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[PC, GOG] Cyberpunk 2077 $36.39 @ CDKeys


Looks to be only for a couple of hours (possible flash deal).

Similar to previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/600948.

I've used CDKeys many times with no issues.

Understandably a controversial deal given all the drama surrounding it. But posting anyway in case anyone wants to redeem it for potential fixes down the track.

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    Irony is, CDPR turned into the very corporations they depicted in the game.

    • -6

      Imo they are worse than Ubisoft. Witcher 3 was a fluke, the stars aligned.

      • -3

        Thats some Gina Carano level exageration right there…

        I played it for about 20 minutes, didn't notice any issues on PC, a few friends have been playing it heaps, they like it.

        I'm just a bit bummed it seems very… "nasty" as a game. Bleak, depressing etc.

        • +1

          Are you saying any game CDPR has ever released, other than Witcher 3, is better than Odyssey, Valhalla, or even Watch Dogs 2?

        • I'm just a bit bummed it seems very… "nasty" as a game. Bleak, depressing etc.

          how so? what faction are you playing?

    • -3

      b-b-b-bUt iT'S CDPR gUySsSss, tHeY'rE nOt LiKe tHe OtHeR dEvELoPeRsSsSs!1!!!

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    This game patched enough that it works now?

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        So not worth $36.39

        • +9

          I've enjoyed it since day one on pc. It has some bugs and 1 that I found made it unplayable, but was patched the next day

        • +15

          Not in my opinion. The story is good but everything else from the weapons, loot mechanics, RPG elements, NPC behavior, the way cars drive, water, stealth and pretty much everything else in the game world that makes a game besides the core story is substandard.

          The bugs are so numerous and bad that people who don't normally notice the many bugs in other games notice the bugs here.

        • +2

          It's certainly worth it. It's $36 bucks for a game, that's almost 1/3 the price of a new release AAA game. Sure there's a shitton of bugs and just as many what could have beens but for 36 bucks it's fantastic. There's some parts of the game that are very well done and enjoyable, and overall I had a positive experience playing it. Maybe it's because I didn't fukin watch every one of the 500 trailers they dropped and got warped expectations as a result of that. I do however expect the price to drop even further in the future so if you want to wait for an even cheaper price than that's another story.

          • @Ken146: It probably is worth $36, but its still hard to justify getting it at this price when I know that in 3 years time it'll be $20 and have all its DLC included. Great deal if you want to play it now though.

        • -1

          Worth $10 imo.

      • +4

        Played 100 hours, it works.

        • +1

          IGN: "It works, 10/10'

          • @studentl0an: The question was does it work, not is it the best game ever.

    • +3

      Works fine for my 50hr+ gameplay.
      Running i7 8700 with GTX 1060.

      Game crashed once with v1.0 and saw some visual bugs (trees being rendered at the wrong z-depth) but never experienced any bugs after v1.1

      • +1

        No crash for me however just a few visual bugs as well. Running GTX3070. I think all the issues are around the gaming consoles.

    • -2

      No, it's worth $3.63 at the moment

    • -2

      It was always a pretty good experience on PC, it’s consoles it’s awful on

      • +3

        Really? I'm hearing about terrible AI and game breaking bugs (some have been resolved with patches), kind of along the lines of studentl0an's comment. Things that aren't platform specific.

        • -1

          Crowbcat's cherry picked video? Disappointing coming fron him because I really enjoyed his dead rising videos.

          There are flaws but the main story is quality. Veer away from the main quests and expect the game to be like GTA then prepare to be disappointed.

          Devs have said they they are committed to ironing out the bugs and I think they will. It needed another year in development. But for the price it's great game.

    • It's certainly not shockingly bad levels of game performance like Path of Exile or anything, but it's still not exactly been patched into a decent state yet either.

    • On PC, yep. Runs great now. Still the occasional bug but no more than some other recent releases (like AC Valhalla)

    • Not even CLOSE

  • +29

    Can't wait for this to be released

    • +12

      cant wait for this to get out of late alpha

      • +3

        Too expensive for a half baked product with broken and missing features that were advertised.

