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Be Quiet! Straight Power 11 80+ Gold Modular PSU: 750W $149, 650W $129 & More + Delivery ($0 with mVIP/ Sydney Pickup) @ Mwave


Great price for a Tier 1 PSU.

850w is unfortunately not on sale.

$129 Straight Power 11 650W
$119 Pure Power 11 700W
$99 Pure Power 11 600W

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  • Str8 pwr!

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    No gay power?

  • Front page, couple of hundred views, 3 comments.
    This man* needs a award just for that achievement.

  • How do these psu compare to an evga g3 550 from 3 years ago at $119? I know because of covid and cryptominers there's been a shortage of gpu but it seems to have spread to psu too. I kinda want to pull the trigger on this one but unsure if they'll get cheaper soon.

    • This is a better quality and quieter unit. That does mean EVGA is bad at any means but some models do have reports of minors like noisy fans.. I'm a little bias as the op but you won't find a better gold 750w at this price point. I've had my eye on a few different PSU but bit on this one despite deciding to wait until stock improves on GPUs

  • Any SF versions for sale? Would love to pick one up for a mini itx build.

  • Only 5 years warranty, $150 should be the normal price

  • Corsair need to get off their ass and include sleeved cables with the RMx power supplies, why it's only the SF platinum series that gets the sleeved cables is beyond me.. it's almost double the price to buy the cables on top of the PSU

    • Feels. I just bought a white RM850x and the 2 PCIe cables into my 3080 look terrible even with the daisy chains cable tied.

  • im assuming this is a silent psu? ive been looking for a decent quite psu, would this be it? rx580-8gb, ryzen 2600, 8gb ram, 1tb ssd (maybe future upgrade gpu)

    • Cooler Master used to make completely silent PSUs - no fan at under 55% load. I have one - very quiet.

    • Seasonic have a range that do what your asking.

    • I reckon do what I did and figure out what your definition of silent is in decibels (for me low 30s is less audible than any ambient noise) because a non silent psu can still be quieter than a "silent" CPU or gpu fan, and then you're paying extra for something that doesn't make a difference to the overall noise that you hear.

      Figure out whatever your noisiest component will be, find out how many decibels it produces, and then save money by getting components that produce the same or less noise than that

    • Brand name checks out.

  • Needing the 650w PSU but i'm in Melb. Trying to find something $70 that I need (missed the SSD deal) to get free shipping.

    Otherwise it'll be $143 … which is still a good price … but can anyone recommend anything comparable for this price range ?