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Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic XL ROG Certified Case Silver for $239 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Excellent price for the case. Cheapest it's been for a while.

Delivery to Sydney is ~ $33, so it ended up being $272 incl. delivery for me.

Same price on eBay but delivery was slightly more expensive (as shipping is more expensive on eBay ~ $42) but I had discounted eBay gift cards (10% discount) from before which brought the total cost down to a bit less than $253 for me.


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  • Excellent price! Paid a fair whack more than that for my white one about 6 weeks ago! Brilliant case and popular for good reason.

  • I don't need a new case, but this is definitely a great deal.

    Thanks OP

  • Got the o11 mini. Best cases..

    • +1

      I want an 011 that's actually mini (nano?), an ITX board would look ridiculous rattling round in there

    • i spent quite some time yesterday deciding between the mini and the qube, since both support 2x140 bottom and side fans. the mini is better since i have 240mm rads which wouldnt leave awkward space

      but sadly the o11 mini only supports SFX PSUs

      • Yeah, that's the only caveat.
        Fortunately I was doing a full PC build so had to invest in a PSU anyway.
        The Corsair SF750 is amazing, how they pack 750W in such a tiny case shocks me.

  • +2

    If Lian Li made this case out of 100% aluminium, I would pay $450 for it. Because they don't make anymore full aluminium cases, I'm sticking to my 13 year old Lian Li PC-7FNW.

    • +2

      Same, I loved the aluminium cases. Had a few myself. I'm trying out Jonsbo cases now.

      • +2

        Jonsbo look great but most have the problem of piss poor airflow

        • +1

          Yep, that's true. I've got a V4 Matx case that is in dire need of a holesaw.

    • I still have my pc-v1200 and still using my Axx case (cant remember model)

    • Why aluminium? is it because aluminium is light or something?

  • +9

    if you want something unique then this is the right case for you. Not many people use this case to showcase their pc.

    • +7


      That's some A grade sarcasm :)

      • +1

        yeh pretty sure im one of the only people with 3x 360mm rads in one of these things. Was impossible to get any info/inspiration when putting it together. Also, im one of the few who deck this thing out with RGB.
        In all seriousness tho, it does look amazing :)

    • initially I was like wth you are talking about, and then realized oh, this is sarcasm…..

  • +1

    This or Meshify 2 for $40 less? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/604501

    • You'll be spending alot more on this to properly populate it with fans.

      3 side, 3 top atleast.

      So in reality, expect $100-150 atleast after you do and a whole lotta cabling mess if their RGB too.

      • More like $50-70 if you wait for a good deal on Arctic P12 PWM PST's.

        • +1

          I'd be putting RGB in a case like this. Not some dull black fans.

  • +3

    Does this come in pink? ;)

    • +1

      Honestly a genuine question.

    • Brass pink yes.

  • +2

    awesome case, payed a lot more for mine, it goes off when paired with lian li uni fans, here is my build


  • I have this case and i really love it. I catch myself admiring it constantly.

    It's not great for anyone who doesn't like the 'fishtank' look. I also personally regret getting corsair rgb fans. They're so flashy they look tacky and i had a few that were DOA and corsair were really hard to deal with. Wish I'd known that before i plunked about $150 down to be part of their ecosystem.

    Love the case though but never buying corsair again.

    • +10

      Better than Lian Li

      Thanks for the laugh mate.

      • But is yours "ROG Certified"?

  • That's case is real preem

  • XL is excellent for watercool build. If you're just gonna be using fans, just settle for the normal O-11.

    • The extra width is nicer for the 30 series cards.

      Otherwise cabling often is up against the glass.

      • You can get a vertical GPU mount for this, although temperatures may be slightly affected if at all.

  • +2

    Great WC case, easily fits wideboy 3080/3090 under water, unlike the standed o11.

    Especially great if you have 0 cable management skills like me.

  • Funny how phanteks copied this case with the neo qube and added an rgb strip. Now lian li stole that same rgb strip and now its basically the same looking case.

    Edit: nvm this is the xl version

  • +1

    For anyone wondering, this is a going to be a BIG case, and might be unnecessarily big for most people. FWIW I have the 011D in the regular size and fit 2 x 360mm radiators (40mm) and 9 noctua fans inside easily. If you aren’t planning on going absolutely ham on your build I recommend the regular or even the small which can still fit a 360mm radiator.


    • Yeah if you're not gonna watercool, I wouldn't buy this, lots of empty space in the bottom

      • I have this XL case with air cooling and I chose it over the regular O11D. If space is at a premium, the regular O11D will do fine. Otherwise, here's some possible reasons to choose the XL:

        • Additional room gives you more options for mounting an AIO and just working with the space in general. Makes the build easier for cable management.
        • 2 extra USB ports at the front (on the bottom, so different location also)
        • Additional hotswappable HDD space
        • RGB line on the front

        Overall, great case. Airflow and looks, it really stands out but do factor in the cost of the fans as it would look very empty without them.

  • I just purchased the regular one from umart for $209. picking it up tomorrow.

    Didn't know they had a XL, but this is huge.

  • How is this better than the standard O11 Dynamic?

    • +1

      Mostly just bigger and adds an RGB strip.

      • Fair enough

  • -3

    given how badly couriers have treated my parcels, there is no way I would order something made of glass for delivery. And PCCG has permanently closed all option for pickup. For safety I presume. Though they don't mind you dropping things off personally for RMA. Maybe it's not for safety after all? Considering their high shipping charges, yeah I'm guessing some palms were greased through shipping charges and they want to ensure you pay for shipping now.

    • +3

      It is packed with heaps of foam, unless they poke a hole through the box, it won't do any damage

      • Would it survive being thrown?

        • +1

          Yes, you can throw it, kick it, sit on it, as long as you don't make a hole in the box, its fine

          • -3

            @ln28909: X.

            Give me a glass case, wrap it in foam and let me see if I can break it without poking holes.

            • @lostn: I shipped my fully built computer in the standard version of this case from Perth to Brisbane, in it's original box. With the added weight of the components, it still arrived perfectly fine.

              I did however wrap it in a few layers of bubble wrap on outside of the box. So yeah, the case without parts in it will easily survive.

    • You do realize if they didn't want to offer pickup they just.. wouldn't? Your conspiracy is ridiculous.

  • +1

    Great case, great price.

  • Got the non xl version. Is still huge. Highly recommend.

  • +1

    Great price. Got one of this, excellent case

  • Almost got it - reckon if it was white I would have another hole in the wallet.

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