        • +2

          the best thing to do is wait it out

          there will be DLC and the eventual "Complete Edition" that you can buy off Tim Sweeney for $9.95.

  • +5

    It's a good game if you follow the main story. It gives the illusion that its GTA which it's not and if you start believing that then it falls apart. And nothing wrong with a linear story, it worked fine for Half Life.

    • +7

      How could you use HL as a comparison….blasphemy 😜

      • Hl2 came out in 2004 geezzzz. There would be a generation of people who haven't played it, just going along with the memes!

      • People seem to forget how much of a buggy mess HL was on release. And years after release. Still a great game though but it was pretty damn buggy.

        • +3

          HL didn't have game destroying mechanics missing, it was just unstable.

    • +1

      We were promised at least three complete and distinct storylines. We didn’t even get one.

  • +3

    This deal is $35.06.

  • +2

    Who’s getting this early demo?

  • +17

    Just build from source

  • They had a major patch with 1.11 and its okay to play now.

  • Do you think that it will eventually be a good game? Don't they have a heap of DLC planned for it?

  • +3

    Considering they just got hacked and their games source code sold onto another buyer I think their promised updates are going to be even longer now will buy this in another year when it's done and when I can eventually buy and get a good deal on a 3080/4080..

  • The next you know it, it’s on gamepass, I wouldn’t bother buying it now

  • +1

    This game is going down in price faster than Star Wars Battlefront. Soon it'll be in the $5 bargain bin at EB Games alongside it.

  • +1

    I have clocked up 80h on the game with a 3070 and 3700x @ 1440p. It plays ok on optimised settings ray trace on and DLSS set to quality. Here are my thoughts and hopefully can help others out.

    1. Game optimisation feels sloppy and fps ranges from 40 to 80 with max crowd settings.
    2. Game looks great and city design is great. Let down by crappy NPC AI and AI driving mechanics.
    3. Outside the main story, the side missions are a bit same same. There are a few memorable side missions but could argue that these are part of the story?
    4. RPG elements feel like they don't have a lot of impact.

    For the price it is worth a look, however, there are other games that people are better off spending their hard earned $$$s. Eventually it may get fixed but a lot of content is missing - not sure if it will include everything promised.

    I will still play it until the end but probably won't come back to it. I purchased based on hype and upgraded my GPU for what I thought would be a better experience.

    • +1
      1. Agree
      2. Agree
      3. Some are the same. I find enjoyment exploring the city and shooting up gangs.
      4. Depends how you specced your skill tree. Some of the perks are, I would describe, efficiency related. Like aim +5%, hack speed +10%, fall damage -20%.
        Others are unlock different skills and more combos.
      • Have you finished it yet? I am still exploring and get distracted by the gang shoot outs.

        Hacking is fun but once you get the more powerful weapons like the sniper rifles, they are just way too op.

        • haven't finished it yet. I saw a video on how broken some guns are, and also how you can generate infinite money by crafting + scrapping for more items that you originally used (which was how the save-file bug appeared). So I haven't spent much time min-max my character lol

    • +1

      It's a beautiful game world but with plenty of flaws. I hope the devs take advantage of what they've already created otherwise it would be a waste.

    • there are other games that people are better off spending their hard earned $$$s

      Would love to hear any recommendations!

  • +1

    Ordered a copy and the code came through instantly. No hassles redeeming through GOG Galaxy.

    Cheers OP

  • +2

    I bought it from gog.com and got refund. even 10 dollars not worth for buying this alpha version game.

  • Reckon will be a good game a year from now.

  • +2

    Sloppy game. would not recommend, at $15 I'd say its worth it, i played for a few hours at most and never went back, there are better free to play games.

    No thought was given to the experience of the player.

    It comes across as boring, so much to read and learn.

