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Makita LXT OPE 18V Brushless Line Trimmer Kit $256 @ Bunnings Warehouse


For those in the Makita ecosystem (or even those who are new to it). A great price for this unit including the battery and charger. RRP $299, very rarely have I seen Makita gear on special. Not sure if it's a price error or not but being Bunnings, it's definitely worth a try.

Personal recommendation - I have a Makita mower and line trimmer and after being very sceptical about their battery range, I am now a convert. Excellent quality and easy to use.

  • Includes 1x 5.0Ah battery and single port optimum charger
  • Max. cutting width of 300mm
  • No load speed of up to 6,000rpm
  • 2 stage speed control with variable speed trigger

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    Another option is Sydney Tools are currently having their Makita roadshow, if you spend $249 to $499 you receive $50 store credit, they have this kit for $299 so if you had a few things to purchase then the store credit may end up a better deal otherwise this is a good deal by the OP.

  • Any one have any experience with this, seems other models of makita are at the $400-600 mark, i do have a couple of 3mah battery's but don't want a rubbish snippier, any recommendations ???

    • I was initially going to get one of these but ended up with a 36v. I believe for a normal yard the 18v one will do the trick. I looked up quite a few reviews which all praised the 18v model.
      I ended up with the 36v as I get close to two hours out of a set of batteries.

      • What do you think the run time is for this model? I have a 36v but looking to change to this as I dont think I need the 36v……

    • I have it and I am a little disappointed I didn't get the 36v one

      for a well maintained yard it's great uses 1/3 of 4ah battery.

      But if your grass is 50cm-1m high like mine was the first time, it burns through batteries, (needed about 3 charges to finish my yard (probably about 250sq/m yard, not including what I mowed) and it struggles with the long grass a bit, but it still completed the job

      So fine for light/medium duty purposes it's adequate, but it's not good for taming a jungle :)

  • Looks like the makita 36v chainsaws are also on special. Price dropped from $500 to $425.

    • I did notice various Makita items were reduced and priced below the RRP.

  • Awesome thanks. I've been eyeing one for a while now.

  • Looks good, but is there a skin only version?

    Or perhaps I should just sell off the charger and battery? Already have a fast charger and three batteries. Can't imagine I'd need a fourth battery and second charger, even when in the middle of a home project.

  • I just bought the Makita DUR189RM 18V which is simular to this for $299 and works great. Its light weight and plenty of battery life for around the home.
    I would recommend either of them especially at this price.

  • I have the bare tool DUR190LZX5 released 2020 and its underpowered. It may be brushless but if you look at the motor its quite small. I have spent up to 20 minutes refeeding the spool. You have to be careful with your technique, you cant just go into taller weeds, you have to slowly "sweep" across. I don't enjoy using it & wish I had bought 2X18V. Every other Makita tool I have works very well.

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    I see some guys saying that this is good around the house. I thought Makita , Dewalt etc. were for tradies, for home use Ozito or Ryobi are more than sufficient. I have an ozito line trimmer and am very happy with it.
    Is it worth to spend so much on Makita when Ozito can be bought for less than half ?
    Ozito comes with 5 yers warranty, after 5 years I’ll just throw it and buy a new technology version .

    • Is it really half the price?
      Update: just checked it is half 👌

    • If you need to ask, just stick to the Ozito or Ryobi. People who appreciate proper tools will pay top dollar for the good stuff.

      • This is what exactly I'm asking.
        How is Makita better than Ozito for a home user ?
        I can understand for a tradie, they need more robust tools. However, for home use ?

        • +1

          There are different levels of "home user" ;)

  • I wish they had a wheel attachment for ease of edging.

  • Bunnings are selling the 18V Makita stuff for cheap because they're rolling out their 40V range:


  • How does this compare with the ego trimmer? Bought the ego trimmer during the crazy good black Friday sales and it has been so good family tried it out and is now looking for one too, or an equivilent.

  • I'm still waiting for another deal like this one: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/548167

  • According to PriceHipster they have quite a lot of the Makita range on special, which is very unusual.

    For example the belt sander is $389 elsewhere:

    This lawnmower - $611 - is $699 elsewhere

    If only they had a multi tool on special.

    • I've had horrid experience with makita from bunnings. A brand new LXT drill overheated first go - brought it back, it took three toolshop "experts" to idle it, smell it, and hand it back with the comforting phrase "bring it back if something is wrong with it". WTF?

  • Thanks OP, bought one today, they had a few in stock. As stated by others lots of Makita gear on sale, it seemed like everything over $250 is on sale which made me think it is in response to the Sydney Tools Makita roadshow.

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      Sydney tools will price match this and u get free $50 to spend on makita

      • They won't. Different models: Bunnings DUR182LST, ST DUR192LST.

        • Nope the Bunnings one is the same it’s in the description and I was in bunnings today same model number on box as Sydney tools

          • @Dex38313: Great to know. Will try.

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              @tedzozb: I rang today and sydney tool will price match for me in Melbourne and give $50 voucher for makita

              • @Dex38313: Which store, I just spoke to Preston, Blackburn and Epping, all saying they will not Price
                Match and offer their roadshow promo together? They also quoted the item number in the specs does not correlate (although description does differ)

                • @Axytrix: I rang Caroline springs store had no stock but the guy said yes we will price match bunnings

  • If any ones interested you can get these at bunnings for $200 each by asking I did today n got some ….

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