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Dell XPS 13 9310 2-in-1 Laptop - W10Pro, i7-1165G7, 16GB 4267MHz, 512 GB NVMe, 4K Touch, $2084.14 Shipped @ Dell


Saw the deal on the outlet store, but the models I were looking at sold out. I then saw this on the regular dell site. It only applies to the Frost/White version, not the Silver/Black if you are colour picky. I then tried some old referral codes and "LOVEKEANU" dropped another 5% off or so bringing the price from $3799 down to $2084.14. You can save another $50 or so if you don't need Windows 10 Pro.

Dell must have some sort of clearance on these, as the FHD versions with less RAM are actually more expensive.

11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 Processor (12MB Cache, up to 4.7 GHz)
Windows 10 Pro (64bit) English
Intel® Iris Xe Graphics
13.4" 16:10 UHD+ WLED Touch Display (3840 x 2400)
16GB 4267MHz LPDDR4x Memory Onboard
512 GB PCIe NVMe x4 Solid-State Drive (Onboard)
Frost exterior, Arctic White interior
Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2 x 2) and Bluetooth 5.1
4-Cell Battery, 51 Whr (Integrated)
2 Thunderbolt™ 4 ports with Power Delivery

Keep in mind, the normal XPS 13 9310 which isn't the 2-in-1 has a slightly better processor (I'd argue non-issue) and allows you to upgrade the NVMe Drive, however doesn't include a vapour chamber. Most reviews point that the 2-in-1 is noticeably cooler. 4K vs FHD will also reduce battery life for those on the go.

Edit: forgot to add, I shopped through Qantas Store as you will earn 1 point per dollar spent at Dell. I do not think this deal is eligible for Cashrewards/Shopback hence I chose to take the points.

2nd Edit: Someone said they got the cashrewards transaction to work in the comments, however there is still the probability it fails the checks and balances.

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  • That's a great spec 13" 2in1 machine. Well built, and while CPU, RAM, SSD, etc is similar to recent much cheaper deals, it has a much better display, wifi, case, cooling, OS. Deal is for premium purchasers, not bargain buyers but if looking for a top tier machine I reckon worth it.

    • Actually the build quality is questionable on the XPS line these days. There are lots of reports of people receiving multiple defective units.


      I received a faulty XPS last year and trying to get Dell to refund or replace it was a nightmare. They insisted on repairing it or replacing it with a refurbished unit.

      Also a 1-year warranty is disappointing for a $2000 laptop. Dell doesn't care about Australian Consumer Law either and won't honour the statutory warranty if it fails after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

      Similar spec refurbished Latitude 9420s should start appearing on the Dell Outlet soon for slightly less than this. That's probably a better purchase considering the superior build quality and 3-year warranty.

      • I am aware of some QC issues with dell, however the XPS is one of the most popular laptops out there, so it's fair that people will have problems as the sample size is larger. Plus most people rarely post positive experiences online compared to negative ones. I haven't had an issue with Dell in the past so I guess until I get stung i'll keep them as a consideration in future purchases.

        I did look at the Latitudes, but couldn't find a 4K panel on them.


        • That's true, but multiple people reporting returning three+ units before receiving a non-defective one is a red flag. There seems to be QC issues with Dell at the moment.

          Also, the Latitude 9420 2-in-1 will have a 4K 16:10 screen when it comes out next month.

          • @ComfortablyNumb: I bought the non-2 in 1 xps 13 (although at $2300) and so far it is a killer. My use is office work and there has been no issues so far. Its light weight and looks good. I felt there was a scratch on the body and the customer service was happy to compensate with an accessory or send a new one. Of course, I settled for a free sleeve and looks like the scratch could have been dirt afterall 😁

          • @ComfortablyNumb: Ahh there you go, but I don’t know if I’d be able to pick up a latitude 4K for similar pricing if it’s a brand new model?

