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Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote: Non-Homekit $59.49, Homekit $72.24 Delivered @ Meross Direct via Amazon


Lightening deal for HomeKit & Non HomeKit Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote
Non HomeKit: $59.49
HomeKit: $72.24

The homekit version appears to be the cheapest it's ever been according to CamelCamel.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • It was $50.99 less than a month ago.


  • No more looking for the damn remote. Unless your wifi at home goes down maybe..

  • Homekit version fully claimed, damn.

  • I still can't get my working

    • What's wrong with it? Does it hook up to your wifi? Can you use the app to 'open' and 'close', and when you do, can you hear a clicking from the relay itself (it's pretty audible). If that's happening, then it could be the way it's connected to the motor.

  • I've had one of these for around 6 months and it works great. Never had an issue with it

  • I have a couple of Alexa's in my garage, does that mean anyone could just ask Alexa to open the garage door and let themselves into my house?

    • I installed 22$ one from AliExpress and it works like charm so far. It works well with Google and it does ask for a preset verbal pin to open door However not to close it.

    • I have the non-homekit version, and I set up a PIN number to open the door. So if I ask Google to open the door it asks for a PIN.

  • Got the HomeKit version couple months ago. Works great, easy to setup and significantly cheaper than other comparable products.

    • Question I've spent the last 20mins researching with no clear answer… with the HK version, do I need to have something always connected to the WIFI network thats HK enabled to use it? For example: checking the status remotely via iPhone (or even opening it remotely for one-off guest access), do I need to have say a HomePod or AppleTV that's powered on at home on the same network as the Meross?

      • In general, you'll need a HomeKit hub for using HomeKit.

        An homekit hub can be any of the following:
        1) Apple TV (forgot what's the min version)
        2) HomePod (not sure if HomePod mini would suffice)
        3) iPad (some people would simply use an old iPad)

        I have both (1) and (2).

        • Thankyou. I just have the ATV connected as a slave to the TV power at the moment, so will have to leave it always on if I pull the trigger.

          • @sqeeksqeek: You can keep it as sleep and that'll be fine. YOu'll not actually need to "switch it on" for it to work as HomeKit hub.

            • @muddrex: Mmm it's using a soft disconnect switch on the powerboard… only receives power when TV is on. It's ok I can play around with what works, but just thought I'd check.

  • would this work for a gate?

    • Any motor that has normally-open contacts to activate the motor, via a push button should work. But you need to mount the reed switch so the system knows if it's open or shut, otherwise it will be a bit crippled in the app. It kinda allows a timer duration for opening, and closing, and expects the reed switch to be closed when the door is closed.

      It would work without the reed switch but you it won't be able to detect if the gate is closed, and won't be able to notify you when its been open for x minutes etc.

  • I have got B&D panelmax SDO-8 and it’s not in comparability list?

  • I got the non-homekit version from the previous deal. Worst part is mounting the reed sensor, but i managed to fabricate up a bracket and glue the non-wired side to the plastic door track slider itself.

    Really happy with it, works very well. Google Home integration works well. Doesn't seem to be too dodgy 'phoning home' to the internet, according to my network intrusion detection box traffic monitor.

    In terms of compatibility, it's basically just a normally-open relay, so will work on any motor that has contacts for a physical momentary / push button switch. You may need to really research your door controller, or crack open the casing and inspect any jumpers etc.

    I have an Avanti motor; this isn't even the right model but page 17 fig 13 gives you an idea:

  • Interestingly I believe you are supposed to have safety beams with smart door openers as of Nov 2020. Mine was installed in 2019 though, i believe ;)


    • Is it actually a requirement? That page says words like recommend, and the standard it references doesn’t contain the word smart.

    • I tried to get a sensor for my door but its such a pain as nobody wants to sell me one.

  • Get non homekit version. Set it up with homebridge. Works like a charm.

    • Just get the homekit version. Your family would be pleased to still open the door in the event of your death.

      • They'll still keep the physical remotes with them. So not an issue. Homebridge is set as a hub for entire family so any of my family can open the door via siri whenever they like. It's been working for 2+ years so I don't think this is an issue.

  • I made both my garage door and air conditioner google home operable by using an $8 inching relay (They're $10 now);