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Fossil Garrett HR Gen 5 Smartwatch $150, $145.50 (eBay Plus), $135 (Afterpay), $132 (AfterPay, eBay Plus) @ Watch Station eBay


— Also potentially -10% using afterpay (use code PAPY10) or 12% ebay plus (use code PLUSAY12), Thanks to Richard pointing that out! (Not sure if seller accepts afterpay)—

Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 3100

Memory: 1 GB RAM, 8GB Storage

Display: 3.2 cm AMOLED / 416 x 416 / 328ppi

46 MM full color display dial in stainless steel case with a thickness of 10 MM

Water resistant to 5 ATM: In general, suitable for short periods of exposure to water i.e washing hands or showering/bathing. Not suitable for recreational swimming, diving or snorkeling

Effortlessly charge your Smartwatch by placing it on the inductive charging magnet

No plugging or unplugging of cables required

Manufacturer Warranty-2 Years

Band Colour: Silver-Tone
Dial Size: 46 MM
Strap Width: 22 MM
Case Thickness: 10 MM
Water Resistant: 5 ATM
Only the red/blue face silver watch is this price.

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Original Coupon Deal

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  • +1

    so basically any 22mm band will fit this watch, yeah? any cheap aliexpress recomendation that match this watch (with the silver red tones on the bezel) but not metal ?

    • But no stock.

  • Is it possible to get Google Assistant to answer via the speaker on this?

    I have the "ok google detection" and "speech output" settings on, but neither seems to work.

    I can manually invoke assistant by holding the crown in, but output is only on screen. Voice would be very handy when my glasses are not on, or I'm driving/cycling.

    Looking at Whirlpool, there is hardly any discussion of these watches. Is WearOS dead?


    I will say though that upgrading the RAM from 512MB to 1GB over Gen-4 seems to have fixed the awful performance problems.

    I tried enabling taking phone calls on watch, and aside from the battery-drain warnings, I get:

    Bluetooth headsets & car devices will not take calls when phone is connected to watch.

    Oh dear, very sloppy. It seems they hacked together the feature in 30 minutes by making the watch act as a bluetooth headset. This also explains why it cannot work over wifi.
    Google has really given up trying on this.

  • Testing this watch is driving me crazy. Could someone with a working one please test some things for me in Assistant:

    • can you get "ok google" detection working?

    Does anyone have home automation working? e.g. "turn on lights" - if I try that I just get a web search.
    "increase volume" command just gets "on the web: volume booster …" displayed.
    Or "sing a song" - just a web search. All these things work properly on my Android phone, but not in Google Assistant on the watch. It is almost useless.

    I also get a lot of "can't reach phone" or "something went wrong" errors.

  • +1

    YAY!!! My Garrett now speaks! I changed the language on my phone from English-AU to English-UK.
    There is not way to set the language on the watch without a full factory reset.

    "OK google" is still broken.

    • thanks for the tip. Does that mean upon initial set up, we should use English UK rather than AU?

      • AU was not an option on the watch for me, just US or UK.
        Assistant on the watch now has a British accent. I've not noticed any difference on the phone yet - assistant there is still Australian.

        Also, home automation commands now work! ( e.g. "turn on lights").

        It is one thing the AU English is not supported, but shockingly bad that so many things just fail silently if the phone is set for local language.
        How many people must be using this watch in a broken state?

        for the benefit of people skimming the thread:

        Your phone must be set to UK or US English, not Australian!

        • So I need to change my Galaxy to UK English otherwise the watch will not work properly? I'm starting to think even $130 wasn't good value…

          • @jace88: $130 is crazy cheap for a proper smart-watch.
            Changing the language from AU to UK is easy and does not do much.
            The real problem is all the people not knowing about this.

            With Google Assistant now working properly, I can start to consider this a possible upgrade on the old Samsung (Bixby, meh.)
            Will see how well the battery life and fitness tracking work.
            I will give up on "ok google" - not really needed and reportedly a battery drain.

          • @jace88: galaxy ? we talkling about fossil, here, right?

        • Arrgh! Just tried to send an SMS using Assistant.

          After choosing recipient, it prompts for the message, but then treats it as a search request. Buggy as hell!

