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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax $19 (Was $32) + Delivery/C&C @ Repco


Pretty good car wash soap. Not the cheapest but never pay full price for this stuff.

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  • How well does this work with a foam cannon?

    • Not as good as gold class… Still foamy but not shaving cream thick.

      • I just want to spray it on the car for a quick handwash, save me using a bucket.

        • I've always used foam cannon AND two bucket. Foam cannon by itself doesnt really do it for anything other than light dust, and for that you'd have to wash your car frequently.

        • Foam cannon is just for prewash, it just loosen the dirt.
          For better result you should hand wash/wax the paint (with this Meguiar Wash and Wax).

          • @codinghelloworld: I'm giving the car a high pressure rinse, then using the foam cannon to apply the soap and go over it quickly with a wash mitt and then rinse off. I know the purpose of foam cannon's is for prewash, but this works well for me, it's very quick and saves my back.

            • @rokufan: Thats it,. If it works for you and you are happy with the results, thats all that matters.
              I find peace when washing my car. The neighbours probably think Ive lost it. But yeah, my standard process takes well over an hour. Wash all wheels. Clean tail pipes, pre rinse with high pressure. Then foam it up. Rinse off foam. Then two bucket hand wash. Rinse again. Finally towel dry with microfibre.

              • @Grayfox: Exact same as you but final stage I use a bigboi blowr (pro) to dry off…just as quick as towel, works better and saves further contact!

              • @Grayfox: any good cannon recommended?

                • @ck83: I use the MTM Hydro. But the cheap $20-30 ones work just fine.

                • @ck83: Bowdens cannon is expensive but it's built solid and works well. Between Repco / Autobarn / Supercheap you can usually find it 30% off fairly often.

                • @ck83: MJJC on AliExpress. They are a clone of Italy made PA Lance's. PA are an OEM manufacturer for many of the big brand lances. MJJC make some OEM products for other brands. Eg. Mother's wheel brushes

              • @Grayfox:

                If it works for you and you are happy with the results, thats all that matters.

                This is the best advice you could give anyone. I always say find a product you like and use it often. While I have my preferences, people need to use what works for them.

          • @codinghelloworld: Agree. Depends on the state of your surface and how long ago you applied a sealant /wax. Hand wash gives significantly better results for my vehicle.

            This Ultimate foams well enough but nowhere near Bowden's ridiculously slippery Snow Job for example. It does leave some wax when you rinse it though.

            • @Possumbly: True. I would love to try Snow Job if I have the access to power outlet in the washing bay in my place.

            • @Possumbly: Meguiars ignore all rules of detailing terminology. It is a synthetic polymer which contains no waxes like carnauba or bees wax. It just leaves a film behind which does provide some protection.

              • @4agte: So they're lying when they state: "Carnauba and synthetic polymer technology in our most premium wash ?


                • @Possumbly: Sorry I would be incorrect on the carnauba claim but it would be miniscule and provide no benefit. Mainly there for marketing. Waxes will not bond to synthetic polymers. You can layer wax but you can't layer a wax on a synthetic sealant.
                  You only need to look at their spray waxes to see the incorrect information provided. Meguiar's make spray sealants, not spray waxes. There is very few spray waxes on the market. The only one that comes to my mind is Optimum car wax

                  • @4agte: Not sure what you mean by "you can't layer a wax on a synthetic sealant". Plenty of people, including detailers, do. Presumably you mean it's pretty pointless?

                    I found an in-depth Youtube interview with a chemist who works in the field a while back. Wanted to post it on OzB a while back but unfortunately despite searching extensively haven't been able to relocate it since. He discussed the "single molecule" sealant aim and recent "optimistic" (marketing) claims being made around graphene (I'm not sure about the product/brand now but it's well known - 303 graphene I think?).

                    Iirc he also explained how NO sealant or wax perfectly covers paint at the molecular level. Chemically wax can infill over sealant and vice versa although from memory he suggested the cost/benefit was usually minimal chemically and cosmetically. Many companies and chemists - including him - are trying a variety of mixtures and attempting to get that one molecule "impenetrable" layer nirvana but they're a long way away from that atm.

