This was posted 3 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote (HomeKit Version) $72.24 Delivered @ Meross Direct via Amazon AU


For those that missed out on the lightning deal from a few days ago.

HomeKit version normally $84.99, reduced to $72.24. Historic low according to Camelx3.

Non-HomeKit version also available for $59.49, but has been cheaper previously.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Who ross?


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    First one that appears to support my opener! Compatibility checker here:

  • damn, mine doesn't appear to be on the compat list :(

    • There are a few reviews on Amazon that say their garage door wasn't on the list, either, but when they contacted Meross, Meross was able to verify compatibility. Maybe contact Meross?

  • Last time I saw this Mereoss ad I was not confident about how to check compatibility as my garage door brand was not in the list. But after few YT vids I tried my luck to test the compatibility with a paper clip and I bought Kogan's smart door sensor. So far it works 100% with Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Centurion D5 looks compatible, may finally give one of these a go.

    Cheers Op.

  • I somehow managed to buy one between the two price drops

  • Can some one please tell me what the Pros of using this?

    • The only thing I can see is no need to bring my remote and just use my phone?
    • Using Alexa or Google wouldn't that be a security risk because any one can say Hey Alexa or Google open the garage door?
    • The biggest pro is not needing to fumble around for your remote. You can open with a tap on your phone, or via voice command. Also, garage remotes tend to die after a couple years in my experience.

      If you're an advanced user, you can also use this as part of home automation, so you can use a single tap or voice command to do things like turn on your entry lights and open your garage in a single action, or receive an alert if your garage door is still open at bedtime.

      It's also handy to allow couriers to place packages in the garage.

      I believe it's possible to require the use of a PIN (input via voice or on app) to operate the door if you're worried about security.

      • Thanks for the inputs.

        I never have any remote die on me. Some are over 15 yrs and still going strong. What die after 2 yrs is the battery. Very easy to replace.

        Still can't see I need this lol, apart from not need to carry a remote. But with the phone it will take much longer ie. Unlock phone/open app/Tap where ever to the open garage door section, all these steps will take time like at lease 15secs or so. Not to mention can't use while driving and this will encourage using your phone while driving just to save time lol.

        Maybe some one else can enlighten me?

        • For me it's simply saying โ€œHey Siri, Open my garage doorโ€
          And setting up a notification or automation that if the door is open when I leave home, it closes automatically.

        • For me, it's a case where I don't always have the remote with me but I either have my phone or apple watch with me.

          Sometimes I'm working in the front yard (but I may have went out through my side kitchen door) and I can open the garage door with my phone.

          Also, my car support CarPlay and can open/close the door via the CarPlay (or simply ask Siri to do so).

        • You can set a geo fence that opens the door when you arrive home. Works great.

        • You can grant access to opening the garage door to family and possibly guests. Then remove the access once they leave. This saves the hassle of keeping spare keys for visitors.

    • Being able to check the status of your garage door when away from home

  • Can't figure out difference between homekit and non ones.

    Have two garage doors, is it possible to have two and do U call door A and B

  • I have a few questions for those who have one:

    I have a simple board like this: Which i use with a Rasperry Pi to open and close the door on a schedule. The catch is, I only open it a bit, to let the dogs out each morning

    • How does it check the status of your door? If you only have the power wires connected to open/close. If someone uses the remote and not the device?
    • Can you partially open the door with this device and voice commands (as I've scripted above)


    • Don't know about half opening, but it has a door sensor to know when it's closed.

    • If you have the pi already I guess you have home assistant on it, then it just a matter of getting a couple sensor to set opening clearance and program it accordingly. But you'll probably need to look at zigbee door sensor or ultrasonic distance (which is cheaper but will requires coding)

  • Complete newbie here - do I need homekit version or non homekit?

  • Hello Guys,
    Can someone kindly suggest how does it compare with chamberlain myQ connectivity kit ?

    • I would say that it just works as expected, but I recall that the Meross one is significantly cheaper than any other HomeKit compatible garage door opener out there.

      I don't see the need to pay double the price if they do exactly the same thing.

  • Any idea if it will work with my Merlin MT100EVO?

  • ozbargained

  • Thanks for sharing, OP

    Installed a WiFi relay module for my garage door opener yesterday, put aside brand affinity, it only cost me about $20

    Apart from control via mobile app, biggest advantage is the magnetic sensor comes with the unit, thus it can tell the door is opened or closed.

    Downside is 2.4 GHz only. It seems most of these products do not support 5 GHz WiFi

    Would be perfect if it can open the door by X percents and separated instructions for open/ close

    If you stop the door half way through, the next "click" will always move the door in opposite direction

    It was a fun project for me and saved me few hundreds dollars from replacing the whole motor just because of dead RF receiver!

  • I was thinking to get one of these, any reason to choose this brand or the wofea model that also was on ozbargain recently ?

  • Link now goes to non-HomeKit edition, can't find the HK version.

    edit: found it, sold out.

  • What's the difference between this Meross one and the much cheaper Wofea one? Apart from the far more reliable retailer (Amazon vs Aliexpress)

    • I was going to go with the Wofea but my garage door is not listed as compatible.

  • Currently unavailable ๐Ÿ˜”

  • My B&D garage motor isn't on the list but I had a spare remote where the rubber button cover had worn through so I just soldered either side of that button, all tucks away above the motor and works great. It links through to Samsung Smartthings, others say it works with Alexa, etc. I have since been told the internal connections (a terminal block inside) and will remove my hot wired remote so that I don't need to worry about the battery.
    When I go out for a run in the morning I just take my mobile to open / close the door. The overtime (open) warning is good if you leave it open - I also have an Arlo camera so that I can see what is going on too. I don't Geofence but when going home whom ever is the passenger opens the door when we are 1 street away, quite handy.