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[eBay Plus] 3% off Sitewide (Min Spend $30)


Looks like this might be in response to the $10 coupons expiring early, 3% off sitewide for all eBay Plus members.

Conditions. The offer entitles eBay Plus members to 3% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items listed on www.ebay.com.au, with a minimum spend of $30 and up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

Exclusions. This offer does not apply to:
items listed in the following categories: (88433) Other, (130) Tickets, (123416) Other Tickets, Travel, (9800) Cars, Bikes, Boats, (3252) Travel, (3253) Flights, (183477) Vintage Luggage & Travel Accs, (10542) Real Estate, (316) Services, (11116) Coins, (184609) Gift Cards & Vouchers; and
all items from the below sellers:
Coles Supermarkets
AMR Hair & Beauty

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    eBay - 3% off Sitewide


    Is all I can say………….

  • Ebay you are too generous…

  • Okay didn't even realize the $10 voucher expired early. Thanks for the heads up.

    But 3%…

    • Yes it said to expire on 23 th Didn't ???

    • I am so dam pissed it said to expire on the 23th and i can no longer see that. I am not buying from eBay till they fix that up. It should be still available as it said to expire on the 23 th of this month

      • I've contacted ebay, and they will be reinstating it.

        I didn't know when it expired as the T&C link didn't work.

        • I contacted them the chat guy told me

          "As you have a concern about the 10$ voucher that you received on your email.This is the query we have been getting a lot where a member receives an email regarding the voucher, to understand it better I am escalating this to our technical team, and we will get back to you via email."

          "You'll be reverted back via email"

        • 23rd
    • It was cancelled? eBay just love to annoy their 'customers'

  • Not bad, but need to be 10% side wide

  • This reminds me to cancel my eBay plus renewal. Thank you eBay.

    • I forgot and was slugged $50 :(

      EBay plus gets no use for me while my Amazon prime gets hammered.

  • It's better than nothing. But…Does it mean you will lose the 2% cashback when using this code with shopback/cashrewards? If yes it would be only 1% of the difference.

  • This is why i cancelled my ebay plus….

    • Did they offer you any incentive to stay? When my renewal came up they offered a credit voucher for close to the renewal amount. I think they’re pretty keen/desperate to build Plus membership

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    Where's the $10 coupon?

  • I thought sitewide promo codes used to be much… larger?

    So can we still stack this with discounted gift cards and Shopback?

  • Looks like this might be in response to the $10 coupons expiring early

    Did they have control over those coupons?

  • ebay really fuked up by removing the $10 voucher early. ebay rep just told me they will escalate the situation. i have filed a complaint under false adversiting.

    • It happened with me I am waiting for their chat i guess everyone is trying to claim back their official voucher that they totaly deserve because it was going out on the 23 th only not today nor yersterday

    • Thanks, you prompted me to make a complaint, making one now

  • Trash fleabay

  • Generous

  • CPI discount?

  • haha….3% really? Are they even trying?

  • LOL guess who's not renewing their membership for the year.
    Would rather put it towards Prime.

  • So many 10% off selected plus stores… 3% is just sad

  • I was just thinking 3% is pathetic, and then just noticed there's a huge list of 'exclusions' as well.

  • Sure amazon doesn't have random 'blanket' sales but id much rather deal with them. My prime sub has paid itself off at least 10x now.

    *next day delivery most cases
    *good selection
    *comparatively good customer service
    *easy returns
    *wide range of side benefits (twitch, music, prime video)

    • returns and warranty on amazon have slaughtered anything i've had on ebay so definitely agree here.

  • Is this meant to be a bargain or a forum post?

  • Sitewide and eligible items only? Now I don't know which to believe

  • LOL - maximum discount of $1000 per transaction… That means you'd have to pay about $34k (plus the eBay plus subscription fee) to get full value from this… But everything that expensive is in categories which are excluded.

    You still have to spend $1800 just to save the amount spent on the eBay plus membership. It's a genuine 3% off though, presumably with little/no price-jacking, so I can't really neg this deal, but it's still pathetic.

  • Remember the times when you didn't need eBay Plus and frequently got 5 or 10% off codes which would be suitable for all transactions over a certain amount? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  • +4 votes

    I reckon ebay stores will be jacking down their prices for this one…

  • So disappointed with eBay.. Gone down hill massively since they introduced eBay plus. This post has reminded me to cancel my auto renew on eBay plus and check out the daily deals on Amazon 😊

  • RIP, didnt get the chance to use my $10 coupon. that is scummy AF

  • This is pathetic on eBay's part lol. This is why I stopped my membership back in October last year, there is literally no value in paying the fees.
    With Amazon at least you also can watch shows etc and their service is great.