                    Just one opinion but illuminating and interesting. I'll keep searching and post it in one of these deals if I can relocate it.

                    • @Possumbly: You could very be right. There is a lot of incorrect information around. Much of it precedes from a time before I was born and have no doubt I may retain some wrong info in my tiny brain. I did use to own an online detailing store but that doesn't make me correct in all instances. In fact it could make me stuck in my ways. At the end of the day most detailing companies focus on marketing and the science is blurred. As you said many claims are optimistic (or downright lies, looking at you Chemical Guys). In the past I found it refreshing to listen to Dr. “G” founder of Optimum Polymer Technologies as he is an organic chemist that was part of creating the modern clear coat we have on cars.

  • This thing is good. I use this for every alternative wash that I am too lazy to apply the ceramic hybrid spray wax.

    • You should be able to get a good couple of months out of the ceramic hybrid spray wax. I wouldn't recommend MUW&W for any car that has any sio2 on it. You are altering the behaviour of sio2 and losing many of its benefits. Particularly water behaviour, making the car paint less hydrophobic. MUW&W achieves a gloss by leaving a thin layer of oily film on the car. You can always use your spray sealant as a drying aid if time poor. It will slightly knock the durability but still achieve fantastic results.

      • Thanks but I don’t baby my cars and only wash them once every 2-3 months. But I do hope they shine after each wash and the spray wax does have the slippery effect for less dust stays on them over the time.

  • Best to use this with meguiars ultimate wax or use gold class wash?

    • Use as normal car wash shampoo.

    • For a protected car (wax, sealant, sio2/ceramic) gold wash. You do not want to alter the behaviour and/or look of your existing sealant.
      For a non-waxed car or one where the wax durability is near end of life MUW&W. It will act as booster for your remaining wax

  • Just bought my first new car (got a new family on the way). I declined the paint protection offer at the dealership like a true OzB'er, yet want to look after it - in particular to apply my own wax or protection of some sort initially! can you suggest what works great for you? (Ideally I'm thinking I'd like to do some sort of initial application to protect the paint, then hand wash (+reapply?) say every 2 -4 weeks). I have no idea yet. THANKS!

    • Look at the Meguiar's YouTube videos

    • Meguiar's make great over the counter consumer products. Bowden's Own is similar Australian option.
      CarPro, NV Car Care (Australian owned) and Optimum are better options but not as easily available.
      If I had to pick one brand I can't go past CarPro.
      As mentioned Meguiar's make some good beginner vids. Also look for Mike Phillips from AutoGeek (previously Meguiar's).
      Sandro from Car Craft Auto Detailing makes awesome videos too. Mostly focuses on products sold by waxit which includes CarPro and NV.
      Avoid Chemical Guy videos. There is some good content but mostly lost in their marketing trash.

    • Putting a brand new car through a car wash is an act of faith!!

  • This or just depend on Coles car wash (Automatic)???

    • Skip through to last 5min to see what those auto washes do to your car's paint


      tldw; dont

      • THANKS!!! Teslas are known to have weak paint jobs but point taken.

        I am surprised the panels didn't fall off from the Tesla. :) :)

        • /laughs in Japanese clearcoat

          Every Japanese car I've owned has had clearcoat issues but heard horror stories about Tesla's quality too

        • Teslas are known to have weak paint jobs

          ….and bad touch screens.

          Tesla's excuse for not recalling vehicles for touch screen failures was that they weren't expected to last more than 5-6 years. Bet that wasn't part of the sales pitch. My Toyota touch screen is already 9 years old and going strong although it undoubtedly doesn't get the use a Tesla needs.

  • great will pick some up on way home

  • You boys recommend cheap foam gun from fleabay??

  • This shiz is the bombdiggity in car wash and waxes

  • Great product but does anyone else get blotchy build up of the "wax" on windows from this?

    It's invisible once dry but still a little irritating.

    • It's the oily synthetic film that creates the gloss on the paint. One of the reasons I prefer using a more traditional wash like their gold class.

  • You wash your cars? Protective barrier