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[Afterpay] 10% off (12% with eBay Plus) @ TGGs, EB Games, Bing Lee, AOL, Microsoft, BIG W ($100 Min Spend, $150 Max Disc) @ eBay


Incredibly this code appears to work on many eBay stores that accept Afterpay. Tested a few products on TGGs, Bing Lee, Appliances Online (very rare to get discounts here), EB Games, BIG W, and Microsoft and it works fine. Apply code PAPY10 (or PLUSAY12 for Plus members) at checkout and select Afterpay as your payment method. Get an additional 2% off if you're an eBay Plus member. There's a $100 min spend requirement, and $150 max discount. Feel free to comment any new stores you find where this works. Take care, and enjoy :)

Mod Note: To avoid being required to pay using Afterpay, can also use gift cards as full payment instead and the coupon still works. Thanks to doweyy.

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    How many times has this code been reposted?

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    Hot Tip: To avoid being required to pay using Afterpay, can also use gift cards as full payment instead and the coupon still works :)

    • smart!

    • you should have platinum ozbargain badge.

    • does it require you to setup an Afterpay account even if you pay with gift cards?

      • I don't believe so, it just says "Confirm and Pay" and uses the full balance of the gift cards as payment if it's fully covered.

      • confirmed, don't have an afterpay account and could purchase fully with GC

    • oh man. seriously? I wish I had known.

    • This is true OzB spirit. Hoorey!

    • Absolute chad. Didn't want to sign up for yet another payment service

    • Thanks for the tips, in that case should buy cashrewards choice gift cards and convert it to eBay gift cards to get 4% cashback.

    • ♥️

    • Doesnt work anymore! Getting an error asking to change payment method. Anyone else has the same issue now?

      • Can someone pls confirm this

      • I can still use this method by not paying the full amount. I used ebay gift card until there's a remaining $50+ balance to be paid, then use afterpay using referral to get $10 off

        • Referal ? Never used after pay. Don't want to, but 10% off $800 is to good to give up. Should I be using it somewhere else first for first use? Remember seeing beer cheaper at catch maybe ..dunno.

      • Just tried this method and had no issue like yours

      • This still works! I get the error message all the time on gift cards. Its just some glitch because of multiple cards. Just try entering card details, then selecting Afterpay, or ticking and unticking gift cards until the error disappears and it goes through. Then check your order is confirmed, because many times the order didn't go through and it would say "This order was not successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount".

  • How does afterpay work? Am I obliged to pay in the instalments or can I pay it in a lump sump afterwards?

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      Just do the smart move, buy ebay gift cards from CR/SB using choice cards for 5% off and pay with gift cards. Then you can tick the box without actually signing up for afterpay.

      • Thank you for spelling out the steps in stupid, so that I could understand.

        Was about to buy a washing machine, so this will save much money.

        Double thanks!

      • how do you get 5% off ebay gift cards?

      • I logged in to my CR, for Choice cards is 4% cash back. Is this right?

        • I didnt realise choice was only 4% until I commented, and now I cant edit it. But shopback offers 5% off swap celebration gift cards, which also does ebay. Tracking is instant with gift cards so its not a risk.

      • So technically we get 17% off? 5+12%?

        • It's probably closer to 16% when you do the math properly. For example:

          eBay item @ $100 - 12% ($12) = $88
          $88 gift card - 5% ($4.40) = $83.60

          That equates to $16.40 savings, which neatly translates into 16.4% discount.

        • The way you calculate is 0.88 * 0.95 so its technically slightly less. 16.4%

      • Thanks a lot for this. Followed this to the letter and can confirm this works…

      • I am new. Could i ask you a question please? Where to find choice card or swap card when i log into CR or SB? Many thanks

        • SB gives more discount, but you need to be on the Shopback App.

          Go to the home page and then scroll down just a bit to the banners.

          There will be a section called "shortcuts", where you can click 'Gift Cards'.

          Swap gift cards will be under the "Retail & Shopping" section.

          • @ATangk: Newbie to this swap GC thing.
            Need some advice..if I’m buying something for say $515 on eBay, can I get a $500 swap GC and pay the balance with my credit card/PayPal or does it all have to be on one method of payment?
            TIA for your advice!

