Someone Kicked a Small Dent in My Car - Report to Cops?

Hi guys :D

I don't what I did to this guy but this guy confronted me about random things, nothing to do with the car while I was parked on the side of the road and I was standing outside my car in Liverpool and kicked my car door now it has a small dent in it. No, I am not parked illegally i.e blocking a driveway, parked in a disabled spot, taking up two spaces.

Maybe it's a case of mistaken identity maybe another 86 very similar to mine nearly hit him or honked at him while he was jaywalking because I never encountered this guy whilst driving through Liverpool CBD.

The guy seemed drunk, on drugs or has some mental issues this is why I didn't confront him initially when he kicked my door for my safety. He was also slurring his words and almost seemed incomprehensible

The question is should I report him to cops for damaging my car or just let It slide?I haven't checked dash cam yet but I think I got his face approaching my car but obviously dash cam films forward and back I don't think there is any footage of him kicking my car. It is too late to report to cops? Will cops do anything since there is no footage of him damaging my car?

Sorry for repeating myself if I am :D

Thanks :D


  • Maybe because your 86 has a Subaru badge on it. How much drama does your driving life have?

    You can call non-emergency police assistance on 131444.

  • Do you know where he lives or anything to identify him? Cops will need a name, they'll probably tell you to deal with your insurance.

    • He left after kicking my door, I didn't want to confront him or try do get his details for my safety. But this happened in Liverpool so I am going to guess he lives either in Liverpool itself or somewhere in South Western Sydney.

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        "guess he lives either in Liverpool itself or somewhere in South Western Sydney"

        Well that narrows it down a lot, I'm sure the cops will apprehend the suspect in no-time…..

        • I was wondering where liverpool was….

        • Come on. That's only around -405,000 people. Assuming a quarter clearly look female and another quarter are clearly children or elderly, that is only 200,000 suspects.

          I recon with 100 detectives they should be able to get alibis for around 180,000 citizens over a year or two. Then the police can round up the remaining 20,000 for a lineup at Fairfield Oval.

          Then we can get this guy to do 200 hours of community service.

          Sounds reasonable. Why are you making fun of OP? He bought an 86. We can't expect a rocket scientist.

          • @This Guy: OP bought an 86, so he deserves to have his car door kicked in.
            OP even bothered to think about bringing justice, so ozBargain will ridicule him.

            Fair dinkim

            • @berry580: Berry580 you are right. And when you are right, you are right.

              I was wrong to assume the gender or age of the perpetrator. I was also wrong to assume the people of South West Sydney deserve due process.

              We need to get this meth head who was in South West Sydney, what ever the cost. Let's use 50,000 police officers to round up every one who lives there and detain them until one of them admits to their crimes. If we don't have enough officers we can call in the army for back up. Don't worry about the over time, OP has 86 money, they got it.

              As we normally pin these sorts of crimes on indigenous adult males. I ask we mix it up and select a white, female child this time to throw off Melbourne off our usually empowering [insert spin word for racist] kangaroo court.

        • You'd be surprised. A dude who walks around assaulting people or kicking cars in the middle of the day is most likely not doing it for the first time and there's a good chance the police may know him already.

          I met a police officer who worked in Inala in QLD (very high crime rate) and he told me to always report stuff regardless of whether you know the person because of this exact concept, they're often known to the cops.

      • You all ways keep pepper spray or taster on and bikes on number on your phone it ozbogan way.

  • should have beat the crap out of him and driven off

  • Just curious as to what kind of random things was he saying (if it was coherent / if you remember) ?

    • Comprehensible words - enough, pitbull, Coronavirus, vaccine, Liverpool, and a whole lot of swear words I am not going to say on here so I don't get banned.

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    It feels like that you are looking for someone to tell you that go to police and they will catch this person and get you justice. Truth is this is a needle in a haystack.

    Maybe you can make a complaint to police for assault and property damage. Take it to your insurance. They might accept it as a no fault claim. A drug affected person crashed into my work colleagues car, insurance required a police report and refunded the insurance excess.

