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Samsung SM-R840 Galaxy Watch3 Bluetooth 45mm Mystic Black $469 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just saw this on Amazon AU. This is the cheapest I have seen the Watch 3 in weeks. The Silver is still at $600+ but Black isn't bad.
My first post, hope it helps and is free of errors. A good VD gift perhaps!

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Amazon AU

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  • Here is the Link

  • Fixed the link… hope it works now

  • Is this the Titanium version or the aluminium version

    Edit : was looking for lte version. This is Bluetooth only

  • The original Samsung Watch is great. I paid $400 for the LTE version of it but don't use that function. I wanted the option to activate it if I wasn't happy with the Bluetooth connectivity but it's pretty flawless really.

    The only benefit for the e-sim is if you want/need to go somewhere regularly without your phone, ie fitness activities etc. then you can effectively still have a phone function with you. It will connect to your ear buds and you can play music from your watch while going for a run etc.

    Hope this helps someone make their decision. I know it's based off the first watch but it would have been improved even more since then.

    I don't know that the fitness tracking stuff is as good as other fitness specific watches, ie Garmin so if that's what you're after do some research.

    This watch looks smart and is good at this price.

    • Can you still do off line downloaded music from Spotify or YouTube music?

      • I'm not sure sorry. I've only got the free version so I don't think I can download.
        I would imagine you could but this is better left to someone else to answer.

  • Been researching these all weekend and now this deal falls into my lap. Couldn't say no. Thanks for the post OP!

  • This should also stack with 6% on Watches at Amazon Shopback/CashRewards cashback bringing it down to $440.86 right?
    Then another ~3% off with Amazon giftcards.

    • I think this will be under the Wearable tech category rather than Watches, so will be 4% off. Still nice to get something back.

  • What's with the long delivery date? Says 12 March to April.

    • It's said that for weeks - they'll arrive much sooner.

      I just had two turn up on Friday (purchased for $489 and $509 unfortunately) despite saying they'd be 1-2 months.

      Great deal OP.

  • I ordered yesterday, its been shipped and expected in couple of days. This was without Prime…

  • Is this AU model or from a different country? What about the Warranty? I am looking to buy this and my main concern is the warranty. I am seriously confused, please help if you've bought this. Thanks

  • Isn't this watch available for $426 at Dick Smith? I have been looking at getting one too so have been monitoring prices.

    • It's probably a grey market version which would mean having to flash firmware to get Samsung Pay working here and no warranty direct with Samsung.

      Too much hassle to save $43.

      • How can you tell the Dick Smith watch is a grey market version, or can be confident the Amazon one is not a grey market version too?

        • I bought the Amazon version and as stated above, confirmed it is the Australian version. The model number ends in "XSA" which is the region code for Australia, and it has the RCM and R-NZ regulatory markings.

          At the bottom of the Dick Smith page (which is owned by Kogan), it states "Note: May not be compatible with Samsung Pay and other functions in AU/NZ due to global stock variation. This product is an international model."

  • The price has gone up to $557.95 when I last checked today.

  • Hi, can anyone who purchased this confirm its Bluetooth only and not LTE model as it states in the technical details?

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