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[Afterpay] Sony A7 III Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) - $2158 Delivered ($1758 after Sony Cashback) @ SonyAustralia eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Instruction to get the $150 discount.

  1. Apply minimum $308 Ebay Gift Card to reduce the amount to $2,000 or lower.
  2. Select "Afterpay" as payment method.
  3. Apply the coupon code (PAPY10 or PLUSAY12) and you will see additional discount of $150.

I believe this is the cheapest I ever seen on OzBargain for Sony A7 III.

Cashback Claim

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  • Where is the A7 III broden now?

    • Sleeping with models

  • +1

    Damn, got one a couple of weeks ago. Price keeps going south…

  • Actually you mind want to amend the title. From the T&C's of the cashback promotion;

    "Lay-by and purchases from duty-free, discounted or clearance eBay sales, parallel import stores and second-hand purchases/retailers are excluded from this promotion."

    • Is this a clearance ebay sale? If so, probably a deal breaker as it would push the cost back up to $2158

      • It probably comes down to the definition of "discounted". In the body of the listing the price says $2,999. A quick call to Sony might be worth it before purchasing.

    • +1

      IIRC, they always say this. Provide the invoice that is sent with the item and not an eBay PayPal invoice and you should be fine.

  • +1

    Hopefully all these deals mean the A7IV coming out soon!

  • How can I hide AfterPay targeted deals? I tried the hide option but it only offers to hide "targeted", which I presume is broader?

    • Why though, just start the afterpay plan and then pay it off instantly. If it gets you the discount then it saves you money and costs you nothing in fees.

      • Nah I have no intention to use afterpay or zip. Other than a mortgage and maybe a credit card, I'm quite debt averse. Just wondering how to hide these afterpay deals from the ozbargain page.

        • It doesn’t cost you anything. There’s no interest. It’s the new normal and it’s no different to credit cards with how ubiquitous it is.

  • I dont think the giftcard hack works anymore. Getting an error to change the payment type when using the afterpay code with giftcards only.

    • Try toggling back and forth between payment methods, I had this happen also and toggling payment methods and then applying the code worked.

  • Such a nice price. If only I could fly and get the TRS, would be able to pick it up for $1500.

    But I don't need a body just yet. Hopefully when I do the A7 IV is out putting these ones even cheaper.

    • +1

      You can fly, just gotta spend two weeks in quarantine to save $250 😂

  • +2

    Waiting for the a7mk3 c to go on..Want the flip screen

    • It's essentially just come out. It'll be a while for decent sales.

    • Yeah, I reckon I'll hold out for this too. Great price though OP!

  • Having Sony Alpha (AKA Minolta) mount lenses on my A77Mii, always makes me want to cry when I see the later mirrorless (and "new" mount) lenses :(

  • +2

    For a 3yo camera this has held its price well. At this stage with pending incoming a74 some discounting is welcome considering how much the nice Sony glass can be. Still a great full frame mirrorless however wanting USB-C power, true flip display and updated Sony menu with touch capability.

    • +2

      I can charge via USB and USBC in this tho.

      I carried a battery pack with me and was able to shoot from 6am to about 6pm no issues with one battery.

      On some of the train trips during my travels I'd just plug a USB a to USB C cable into the battery and I was good to go until midnight.

  • +2

    Yer I feel the new cameras are coming out late this year early next year. Been waiting on the new Sony cyber shot rx10 V for 2 years now -_\ hope it’s coming

  • What's the best similar camera to this that have a front facing screen? A6600?

    • Fujifilm X-T4 might work for you

    • +1

      A7C? Almost the same camera with a few minor differences.

    • For video usage, there are youtube channels like 'the everyday dad that will give you a good rundown.

  • +1

    how do you apply the $308 gift card??

    • Can't use Afterpay for items priced over $2000 and can't apply a gift card payment - what am I missing?

      • -2

        Well what’s missing is that you may be dyslexic

  • Not sure how Sony ebay cash back works?

  • It works. The math is like below
    1, if you are eBay plus member , the minimum after pay amount is 1250,( 150/0.12)
    2, you can only use 3 $200 eBay gift card( with 5% cash back reward), so here is another $30.

  • Be warned that Sony cashback isn't guaranteed, if you can buy it from Sony physical store, then do it that way, because you get the gift card straight away.

    I am chasing Sony for my cashback from July 2020, one of the most useless and pathetic company to deal with.

  • +1

    I am not sure if the cash back will be accepted

  • +1

    I wouldn't count on getting the Sony cashback. Bought a lens from Sony back in Nov 2020 and still have not got the cash back. The useless Sony reps keep on apologising and saying they will contact the promotion team to fix it but it's all a lie. They don't give a damn.

    • How can they not pay eventually?
      It’s a class action if they don’t

      • Basically they are playing a stupid game by saying that the "promotional" team is someone else and all they can do is escalate the case to them. You, however, cannot contact the promotional team and there's no contact details such as phone number to call them directly. Any email back to the promotional email address is never returned. I am getting pretty angry about it, but not sure what I can do short of reporting them to the Australian Consumer Authority

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