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Black Ridge 28 Piece Ultimate Compressor Combo $349 C&C /+ Delivery @ Supercheap Auto


I don’t own one but am on a lookout as I have to assemble a 3m x 3m garden shed that has been lying flat packed in the garage for the last 5 years (lazy me). I am the white collared job guy who likes to think DIY stuff is no rocket science but never can muster up enough courage to take on these big DIY projects. Intend making a change this new year ;) hopefully this will make the job of putting together the shed easier!


  • Powerful 2.5HP electric motor and direct drive reciprocating pump for reliable performance
  • Powder coated steel 40 litre tank resists corrosion and abrasion damage
  • 180 litres per minute (LPM) free air delivery suitable for most air tools including spray guns
  • Safely produces a maximum pressure of 115PSI (8 bar) and is protected with an auto-shut off pressure switch, safety valve and thermal protection
  • Pressure regulated outlet with nitto style fitting for fast and convenient attachment of compatible hoses
  • 12 month repair warranty


  • 9.5mm x 10m reinforced air hose for use with a wide range of nitto coupler equipped air tools
  • Manufactured from durable reinforced PVC providing great tensile strength with low deformation under pressure
  • Nitto style couplers fitted to both ends, plug one end and socket the other
  • Maximum working Pressure of 200 PSI (13.5 bar) for use with a wide range of air tools

26 Piece Air tools kit

  • Strong blow moulded case improves portability and organisation of your kit
  • 1/2" Air Impact Wrench provides a huge 310Nm of torque at an operating pressure of 90 PSI
  • Air hammer with 3 different chisels for a wide range of applications
  • Air ratchet wrench enables quick tightening of nuts and bolts in hard to reach locations
  • Air angle grinder includes disk cover, handle and wrench

This kit is a total solution suitable for the home mechanic that wants to be prepared for anything

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    That is a big savings, the products any good?

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      Searched on whirlpool for review. Found one from a few years ago. Nobody’s complaining there except one who almost lost life/limb when an older version of the same exploded. Other than that, looks good ;)


      I have the compressor (under another brand) but its the same unit.

      Gutless, poor quality. It would be ok for very light jobs, but not recommended. Wouldnt buy again.

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    I have their air tool package. Probably a previous version, but the impact driver has very little torque. So nearly useless.


    I have the old version of the hiflow. Had dual taps. It gets used like 5 times a year….. Did 3-4 big fence painting jobs too, worked ok, its still not enough flow to paint continuous. Garage stuff (impact tools) works fine. Not designed for high duty cycle

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    Last time I put up a 3 X 3 garden shed I used a hand riveter. What would you do with a compressor kit?


      I was wondering that too; I thought maybe paint? But it's not a big enough compressor to paint a shed without pausing every few seconds. Hmm


      Agreed, air compressor for a tin shed? Ahh no

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      Who knows what will I do with the compressor? But I do take you advise. I will go searching for the manual for assembly. I was assuming that I will be able to install the rivets with one of these attachments which will make my job simpler :) stop laughing at me😜


        The instructions are really important "think Ikea" style. Only use manual tools and at best a drill, the tin is not so strong. Good luck with it 👍


        Even if it had a rivet tool of some sort; it would be hell because it would be bulky and need air.

        Riveting is a super easy hand tool; it used to be "my job" when I was 6, helping dad.

        Your idea is kinda like an electric hole punch. Yeah, the exist, but is pushing the handle really too hard to warrant the extra desk space and a power cord?


        Buy a high quality rivet gun that's it! Buy a decent one and use it for years to come!

        Buy an Aircompressor if you want to do small demolision work (Air chisels/Hammers rock!), Air Gun is very handy for umm everything, Air Nailer/Stapler (Boy I can't begin to explain how satisfying this is!), Spray Gun (Very handy too had a painter do a no show so I got up o nthe garage roof and painted it myself)

        That's about all I currently use but air tools do have requirements though on pressure and Free Air Delivery I use a mechanics grade air compressor with a 95% duty cycle and changeable oil. I'm in IT so probably technically overkill but I found it for a bargain in a pawn shop. The one in this sale isn't really good for much apart from the air gun or inflating tyres in my opinion.


    The toolkit and the hose make it good value.

    But the compressor is woeful. It works; but you need to pause while painting, wait literal minutes for its initial "charge", etc.

    If you want a compressor that's cheap and is actually capable of work:


      Now you are talking. Will this build my 3x3 shed for me.


        No, but rest assured my 65yo mum who can't so much as build a shelf, put together our little tin shed around the swimming pool pump.

        It's light work.

        Grab some duct tape, get each section upright, then rivet it together.


      220l / min seems little low for spray painting?


        I can confirm it is NOT too small for even the largest panel on Japanese sized cars

        You can't rush the job and just power-on for minutes on end, but if you complete a panel, count to 10, do the next one, it's not even struggling.

        TheGunMan does it with a way smaller compressor.

        Jump to 45 seconds. He's a true legend in the trade.

        While he says it'll struggle to do a large panel, it handles a door 100% fine; and its only a 120 or a 180Lpm compressor.


      MasterScythe are you able to recommend a good compressor for air brushing miniatures.


        I learned something from a friend back when I was doing mini's.

        There's no such compressor as too big. Get as big as your space allows, comfortably. You just use a tap to set the output pressure; no big deal.

        You're using such little air; once it pumps up, it can remain silent for HOURS, you can even pre-charge the tank if you wanted to do some silent work after dark.

        1 (literal) minute of loud engine, followed by an hour of silence, is much nicer than a constantly rattling tiny mosquito type compressor.


    That sounds like a great suggestion. Did a brief search for tips but didn’t see one like this. Have plenty of duct tape. Will give it a go. Thanks

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    Definitely use the compressor and rattle gun to assemble your flimsy shed. Please record and upload tutorial video to YouTube.

    Edit:You just need a phillips heads screw driver and self tapers.


      Screw gun.

      Don't make the poor man try and self-tap steel with a screwdriver.

      I'm sure we've both tried it. It works. Its not pleasant. Lol.


    Would this be good enough for soda blasting reasonably sized metal items?


      OP's one will have you pausing often.

      The tradetools one will have you just needing to slow down your sweeps to ensure the compressor keeps up.

      Soda needs so much pressure though; if you have the room look into wet sand blasting, using a pressure washer.


        Thank you for the information.

        I have plenty of tools, but not an air compressor (all electric tools and vehicle repair tools). I'd like to get into blasting for rust repair jobs, paint prep work, property or automotive etc.

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          The trade tools one will at least not be "painful" to have to wait for.

          I personally own it, and it fully recharges in under a minute.

          Worst case, it'll slow you down, but be functional.

          It's 3hp 220Lpm

          The sca 2.5hp, with 180Lpm is quite a significant step down.