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Tri-Color Downlight Kit Collection Scene Switch from $13.69 (after 15% off Coupon) + Free Shipping @ Lectory


Scene switch Tri-Color Dimmable Downlights in White, Black and Santi Trim.

  • 3 Pre-set colours controlled by a normal wall switch

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  • Free Shipping for all products included in this Ozbargain special deal

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About the offer:

  • Same day dispatch from Sydney

  • 3years warranty

  • Large quantity in stock

  • Free Shipping

Downlight Calculator

Helps to work out how many downlights is required for each room

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  • Worth noting that according to the images, the drivers are missing the appropriate labelling for use in NSW and are therefor non-compliant in NSW.

    • This downlight has SAA certification, the C-Tick mark is printed on each of the downlights drivers.

      Please read this https://aacb.com.au/about-us/members/saa-approval/#:~:text=S....


      • It's missing the requirements as per Amendment 1 of AS/NZS 61347.1:2016 - this is independent of SAA and C-Tick (which is no longer valid either - you must use an RCM logo now).

        You should have received a copy of the gazette from NSW Department of Fair Trading, this requirement has been in effect since July 2020 - the photo of the driver clearly shows the required new marking is missing.

        • https://www.eess.gov.au/rcm/regulatory-compliance-mark-rcm-g...

          Please read this article The Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) (General) is marked on the driver

          • @Lectory LED Lighting: And the driver is still missing the mandatory IC markings as required by Amendment 1 of AS/NZS 61347.1:2016 which came into effect in July 2020. This is NOT related to the RCM and is a NSW state regulation.

            Currently, AS 61347.2.13:2018 in conjuction with AS/NZS 61347.1:2016:A1 is gazetted for LED drivers. In particular, the new requirements in Amendment 1 of AS/NZS 631347.1:2016 has taken effect since July 2020. The A1 contains more onerous marking / instruction / testing requirements with may not be met spontaneously by previously approved LED drivers.

            As part of the continual compliance system, your products must remain compliant regardless of any changes to the scheme. Without the added markings listed in A1, the fittings are deemed non compliant.

            • @bionikal: Any idea if they are fine for Queensland?

              • @Ashmit: Yep, fine for QLD. The new requirements are only for NSW.

            • @bionikal: We have lodged a request through Fair trading NSW, we will post up their reply in regards to whether the downlight is appropriately labelled.

              Thanks again for point it out.

            • @bionikal: Hi, I think you mean the IC-4 Rated mark.


              It is right under the downlight clip, it is usually attached to the end of the power lead next to the plug.

              • @Lectory LED Lighting: No this is a separate requirement from the luminaire IC rating.

                The remote DRIVER must show an IC Marking as per AS/NZS 61347.1:2016:A1. I strongly suggest you read the gazette that was issued by NSW Fair Trading - it outlines the updated driver requirements, which your product doesn't meet.

                NSW Fair Trading takes this issue pretty seriously and deems these products as 'unsafe and non-compliant'.

                • @bionikal: What is the IC mark look like? Im just wants to make sure this product is appropriately labelled.

                  Can you please attach a link for a photo or a picture of that label?

                  We know that you are from a lighting supplier, so we assume that you know what the mandatory IC mark looks like.


                  • @Lectory LED Lighting: Is it certified for Queensland?

                    • @Ashmit: Yes, it is certified in Queensland. We are just trying to find out what is the IC marking Bionikai is referring to.

                  • @Lectory LED Lighting: The IC Mark will depend on the standard that the driver has been tested to - there is 3 possible marks that can be used depending on the test result from the driver. I again suggest you read the AS/NZS 61347.1:2016 +A1 amendment. The images of the required markings are available in that amendment.

                    Once you have read and understood the amendment, you can speak to the manufacturer of the driver and determine what category the driver will fall under, in accordance with the standard. The drivers can then be re-labelled with the correct compliant labels, however you will need to speak with SAA to determine if the label changes will create issues with your SAA certification re: labelling.

                    Until the product has been re-labelled it is unable to be sold in NSW and is deemed a non-compliant product.

                    • @bionikal: Thanks, what would be the 3 possible mark look like? Do you have a sample of the product that has the mark on it?

                      • @Lectory LED Lighting: The mark is clearly shown in the Amendment, which you should read as it has details of other requirements for compliance.

                        You can download a copy of the amendment from - https://www.techstreet.com/standards/as-nzs-61347-1-2016-amd... or from Standards Australia.

                      • @Lectory LED Lighting: I reckon bionikal is talking about these markings:


                        Seem to be standard on all new down lights..

                        • @NinjaChicken: Thanks for sharing the link,

                          Controlgear classified as “IC” shall be marked with the symbol
                          shown in Figure 702.
                          Reproduced with modifications from IEC 60598-1:2014 Ed.8.0.
                          Copyright © 2014 IEC Geneva, Switzerland. www.iec.ch
                          Reproduced with modifications from IEC 61347-1:2015 Ed.3.0.
                          Copyright © 2014 IEC Geneva, Switzerland. www.iec.ch
                          FIGURE 702 REQUIRED SYMBOL FOR IC controlgear

                          The Fiture 702 is correctly labelled on the downlight


                          6.101 Independent controlgear classification
                          Independent controlgear shall be classified as one of the following:
                          a) Do-not-Cover.
                          b) IC.
                          c) Non IC.

                          This is a IC-4 downlight.

                          • @Lectory LED Lighting: Again, please read the amendment. I have even posted a link.

                            The Control gear is NOT the downlight.

                            It is mandatory to have an IC symbol on the control gear / driver.

                            Having the IC-4 rating on the downlight does not meet the criteria required for compliance.

                          • @Lectory LED Lighting: That is the IC-4 Rating for the product.

                            This is NOT the driver. PLEASE READ THE AMENDMENT.

                            IC-4 is not even one of the 3 possible symbols that you can use on the label.

                            I've gone to some pretty great lengths to explain why it is non compliant and even shared the appropriate standard that the product needs to meet - which clearly shows the required compliance marks.

                            This product is non-compliant in New South Wales and can not be sold in New South Wales.

                        • @NinjaChicken: Those are the requirements for the downlight, not the new requirement for driver labelling. It's similar, but the new requirements cover the driver not the downlight portion of the product.

                          • +1

                            @bionikal: Makes sense. Looking at a bunch of downlights and drivers I have sitting next to me there are indeed similar labels on the drivers - interestingly enough the DETA downlights purchased from Bunnings can't have the drivers covered, whereas the Philips Hues can..

                            • +1

                              @NinjaChicken: I wouldn't cover any of the drivers personally. Have a look at the Ta ratings on some of the drivers, most of them exceed the Ta just sitting in an Australian ceiling, let alone covered with insulation.

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