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Dell S2721HN 27" FHD IPS Monitor (HDMI 1080p @ 75 Hz) $180.74 (Was $299) Delivered @ Dell Australia


One of the Ozbargain’s most favourite and very well regarded monitor at probably cheapest price. Ordered one myself. Yeah it’s not 2k/4k but it’s $180. Decent choice for regular WFH users.

Quick Specs
Device Type
LED-backlit LCD monitor - 27"
Adaptive-Sync Technology
AMD FreeSync
Panel Type
Aspect Ratio
Native Resolution
Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 75 Hz
Pixel Pitch
0.3114 mm
300 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio
Response Time
8 ms (gray-to-gray normal), 5 ms (gray-to-gray fast), 4 ms (gray-to-gray extreme)
Colour Support
16.7 million colours
Input Connectors
Display Position Adjustments
Screen Coating
Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand
60.99 cm x 18.68 cm x 45.33 cm
Environmental Standards
TCO Certified Displays 8
Compliant Standards
HDCP 1.4
Bundled Services
3-Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Exchange

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  • I’ve got an S2721Q monitor and wouldn’t mind a secondary monitor to pair it with.

    Obviously this one is way lower res, but it may be alright for just emails/chat stuff.

    My question is - is this aesthetically identical to the Q? I’d like the 2 monitors to look the same (picture quality aside).

    • Have the HN and the QS in different rooms, but yes they are aesthetically identical.

      Online manuals for the Q and HN suggest they differ by a millimetre or two in some dimensions, but suspect nothing that would be noticeable when side-by-side.

      Only possible annoyance is when moving cursor between extended screens, might not be completely linear i.e. tiny jump up or down as you traverse the gap, due to change in resolution between them.

    • I seriously doubt you will feel comfortable moving between the two monitors when the difference in sharpness is so obvious.

  • anyone received cashback with this LOVEKEANU code? the 10% cashback ($17) looks more discount the tis code

    • Worth trying. I have tried too but keeping my hopes low.

    • I can confirm after using above code LOVEKEANU via shopback, they did tracked $15.65 for me. Awesome. Sweeter deal.

  • I got two monitors from Dell from different batches and the calibrations are off. Help with resolving this? I tried some downloadable profiles and it is still off.

    [edit: I using HDMI and display port so that might be the problem as well…]

    • Can’t you fix it with the built in colour settings ?
      Four buttons on the edge. Manually adjust until they match.
      When using two monitors it is normal to calibrate one to match the other.

  • Does that square cover of the VESA mount just totally not match the colour of the back of the monitor? Its quite a difference.

  • what's the difference between HN, HSand H? H has speaker HS has an adjustable stand and HN doesn't both?

    • +22 votes
      • HN is a non-height-adjustable stand that screws onto 2 screw holes where the IO is meaning there is very limited tilt and no swivel + it is dual HDMI + no speakers
      • HS has a height-adjustable stand that attaches to the VESA mounting system on the back meaning there is a lot of tilt and swivel + it is display port and HDMI + no speakers.
      • H is a non-height-adjustable stand that screws onto 2 screw holes where the IO is meaning there is very limited tilt and no swivel + it is dual HDMI + speakers

      P.S the height-adjustable stand is really good if you are not VESA mounting.

  • Op please add shopback 10% cashback in description as well. I can confirm that I have received it as my above comment.

  • For normal home usage not heavy gaming, you would hardly notice the difference btw even 75hz and 60hz, so 2k/4k is negligible. bang for the buck.


    Note that, if you got a $55 Dell Advantage coupon recently, it won't work with this deal. Dell coupons aren't cumulative, apparently.

    • Add your code first then apply this code. It was like that last time but don't have a code to test.

    • How do you get the coupon? I bought a monitor from Dell recently but didn't get a coupon.


        I ordered a monitor around Feb 8, and got this email last week:

        You are receiving this message because you recently made a purchase with Dell.
        Coupon code: <deleted!>. Discount: $55. For purchases above: $110. Valid until: 24 April 2021

        The fine print says Dell coupons aren't cumulative.

        Edit: But as @Sheng says above, they are if you get the order right.

    • I have a $55 voucher if someone wants to go halves with me

      • I'd like to buy a DELL monitor today, if your $55 voucher still availabe, could you please share it with me? Thank you very much.

    • have you received any update on your order?

  • Need the 1440p at that size

  • Can this one rotate 90 degrees to a portrait orientation?

  • I bought the s2721H from the sale two weeks ago, I’d say the low res will drive you mad if you’re not use to it. The colour is washed out and the screen is quite dim. ( the colour reproduction is worse than my 8 yo tv )

    For this price it’s a great deal, but not a great buy. Unless you absolutely need a budget one you may want to save up and consider a 1440p instead.
    I ended up returned mine :(

    • hey mate when you return your monitor to Dell, do you get a full refund?

      • Unless the product is defective or the return is a direct result of a Dell error, Dell may charge a restocking fee of up to 15% of the purchase price paid less shipping and handling

        Dell Change Of Mind Policy

      • I fortunately did get a full refund as I bought it off eBay and I returned it within 30 days. ( I only kept it for like 4 days)

  • I'm a newbie with macs but are these monitors compatible with mac minis ? Thanks !

    • Mac mini has HDMI. So the monitor should be fine. Other Dell monitors work fine with Macs, even M1 Macs via thunderbolt and/or USB-C adapter.

  • purchased yesterday still haven't received any confirmation email and also can't see the order in my dell online account

    • I ordered on Friday and got my confirmation 10 minutes later. Still haven’t got my shipment details yet

    • It still the weekend mate… might go through the first time in the morning.

      • hi mate you know a lot about dell do you work for them?

        • Wish I was cause I would get free stuff lol… If dell wanted to reach out my PM is open ;)

          I know a lot about the S2421 range and S2721 range is because I research the heck out of the differences when it started to get traction from its consistent postings on Ozbargain. I first purchased the S2421HN and subsequently the S2421HS after learning the difference and they got really cheap. I had my notes still in a doc so I can post details about them pretty quick.

    • Purchased on 19th and recvd mine today.

  • might be a stupid question, but I need a 27" monitor to be used as a TV, I cannot fit anything larger on the wall space. Not many TV's that are available these days under 32". I am wondering if I just plug in a google TV chromecast will this be a good option?
    I believe this comes with speakers, again not too worried about the quality of sound as it is a small space.
    What are the pros and cons of using a PC monitor?

    • I just see youtube video of this one, no speaker on S2721HN, but there is 3.5mm audio input thus you can plugged in external speaker which should be way better anyway than internal speaker. I use one old 24" lcd monitor with chromecast and it's fine.

  • Cheaper with ebay deal $169.60

  • Got my monitor delivered just now. Pretty impressive to be delivered in just 2 days.

  • Wondering how can i connect speaker with this monitor. Can someone guide what type of cable / speaker do i need? Thank-you