  • I'd like to see the MS Paint and the Chalk outlines.

  • Report to cops &Suck it up. Sorry but I have seen a guy punching another drive on Canterbury Road for no reason. Use insurance or try a repairer whatever works for you.

  • Might be known to the local police and causing trouble. You could try finding him and try to get on patrol cops to talk to him. Or you might have enough on your dashcam to identify him.

  • Some people, believe it or not, are very well known to ther Police.. i.e, if this is the case, they may know him on sight..

  • Cops won't give a proverbial on what they consider a trivial matter.
    The last thing they will want to do is record a malicious damage report and inflate crime stats.

    • Cops only go after people they can fine. That's why they'd have charged OP if he'd given this junky a well deserved beating. That's why cops will ignore OP if he asks for help.

      "File a report mate" - so that the report can for in the filing cabinet.

      The police don't exist as a public service; they represent the state only. They serve state interests and protect state assets. Mostly this means hunting working citizens to fine them for whatever they're doing. You can't fine junkies cause junkies have nothing to take.

  • This story and ops replies seem very much like attention seeking. Must be a slow day on Facebook.

    • Literally every single post from the OP is car related …

      • I've got a Toyota 86, look at me!

        • Not if you don’t deliver tofu.

        • to be fair 86's, when fully modded look pretty cool i guess…….

          • @Zachary: What about if the modification is just putting a Subaru badge on it?

            • @Baysew: If it's just a badge and nothing else…then ok, I guess that's understandable… But if OP wanted the subaru branded one, why didn't he simply buy the subaru brz instead of the toyota 86??? They still sell the brz right? If they dont I guess the reason for replacing the toyota badge with the subaru one is justified….kinda….but would make you look silly in front of other rev heads who would be able to tell the difference between the two… It's like driving a girly hatchback when you're a macho looking man unless you don't actually care what others think of you or are gay/metro….

          • @Zachary: Don't think I have ever seen an 86 modified or otherwise that looks cool

  • Contact the cops, give them the dashcam footage showing his face clearly as he approached the vehicle and then any sound of him kicking the door.

  • Report it if you’re thinking of claiming insurance

  • There's a reasonable chance this chap is already "known to police", so dashcam could be enough to identify him. However, there's even more chance that he's a tweaker who has no money, so you're not going to get any recompense anyway.

    As much as it sucks, it's probably not worth pursuing.

  • It's Liverpool. What did you expect ? Junkie city.

  • Even if you can identify them you need good evidence for anything to happen.

  • Report it, but know that you are probably just adding to crime statistics. It’s important to report, the offender may do the same again or have done the same before.

    They will likely not investigate unless they get a string of similar offences.

  • Where's the imgur link to the damage?

    Sounds to me like you dodged a devil at level 100 so I guess username checks out.

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    You shouldn't be driving at 86 anyway.

    A danger to yourself and other road users…

  • Police will tell you it is a civil matter the system is pretty useless when it comes to protecting your property

  • So the only thing you have on the person is a dash cam image of them?
    No name, no address, no telephone number?

    Police aren't going to do anything. Just call your insurance if you want it fixed.

  • If someone kicked my car, then it would have a second dent in the bonnet matching their body.

  • Dashcam would have sound recorded right? That should help a bit?

  • Sorry to hear it. One reason why I drive an average brand of car (Toyota Corolla) and don't put my 'Vietnam Veteran' and other stickers on it. You never know who or why people will take exception to your vehicle and give it a kicking.

  • If he was out of it, he wouldn't remember it, so don't call the cops.
    Just pop out the dent in your car door & everything is back to normal

  • cops probably wont do anything because they usually wont do anything …but I missed the bit about why you were too gutless to do anything there and then

  • Cops ain't gon do [email protected]$#%

  • Unless your doors are Lamborghini style, I wouldn't let it slide.

  • Did you report to cops

    Police Assistance Line (131444) - NSW Police Public › …
    If you are a victim of a crime, other than life threatening or time critical emergency situations, you should contact the Police Assistance Line (131 444)

    And your insurance