          • +1

            @bargaino: I get the feeling that this Fossil watch is going to make me appreciate my Apple Watch more…

          • +1

            @bargaino: I'd lost all hope for using the assistant for anything, but after setting my phone to UK English and resetting the watch, I've can use assistant for making a phone call.

            SMS still fails, saying "can't connect to watch" after selecting the recipient, which is different to "Can't get permissions" in the previous set up.

            That being said, my Wear OS app now displays different information - I imagine there's an update that hasn't been applied yet, and that it will fail once I restart the watch. I suppose I'll update here.

  • Got mine delivered today. However, the strap is way too big for me, do you have any recommendations for alternative straps?

    • +1

      i think any 22mm will works, but yeah difficult to decide which ones are suitable/match with the watch color scheme, etc.
      also, while browsing ebay get the tools to adjust metal band. $7 and no need to pay to shorten it

      • Thank mate, will do that.

    • +1

      Assume you've tried adjusting it. Mine was too big and I had to remove 3 bits. Used an old watch adjusting kit I had lying around and instead of a jewellery hammer (on the pins), tried a highlighter which did the trick.

      Interestingly it came with a packing slip from Fossil Group.

      • +1

        i asked the ebay seller for invoice and it looks like invoice from fossil too.

  • yeah confirmed the ok google thingie is broken in this watch.
    cant believe something that use google o/s, the google assistant itself is not working properly.
    cant connect to phone, cant get permission, need some more information bla bla bla
    (phone language set to UK english has somehow make it better but still broken)

    • So, with the changing my phone to UK English, Factory Resetting my watch and selecting UK English, I can:

      1. Make calls on my watch by asking Assistant to "Call X"
      2. Control my lights at home with Assistant (instead of it bringing up a web search result of a light)
      3. Ask Google Assistant about the weather, and Get a spoken response

      I still can't send an SMS, but as I noted above, the error is different.

      It's a shame to have the UK voice instead of the Australian one, but it's not so bad.

      At least the UK one pronounces my name right! The US one does not…

      It's also a huge shame that the maze of Assistant settings is so ridiculous - the settings inside WearOS are different to the phone ones, which is very confusing - things were easier.

      I'm enjoying the watch a lot, as the UI is responsive, the screen is big, and the way I have it set up means I can get through more than a day/night on a single charge, and I get sleep tracking! (still not as good as the Pebble or the Honor Band(!) I had).

      The thing that annoys me the most is that the Pebble Time was the best smart watch I ever had - it did everything I wanted, and nothing I didn't - it did voice SMS, it lasted a week without charge, great smart alarm (wakes you up when you're in "light" sleep), it was easy to operate, and didn't have extra crap no one really needed.

      It was released in 2015. Nothing has come close since then.

      Thanks Fitbit, for ruining something wonderful. And now Google have bought them…

      End of a weird rant I suppose

      • You wear metal Sharp edges watch like this one to sleep?

        When I setup watch I remember your tip so I already set to UK. So I just change my phone to UK. Yes agree can't send SMS. Can't play music as well.

        • You wear metal Sharp edges watch like this one to sleep?

          I got the black silicon strap one! I've never had a metal strap before, so I can't comment about that, sorry…

          Can't play music as well.
          Never tried until now - but it you're right, I get the same failure message as with the SMS.

          I might try some more Assistant things now - I heard settings "reminders" was broken

  • and sometimes the google assistant will say/display let me get more information from you.
    but then it is not in listening mode, what i am supposed to do at that stage?

    • Can you give an example? I'll give it a run through, normally on the phone it'll start listening again (you can see the Assistant lines start becoming more animated).

      You might be able to just tap the little Asiistant bars or the mic to get it going again

  • Anybody want mine? I've used it 2 days and it just seems to lose connection to iOS, as is documented online. I paid $130.

    • I sent you a message 🙂

  • Anyone had success with getting the watch to obtain its own GPS location for Strava or GoogleFit without being connected to a phone (and therefore using the phone's GPS)? I tried (put in Airplane mode) and after 20 minutes it still hadn't obtained a GPS location fix so I gave up. Tried Googling the problem and haven't found any conclusive answers.No problems when connected to a phone though.

  • Also Maps is very buggy. Sometimes it worked with Google Assistant "Navigate to xyz…" to bring up maps and directions, and now it just freezes after saying "Let's go".

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