    • It breaks it up int 4 instalments but can confirm can pay the instalments early with no repercussions by loggin into afterpay

  • $100 min spend + cannot mix items from different sellers is extremely annoying….

    Any chance JBHifi price matches this if the item is from Good Guys?

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    Has anyone got a success with PAPY10 code? I have trying since yesterday but no luck. (with AfterPay)

  • Thanks. Bought a couple of Seagate 4TB external drives for $174 delivered ($87 each) at Bing Lee.

  • Just used with Dan Murphys - 12% off + 4% CR + free delivery.

  • Any good mobile phone deals?

  • Has anyone tried to buy gift cards?

    Maybe buy ebay gift cards for 12% off then use them to buy something for another 12‰ off

  • Seems to work with the refurb'ed segway max - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Segway-Ninebot-Kickscooter-Max-R... bringing it down to 809.

  • 10% off AOL… Still no deal

  • Wow thanks for posting. I had a uhf radio in my cart for ages that no code ever worked with. this worked , I got 12% off !

  • appears to be working on ozplaza.living https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/ozplaza.living?_trksid=p2047675.... (had a sit stand desk I was randomly looking at buying and this gives me $50 off so thanks :) )

  • Added a Big W and ebgames items to the cart the afterpay option is not showing.

    • maybe they are not ebay plus item.
      ebay plus item is not "by store" so for example binglee, some items are ebay plus some are not

  • duh $100 requirement from one store…
    i have $99 one item but all the other item from this store (binglee) i dont need them and the ones that ebay plus items are $15 and above

  • Looks like the party is over, afterpay is no longer available as a payment option for TGGs, EB Games, Bing Lee, AOL, Microsoft, BIG W ect.

    Edit: Looks to be sitewide on eBay, afterpay isn't showing up at checkout

  • Looks like the offer is not working anymore. Afterpay was a option initially when I added a kids bike from Big W in my cart. By the time I decided on other stuff to round it up to $100 Afterpay option has disappeared.

  • About 10 minutes ago I used the afterpay code with gift cards, but trying to do another transaction it doesn't work. Looks like they've fixed it.

    • Looks like they've fixed it.

      It's broken, there's no afterpay.

      • It wasn't even working for most things yesterday even with trying to use Afterpay. I was in chat with Ebay support for a while. They just can't seem to get it right. Glad I got my one purchase in earlier. Had been trying every hour or so today until it finally worked. I suspect Ebay will fix the no-afterpay and it will be back.

  • Can someone confirm this is the same AOL that I used to collect promotional CDs from in the 90s?

    If so what are they selling these days?

  • Code not expired sample : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LEGO-10261-Creator-Roller-Coaste...

    Subtotal (1 item) AU $418.70
    Postage Free
    Vouchers/coupons -AU $41.87
    Order total AU $376.83

    Works with PAPY10 not PLUSAY12 even though its a Ebay + account .

    Yes I give up .

  • Does anyone know if redeeming a $250 Swap giftcard for ebay will give me a 1 x $250 ebay gift card? Or 1x $200 & $50.
    Bit concerned as maximum ebay gift card value you can buy elsewhere is $200.

    Need single $250 vouchers as i’m going to stack them up to the max transaction limit.

  • Codes working again… Anyone tried paying with gift cards to see if that works?

    • Hesitant to buy the gift cards if the loop hole has been closed. Hopefully someone can let us know.

      • Yeah I was in the same boat… Only 2 of the thing I wanted so ate the extra $30 and just bought it on AP, then paid it straight off.

  • Appears only PAPY10 working .

  • Anyone else having trouble buying gift cards through shopback? Getting card verification error when trying to purchase. Same thing when trying to add different card.
    EDIT: Working Now

    • I am getting card verification error as well. Tried 5-6 times but no luck buying swap gc's via SB app.

      • Not sure if this is what fixed it, but I added my name to my shopback profile which was previously empty. Maybe they need a name with the card. It started working a few minutes after I did that.

      • I get the same error. Happens every time a deal is posted for shopback gift cards. Have tried to pay via balance and card or just card. Tried removing card and adding again, multiple times. Keep getting the error. My name and required details are all up to date on my shopback account.

  • PS5 controller $99, $1 off the $100 minimum.