        • XPS line is plagued with issues its a dirty little fact unfortunately. Im sure dell is improving on them, but they try to make the xps line super clean and pretty and unfortunately this does come with trade offs. I went through multiple returns and replacements on cpu/mainboard combos, screens, bases and power adaptors on my 9370 before i handed it back and got a refund. Very attractive machine just terrible qc.

      • So far our XPS is going great. Bought the FHD version of this 11th gen last year when Shopback did the Dell challenge. Finally got shopback to payup too a few weeks ago after being constantly at them Told them there seems to be a major problem either with Dell declaring the purchases, or its them. I was really impressed with the build quality. Its taken quite a bit of use so far and transport to and from work on those few months of freedom,

      • I have a pretty good source of how good the quality is…. my own experience.

        I got both a Xps 17 and Xps 15 (and then an Alienware M17 after returning those 2) and both came with issues out of the box. I'm sorry to Toshjammi… but for the amount you're paying, hitting 100% faults with 3 Dell/Alienware laptops on their premium devices is a complete joke.

        The XPS 17 would randomly power on after being shut down. So over night while it was in my bag, it would power on, cook itself so when I took it out the next day I actually got burned twice and when it was able to boot to windows it would say - CRITICAL ERROR WITH CPU TEMP. And had multiple reports of this happening. Off the top of my head I can't remember the other issues, But I remember being super disappointed as I loved the look of it (actually I remember another issue, the USB C ports wouldn't work with my Samsung SSD. I tested it on other machines and there was no issue, but for some reason it wouldn't work unless I had another device plugged into the 2nd USB C port on the same side of the machine).

        XPS 15 lasted about 5 mins in my hands. Was using windows, and the screen started spazzing out and flickering. Organised a return then and there.

        The Alienware had mutliple issues…. The software (ACC) that controls the lights and fans would randomly uninstall itself, rendering the fan and lighting control useless. It took weeks of tech support and the tech guys reinstalling windows and the software over and over again to get it stable. There was other issues that popped up along the way (similar usb c issue to the above, must be a dell mobo issue) that for a 5k machine were inexcusable.

        Now have a Razer Advanced 15 2020 and have had zero issues with it. In saying that I'm away Razer has issues with its QC as well, but 3 for 3 with Dell has put me right off. I will say the AW M17 had an amazing keyboard that I miss. + The extra screen real estate.

        • don't know if its DELL BIOS or Windows but experienced similar 'laptop cooks itself in backpack' with my Precision 7540 too. Just too scared to put it in the bag now.

          • @punk000: Do you remember if your laptop was in sleep, or completely off? My Latitude 9410 turns itself back on when in sleep and reconnects to Bluetooth.

            All the wake options other than the keyboard, power button, and lid switch are disabled too. The only solution is to disable sleep and use hibernate instead.

  • Is it comparable to the new Macbook Pro M1?

    • Single core - yeah not too bad… multicore and iGPU - from all accounts I have seen, the M1 is smashing intel.

  • My mate at work has had a 13" Dell XPS for years now and not a single issue.

    • I'm the mate… 1 Nov 2016 XPS 9360 on 24/7; it's out lived 3 x work HP Elite Powerbooks, well 2 but they changed the mobo on one, I'm using the XPS for work now.

      HOWEVER the charge/adaptor is another matter, I recently convinced Dell to send me a 3rd replacement for free.

      • Awesome. My 2015 Lenovo Yoga 900 is still going strong too! I had to convince my wife to let me to spend $2400 at the time, but it's been well worth it.

  • amazing laptop

  • No discreet graphics is a shame. Picked up their inspiron 7400 series last year (1165g7 16gb 512gb) for $1600, and it included a discreet gpu. The iris xe is probably fine, but something to keep in mind especially with so many pixels.

    • Yeah agreed, I did consider the XPS15 which came with a dedicated 1650, but I could only find 15-20% off for that range. Also, the current XPS15 only ships with 10th gen which put me off. I'm sure they will start shipping with 11th gen in the next few months, but I doubt they will be 45% off until much later in the year.

