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Power Tower Chin up Bar Push Pull up Knee Raise Gym Station Weight Bench $125 + Delivery (Free to Select Areas) @ PickPro


In the spirit of physical training and muscle training, we deliver a multifunctional training device which can accommodate a variety of different exercises, thus offering the possibility of training virtually every muscle for an overall fitter appearance. The tower boasts numerous possibilities for exercises. At the foot of the tower are two round bars, which serve as handles for push-ups. At chest level are two training arms, which offer the ideal conditions for leg raises with their vertical handles, arm rests and folded bench as back rest. Horizontal handles on the end of the training arms are provided for performing dips. Punching speedball gives you great cardio and hone your boxing skill.

POWER-TOWER home gym: A great addition for you home gym: get yourself into home gym strength training and muscle toning! Achieve the level of fitness, upper-body strength and health you have always wanted, without the expensive gym fees. Utilizing multiple grip positions, padded armrests, foam cushions and back pad, this machine makes working out easy and comfortable.

Do more, achieve more: With the addition of Punching Speedball station, you can achieve great cardio results and hone your boxing skills while shedding kilos. It comes with boxing gloves to give you a head start.

Multi-station gym: This multi-use function exercise station allows you to use it for chin-ups, tricep push-ups (dip station), vertical knee raises, lat pull ups, push-ups,and more! Work out your abs, chest, triceps, back and arms. Tone your entire upper body with light daily workouts, or build strength and bulk using your own weight and save a small fortune on gym fees and heavy, large workout stations.

Comfort and durability: Made from heavy powder-coated steel with high density foam rubber grips and padded back and arm rests this unit is built to last. The multi-grip pull-up station will help you build better, stronger.


Build from solid steel for strength and stability
Heavy duty rubber feet reduces movements
Increase cardio with build in speedball attachment workout
Thick & soft padded arm rest & back rest for extra comfort
Rest assure when working out.
Multifunctional tower for pushups, pull-ups, dips, leg raises and much more
Handle bars for pushups
Training arms for dips and leg raises
Moderate dimensions and optimum space utilization through multi-functional training
Comfortable pads for shoulder stress reduction
Non-slip foot grips for pull up bars
Dip station for upper body workout
Station for abdominal vertical knee Raises
Chin up / pull up station with inner and wide grip positions
Foot pads on the base increase stability of frame
Speedball and Gloves is not included


1x Use's Manual
1x Tool

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  • +2

    Are you trying to compete with aldi?

  • +17

    i like the warning they have. "Please be Aware of cheap quality item, if the price is below $200, the steel frame is not strong, SAFETY FIRST!" LOLz

    • I was just about to post the same thing. lol

    • +4

      Sounds like land fill

    • Not sure if I’d be buying this with a warning like that 🤣

      Is this a case of potentially “product not fit for purpose”?

    • +3

      on their defence - it used to be $299

      • +3


        So once it drops below $200…the same steel becomes unsafe?

      • -1


  • Chin up and knee raise exercise station?
    Will get used by ozbargainers as often as my yearly gym membership.
    (I guess could hang the clothes off to dry)

    • +2

      Yes, clothes drying will probably be one of the uses mentioned in the 'Use's Manual'

      • That's what I do with my bench and weights

  • Was looking at buying the aldi version or similar then this come along.

    Any one has one or know if this a good buy? Thinking of buying this instead of aldi

    • +1

      At least you can return the aldi one if it's sh!t

  • Can anyone suggest an decent alternative?

  • +1

    Now i have a place to hang my bananas.

    • IF this is gonna be that kind of party I'm gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes.

  • $42.09 to post to Melbourne WTF why .09? The postage cost is just ridiculous

    • Appears they have 'Fastway Free' for Victoria.

  • I have one similar to this, these sort of towers aren't heavy or wide enough at the base to be stable tbh. You're better off getting a wall-mounted one and secure it to a brick wall

  • "316 stainless steel" and "$120" are incompatible.

    • It'll be the adjustment pins or bolt or some dumb caveat like that.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. 100% just the bolts or pins are stainless, wouldn't surprise me if the bolts were just nickel coated either. I wonder what thickness to steel is…..

      • The specs say the package weight is 20kg. I'm no expert but there'd be very little steel in 20kg.

  • Is this really made in Australia?

    Questionable as it's been put in the graphic but referenced nowhere else

    • Op, it is Australia Stock not Australia made

  • It is not a bad idea, but comes from people who has never done a chin up in their life… Looks a bit similar to those park ones. Not only you need to pull up your legs when doing chin ups, you need to stop your body from rocking in the forward plane when hanging. It is not practical. I wonder if there are any good ones? I am happy to pay more. Last time I searched could not find any.

    • +2

      Or just go to your local park gym and do pull ups for free… bonus you get out of the house as well!

      • This would be ideal… But my local one is similar to thise one - like a T shape and not an U shape. I am yet to see a good horizontal bar in an Australian park. All you bloody need is two poles parellel to each other and a rod between them. No rocket science.

  • In my experience the straight bar in the middle is too short at about ~65cm.

  • +1

    I have this exact model and it is a piece of crap, don't buy unless you really can't find anything better.

    The metal pull up bar only feels like it can barley sustain my weight (~92kg), placement of support beam means you will bang you shins, push up section bends and squeaks horribly and rubber grips are VERY dangerous.

  • This is very specific in what it can be used for - chins and leg raise (it's too wide for a safe dip). The punch ball 'option' is very limited in range in you cant move around it - boring and useless.
    The Aldi rack offers a wider range of use cases and will serve better into the future given pretty much same footprint - to be considered if space is an issue.
    Quality - I have no idea and on the strength of what I've outlined above I'm not going to spend the money to find out.
    Advise you spend yours on something else and do your chins on the play equipment down at the local park until you decide.

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