    • I guess you missed the happy hour .
      It was the best value spending hour I was privileged to on any site last year :)

      • Was it one of those hours where they put up like 10 units of an item and it is first come first served. As soon as it is put up, then it is sold out.
        Last year i went through that and though i nabbed a few deals most of the time you miss out. It is almost like you pay a membership fee to have a chance at buying something.

  • So did ebay remove the $10 monthly voucher? Or is it that they cancelled this month's $10 voucher early?

    I didn't renew my ebay plus membership after it expired in November. Not much value except a few major ebay stores which charged a fortune for shipping (but free with Plus membership).

  • When click on the link I get this message "Looks like this page is missing."

  • Considering how inflated the prices are on eBay in general, 3% literally made me chuckle.

    At least it gave me a moment of entertainment, so here's my thumbs up.

  • I consider 3% to be more of an insult than an incentive

  • +3 votes

    Why did they say sitewide and then in the conditions is "eligible" items? Got tricked :(

  • What a joke, gone the days with 20% off site wide.

  • So much entitlement in the comments. 3% is much better than nothing.

    Heck, when the cashback co's do a fraction of a percent, the same people upset simultaneously turn into bootlickers.

    • Agree, I don’t understand why everyone’s so salty. You can use the 3% even on auctions and there’s great bargains to be found on eBay (paid $850 for brand new sealed AU stock 128gb iPhone 11 which retails $1099). If the code was valid when I bought it, could’ve saved extra $25

    • Maybe it's because this only applies to eBay Plus members and only for eligible items (meaning unwanted garbage items mostly).

      In fact with those few percent discounts from Cashback and Shopback deals, I don't really about them either.

      • Not sure where you’re getting the “eligible items” part from. It appears to work on any item as far as I know (other than items from excluded categories or sellers)

  • $10 is back now

  • 3 percent.. gone are the days of seeing 10 percent off site wide regularly.. :(

  • Shopback has 2% all the time for anyone. Cashrewards has 5% off ebay gift cards for anyone.

    So how is 3% off for plus members only with a spending minimum and limits aswell as many exclusions considered a "deal" that ebay feels they need to advertise for themselves? Sure it's better than nothing but even if it were a standard plus feature, it's pretty dismal compared to what everyone else offers.

  • I don't understand the very silly people negging this great deal.

    (1) A 3% off from the purchase price is far preferable to sitting and waiting for a cashback, that may or may not track, and will be paid many months in the future.
    (2) The 3% stacks on top of the effective 10% off discounted gift cards from Swap Celebration Flybuys/Woolies Rewards deals.
    (3) An eBay plus membership costs only $1 using the deal giving the $50 voucher.

    Ok, I get it. You have the hots for Jeff Bezos & Amazon, and you don't like eBay.

    Well, I don't like either Jeff or Amazon, and have had very s**tty experiences on Amazon & prefer to shop on eBay, and this is a great deal.

    • eBay spoiled everyone for years with regular 10% off and 5% off sitewide coupons. Now everyone throws a tantrum whenever they get anything less.

  • Sitewide
    Eligible Items

    Pick one.

  • These days I always search on Amazon for stuff I see on eBay by either keyword or manufacturer model/part number. 7 times out of 10, it's cheaper on Amazon. Also if you are with HCF, you can get 4% off Amazon giftcards to use all the time.

    I cancelled my eBay Plus a few months ago and started paying for Amazon Prime, never going back.

    eBay was market leader like 2 years ago but just completely dropped the ball with these fake % discounts (most things are priced gouged at %+x during discount periods).

    One more thing, if you see something listed on eBay by a seller, just google their business name, usually ~5-10% cheaper when you buy direct from the seller via their own website.

  • Good if you already wanna buy something. Waste of time to try and find something to buy otherwise.

  • You have 28 Jan as the expiry, but how do you know this? It doesn't say it anywhere.

    • I believe that was the initial date shown on the T&C's but has since been removed. It was working yesterday but is not today. I've marked this is expired.

  • Does this coupon still work for anyone?

    • Looks like it's gone and now 15% off for very few items. I actually think this was one of the best coupons from ebay for a while because you can apply it to some item with real good price while other coupons almost only apply to overpriced items.

    • I have just today seen it popup on a number of items

  • Doesn't work