Parking Spot - Who Was In The Right?


I went in to the city today at lunchtime and had an interesting situation when looking for a carpark.

I was driving down the street looking for street parking because I didn't want to pay for parking. I was behind another car driving slowly who I assumed was either looking for a building or a parking space as well. Eventually I spot a 1hr free parking spot on the opposite side of the road next to a driveway. The car in front of me is still moving slowly and, without indicating, turns into the driveway. Unsure if they are going into the driveway or turning around I opportunistically do a u-turn and park in the available spot. A few moments later the car comes out of the driveway and parks behind me with their hazard lights on. Unsure if they feel they have a claim to the spot I hop out of the car and walk over to hear them out. The driver gives me a thumbs up and refuses to make eye contact. Assuming I'm in the clear I move my car forward so that they can try and fit behind me then go on my way. I have drawn a high quality paint image trying to visualise the situation for your convenience:

My question is, did I do the wrong thing by taking this spot that the other person saw first or am I in the right as I got to the spot first?
It is worth noting that they did not go into the driveway and turn around immediately, but drove in and must have done a 3 point turn as it took them at least ~10-20 seconds to turn around.

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    Blue car was right
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    Green car was right
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    Both in the right
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    Both in the wrong


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    Great diagram. Nothing wrong with what you did

  • Whoever was in the spot first.

    Sounds like you were already parked there while they were still trespassing on someones private property.

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      Ummm actually, in the general case permission to enter a property is implied until explicitly removed.

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        Not according to vampires.

      • Ummm actually, in the general case permission to enter a property is implied until explicitly removed.

        Can't take a quick joke huh.

        So if someone isn't home, I can just enter their house on my own and make myself at home?
        I just have to leave their place before they return, and its all good?

        • Not unless it's open to the public like a driveway is.

        • "I can just enter their house on my own"

          If the door is open - it saves on all the paperwork if someone suffering Alzheimer's wanders into a place they lived at 25 years ago, or a genuine mistaken belief it's another property and the problem is solved in a U.S. "Stand your ground" manner.

  • Nothing wrong imo unless it was double unbroken lines. But the drawing is solid, so all good.

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    Whoever draws the best picture gets the parking. It's the law…

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      Bound to make a good joke eventually

      • +1

        Wouldn't hold your breath

    • Winner gets a new set of Crayons.

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    They must have given you a thumbs up in acknowledgement that you got the better of them and in embarrassment at how they were dumb.

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    I’ve lost parking spaces in similar situations before. It’s annoying, but parking spaces are first in first served. there are no reservations.

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    You snooze, you lose.

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      True, it's in Section 5A of the I'm Telling Mum Act 2021.

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    In general, the way I approach parking is first in, best dressed, but if another driver seems to really want the spot, I'm not going to argue and risk coming back to my car being keyed, tyres deflated or torched.

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      I’ve never keyed a car, but if I were, I wouldn’t go shouting and carrying on that someone took the spot and then return to key the car. That would be too obvious. Beware of those who appear content losing the spot.

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        I've never keyed a car either, that would be going too far. I've torched a few in my time though.

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          You’re a real Donga

      • Those who key cars tend not to be that bright…

        • Those who key are most probably vengeful, which isn't related to brightness.

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    I was expecting this to be one of those stories where somebody stood in the spot waiting for their 'partner'.
    I hate people that think that a human body can hold a parking spot.
    Parking spaces are for cars, not people.

    • Yeah that's just idiotic, saw a one today on Facebook, I think it was from the US

  • Blue cars are faster than green and red cars. 👍

  • Did you do your U Turn first? Or did he start and you quickly did yours after he initiated?

    • Order of affairs:
      1. They turned into the driveway
      2. I did a u-turn straight into the spot
      3. They came out of the driveway and stopped behind me

      I guess they weren't confident doing a u-turn so decided to turn around in the driveway somewhere.

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        They're probably the same type of people who think using a bus lane to turn left is illegal so they turn left from the middle/right lane.

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    Your front right tyre needs some air.

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    Who was right legally - Blue car. Who was right ethically - Green.

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    Neither car would fit in the yellow space, so why fight over it.

    • Could be a blue Smart Fortwo, could parallel park or at 90 degrees :D

  • It has never been "who saw the spot first gets the park". Unless they were reverse parallel parking, whoever is faster gets it.

  • this is why cars should be banned and everyone should be forced to cycle

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    Anybody who doesn't indicate deserves what they get.

  • you were in the right as really you had no reason to know he wasn't entering the property whose driveway he went into until he came out after you had parked and the other guy gave you the thumbs up so it appears he accepted that you were good to park there,
    Note I don't argue with people over a parking space as I would rather not have someone angry at me and knowing where I'm parked