      That being said, I really do prefer keeping my laptop and desktop separate in terms of use. I've found that having a high-end gaming desktop really kills any gaming for me on a laptop when I am travelling. Can't get used to the screen and lower frame rates. I have a 2080ti/9900K combo mated to an X34P, so it's hard to game on the laptop unless they are real casual like Among us or League. I had a razer blade prior to this and never gamed on it for that reason. So not having the discreet GPU isn't a deal breaker for me right now.

    • I suspect they will release An XPS with XE MAX dGPU at some time in future. That isn't much good for games but should be excellent for AI acceleration with Intel's new Smart tech that distributes workload to CPU, iGPU and dGPU at the same time.

      Probably a useless comment today but hopefully helpful if considering new laptops in future

  • Is this the best value laptop I can currently buy for this level of performance?

  • Looks alright even though it's been ages since I was up to date with specs on laptops.

    Just gonna save up for a few weeks before I bite the bullet.

  • I hate how they don't state their battery life anymore.

    • I wouldn't expect marvels out of the battery with this one, being 4K it will probably only last half as long as the FHD version. I would hope to get around 6 hours usage on a full charge I think. That being said, it is evo certified meaning the battery must meet certain criteria, and offer fast charge capability. I travel a lot for work, but I rarely use my laptop away from a power adapter so not an issue for me.

      • what great laptops you recommend for under 2k mainly need it for work and uni

        • You wanting portability or happy to go up to 15 inch laptops?

          Honestly if you can live with Macbook, the M1 air is an insane laptop for the performance to price ratio right now. The only reason I didn't buy the Macbook was I just prefer windows, regardless of me having an iPhone.

          Any intensive programs?

  • hasn't there been better laptops with better specs from both lenevo and dell?

    • Depends on what you value. Can you get a better processor, discreet graphics, and maybe more RAM for $2000? Sure, but I doubt it will come with a panel as good as this one, nor in a 13" screen that would probably pass as an 11-12" size chassis with the high screen to body ratio. Read my comment above where you can look at comparable laptops from Lenovo, HP and Razer, they are 50-80% more expensive for mostly the same specs, and all lose out to this in at least one area, be it display, or 2-in-1 form factor. As TheLurker pointed out:

      Deal is for premium purchasers, not bargain buyers but if looking for a top tier machine.

  • Thank you so much OP <3 I've been after a new laptop for a while now and really wanted a premium 2 in 1 laptop. I ended up buying this one and the 5% code worked AND Cashrewards tracked https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/dell-laptops/xps-13-9310-2-i.... Bringing the total cost down to $1,936.83. Considering this has been out for only 4 months, I consider this a true Ozbargain deal.

    • Great that cashrewards tracked. I was a bit worried it wasn't so thats a nice extra discount. I didn't wanna risk it so settled on the 2000 FF points.

  • what's the difference between the 2 in 1 and the normal XPS 13" ??

  • My 9310 has been nothing but amazing over the past 18 months. As one guy above said, you generally don't hear from people with positive experiences.

    This is a mighty good deal for the XPS with a 4k screen.
    Pretty decent, semi-regular discounted price for FHD. So essentially a free upgrade to 4k for this price.

    I also have a $20 Dell Advantage coupon if anyone wants to sweeten this deal a little.

    • How long is your battery life and what screen resolution do you have?

      • I have a late 2019 model, with the 10th gen i7, and FHD screen as I didn't need the 4k and I wanted the longer battery life.
        Pretty much lasts me the entire work day. Depends on exactly what I'm doing of course, but I can usually go the whole work day without needing to plug it in. I work in IT support, so it's kind of a mixed bag of what I'm actually doing all day.

        • Thanks. I'll be using it plugged into my dock or around the house. So battery life isn't important for me but I am curious what I'll get.

  • Thanks, bought one as well. Hope I won't encounter issues that other users had.