service of its kind operated by Virgin Australia, will go on sale via a dedicated website today (Thursday) at 6.00am AEDT with the flight expected to sell-out quickly.

Hosted by award-winning Sydney drag royalty and Virgin Australia cabin crew member, Penny Tration, Economy one-way tickets will be available for $150* and Business Class one-way tickets for $350*.

The all-inclusive, COVID-safe flight, from Brisbane to Sydney, will include mid-air drag performances, bottomless beverages, including DJ entertainment, and all of the trimmings you’d expect from a gay celebration, including rainbows, glitter and a whole lot of fabulous!

Virgin Australia Group Chief People Officer Lisa Burquest said she is proud to lead a company that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness.

“I’m incredibly proud of what Virgin Australia stands for in the community and our inaugural Pride Flight is going to be a unique celebration not to be missed,” said Ms Burquest.

“A number of our team members identify as LGBTQ+, and we embrace the challenge to not only create an inclusive organisation where everyone can be their true self at work, every day, but an organisation that is representative of the communities in which we live, work and fly - the Pride Flight is a testament to that.

“Pride Flight is about supporting the LGBTQ+ community and we’re going to have a lot of fun with it. Tickets are only $150 for Economy one-way and $350 for Business Class one-way and like all Virgin Australia flights, the ticket comes with baggage, seat selection and Velocity Frequent Flyer Points.”

Seats to Virgin Australia’s Pride Flight will go on sale today, 11 February at 6.00am AEDT, until sold out with set-price Economy one-way fares available from $150*.

Virgin Australia is waiving change and cancellation fees for bookings made before 30 April 2021 for travel before 31 January 2022, enabling travellers to book their ticket to Pride Flight with confidence^.

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  • +6 votes

    Sounds like fun; pity it is only for ~90 minutes.
    I'm not sure it is a bargain though.

    • -5 votes

      I'm not sure it is a bargain though.

      Can get a cheaper Brisbane to Sydney with Jetstar…

      • +13 votes

        Not with those inclusions.

        • +4 votes

          JV doesn't need to eat or have water. JV will absorb the energies of OZB through free in flight wifi… oh wait, is that only Qantas?

        • +2 votes

          Not with those inclusions.

          I bring my own muffins…

          • -1 vote

            @jv: Last time I tried to bring KFC on a flight Phuket -> Mel JStar staff decided to do a bag search at the bloody gate. They got to eat my wings and drink water I bought after security check

    • +10 votes

      $150 for a flight, entertainment, and unlimited drinks. Not a bad deal.

      • +2 votes

        for 90 minutes though! pray for delay!


          Yeah not enough time to have a nap. :(

      • +1 vote

        Dangerous…. Define 'drinks' lol

  • +12 votes

    Oh, I thought this was about virgin pride. It'd be cool to get us 40+ y.o. on board to relish in camaraderie.

    I guess I'll pass.

    • +8 votes

      finally, a place where most ozbargainers would be welcome


      There is nothing to stop you going on this flight.

    • +9 votes

      None? A lot of queer folk aren't into this kind of thing but it's a perfectly valid form of self expression / entertainment.

    • +2 votes

      I am informed that, as well as the 'traditional' men-as-women drag artists, there are also women-as-men and women-as-women.
      I also understand that there is a drag show troupe that are all straight males (performing as women).

  • +15 votes

    Imagine you need an urgent flight to Sydney for business or to visit a dying family member, and this is the only one available.

    • +7 votes

      Why not?
      Surely better than a boring 90 minute, don't look at anyone, don't talk to anyone, how long has it been now, etc.

      • +3 votes

        That's my ideal flight, I'd prefer an entire row to myself.

    • +17 votes

      Surely you'd take it?

      Sorry I couldn't see mum before she died I was too afraid I might turn gay.


      It looks discounted , aren’t flights bris to Syd usually dearer?


        No, ~$100 is the usual sale price (though of course last minute, highly sold bookings will normally be dearer).

        Though technically the type of fare (Freedom) and business are normally dearer, so it is technically discounted, but at the same time not cheaper than what a bargain hunter would normally pay.


    Booked! Thanks for sharing, can't wait! <3