    The mechanics are pretty terrible and for me that's the biggest thing. Insanely bad car mechanics, guns aren't quite right.

    Leveling up guns and loot for hours is not a game imo its homework.

    The half life series is how games should be made. Good pace, good story that comes naturally and unforced, excellent mechanics. inspiring visuals.

    • Half life. To the moon.

      Yes, games have just become ways to make money out of skins, psych tactics with getting young kids to spend more money and the instant reward of constant level ups e.g call of duty modern in home invasion

  • +3

    Amazing how many people still go to bat for a developer who released an absolutely dog shit borderline unplayable version of their games on consoles, while constantly promoting and pushing the game on consoles with all sorts of platform specific merchandise, and actively and explicitly suppressed reviews from providing balanced reviews on the game.

    Not only that, but the game itself is missing so many of the features and scope that were promoted and developers specifically described in interviews as recently as four months ago. Branching story lines that require multiple playthroughs was bollocks, game is linear as hell, the starting zones and 'player histories' are almost meaningless after the first hour of play and have a tiny impact on the game, amounting mainly to a few extra dialogue options. Customisation options and the ability to invest in your property and vehicle are a shadow of what was promoted. It's barely half the game that was promised, this isn't a case of 'overhype', it's flat out balls out lies. But every time I see a post about it in any forum there's the bog standard galaxy brain bad take, "Well I played it on PC and it seemed fine".

    How goddamn hard is it to call a spade a spade people. And stop preordering.

    • +1

      Right there with you. I didn't get on the hype train, didn't watch any preview videos, so I didn't come in with any expectations; I bought it on a recommendation of a friend. I played it on a PC, and bugs and glitches galore, but most of them could be ignored. Some were funny, some were frustrating, but they are not even remotely the biggest problem with the game, the game-play is.

      The AI, both enemy and NPC is a joke. Driving is horrible, and the mini map is an insult. The cops literally spawn behind you, but they don't chase you. GTA San Andreas came out some 16 years ago, and the game-play is miles ahead of CP2077. I didn't think the story was particularly good either, but that's subjective. As you go along, you pick up pretty quickly that content is missing everywhere.

      It is a very pretty game environment, though. In a nutshell, it's a game that's about 50% finished, and 30% broken. Once the novelty wears off, and you finish messing around with photo mode, playing it becomes a chore. I think you also become overpowered very quickly, but I was happy for that, as it allowed me to finish it quicker. I didn't get a refund on it, but I sure wouldn't buy it again.

      Like with everything, the rabid fans are the most frustrating. Reading crap like: 'i Had fuNS and thE BUgs weRE SMoLL LOl ThEreFOre best gamE' is really annoying. Good for you, but the rest of us expected a game that worked, and played a little better than games that came out almost 2 decades ago.

  • I am on level 32 & have played over 100 hours of this game on PC. I clocked up that much time mainly because I keep falling asleep & waking up to play again then asleep again (I am over 60). I have a 27" g-sync monitor and I crank everything up max and I don't get any stutter or anything, but I have it patched to version 1.11 It was OK before I patched it up to that version. I dual boot so no AV & no internet & minimal other software. I tried to install a hack to find my FPS using afterBurner & Riva & I think I saw low 40's once, but it didn't really work out. I run a 1080ti KiNGiN on a MSI MEG X570 ACE mobo with a 3800X CPU & 32GB of 3200Mhz RAM. I use a Logitech G502 mouse & a Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard

  • Bad deal just buy the source code instead. That's a compelling offer

  • +1

    Wouldn't even buy it for $25, and I don't care about bugs. In fact, I'd rather have the bugs because they can still be ironed out.

    But the fact that a AAA game touted as "the next generation in gaming" doesn't even have any water physics at all in an open world map designed to be "immersive", is laughable. RDR2 was released almost 3 years ago and it feels a decade in front in terms of immersive interaction, detail and intelligence within an open world. Just make it into a movie if you care about graphics more than interactive immersion.

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