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[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch $299 (Out of Stock), Baseus TWS Bluetooth Wireless Headphones $15 Delivered @ eBay


500 drops each at 10am and 2pm.

Credit to Press Start -

eBay will be selling the Nintendo Switch for $299 to eBay Plus Members. This is $170 off the RRP and whilst we suspect that most of you will have a Nintendo Switch by this point, there’s absolutely no reason to hold off any longer if you’ve been waiting for a good price.

It’ll be available at 10am AEDT an 2pm AEDT (500 each drop) and you’ll be able to find it right HERE. Just as a reminder, you’ll need to be an eBay Plus member. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial HERE.

Nintendo Switch – $299 (500 at 12pm and 500 at 2pm Tuesday)
As far as other deals go, you can find out what else is on offer below:

Tuesday February 23rd:

  • Nintendo Switch – $299 – 10:00am/2:00pm - Link - Coupon Code: 'PLUSNS10'
  • Baseus TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones – $15 (54% off) 10:00am/2pm - Link - Coupon Code: 'PLUSBA10'

Tuesday March 02nd

  • Dyson AM06 Desk Fan – $229 (33% off) – 10am (all eBay shoppers)
  • Kitchen Coulture 12L Air Fryer – $89 (41% off) – 2pm

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      Choice & Swap Celebration gift cards for 5% off ebay :)

    • The 10% OFF Zip last December. Didn’t use it though for fear of OOS.

  • +3

    Bought one, wasn't as hard as previous ebay plus deals.

  • Darn, Missed it, trying to find link, does anyone know if it will be the same link at 2pm?

    • I've never known it to be a different link than previous same day drops.

  • +1

    I'm not sure why people complain about these ebay plus deals .. I've always managed to get the sale item .. Got a Switch today

    • +4

      most likely due to those Airpods $99 deals with only 100 available each drop so all gone in less than a minute. This has 500 so not hard at all.

  • +2

    At $299 the switch was never going to be as aggressively chased as the $99 airpods simply because the resale profit is quite negligible.

    Resellers drove the demand for the airpods, not end users.

    • Spot on if resellers wanted them they are gone in 40 sec's :)

    • +1

      you could sell them for $399

      still $100

      • Most seem to be sub $400 Inc free ship from private sellers on ebay. Time you pay shipping and around $60 in fees to eBay and PayPal it's not worth the risk.

        The metrics on Gumtree will be better.

        • -1

          Still $60

          Doesn’t seem like such a risk

          • @eckers19: $60 in fees, $20 shipping. Leaves you $20!

            • -1

              @ash2000: Just worked it out you end up making $40

              • @eckers19: Actually you are going to make about a Big Mac meal . Haven't you noticed the Mario version cant even sell-out at AMZ for this price :)This wont sell for $399

                • @popsiee: They are bout $420 ish and look really bad

                  Idk guess there will be less scalpers then

                  • @eckers19: Right on better for them getting a PS5 for 10 fold + profit of this :)
                    Obviously the biggest sign of staying up for so long is not a warning sign for amateurs :)

              • +2

                @eckers19: Ok. Still not worth it for most.

            • @ash2000: Not $60 in fees. If you pay more than $0 in fees you're doing it wrong.

  • now to find cheap mario kart somewhere! :D

    • Keep an eye on the classified forum, codes pop up occasionally.

      • What is this classified forum you speak of?

        • Classified ad.

        • +1

          We can't tell you.

          It's classified.

  • +2

    Seemed to last a few minutes this time - unlike the AirPods deals where you have 0.02 seconds to buy :)

  • +1

    This should really make it clear that the upvotes are predominately for the Nintendo Wii

    I just bought the headphones, now regret it!

    • Lol That is so funny you made my day :)

    • The headphones are ok, good for $15.
      They aren't for hifi hobbyists, but are fine if you want cheap wireless.

    • Why do you regret it? Is there a better wireless pair for $15? Also looking for a pair.

      • Soundpeats Trueair2 is really good @ $35.24 when on sale.

    • *Switch

  • +1

    Packed and waiting for AusPost’s collection.

  • Estimated delivery Friday 26 Feb.
    Not bad.

  • Really don't know if I should give this a go or wait for a possible switch pro this year. I would be shattered if I purchased this only for a pro version to come out this year.

    • I'd be really surprised if there wasn't a Pro released for the holiday period this year.

      • Same.. it's 4 years old now and was dated tech when it launched

      • +2

        I’d be surprised if there was a Pro released this year. Why would Nintendo do that?

        The Switch is selling in ridiculous numbers at the same price it launched at nearly 4 years ago. The profit margin for Nintendo on each unit sold would be huge. People have been talking about the “Pro” model since 2018.

        • Why would Nintendo do that?

          To not have the third party releases dry up.

          • @PainToad:

            To not have the third party releases dry up.

            Sorry, who’s buying Nintendo hardware for 3rd parties? Remember the gulf in power between the Wii and PS3/Xbox 360? 3rd party development for Switch isn’t going to dry anytime soon. Most studios are still currently developing games for PS4/Xbox One hardware, and the install base of the Switch is huge to ignore.

      • Still a rumor. I reckon if it happens, the soonest time would be late 2022.

    • But tbh, are you going to wait for the switch pro sale then only buy it? How long you going to wait though?

    • Whenever BOTW2 will come out, so will the pro. Nintendo use Zelda as a system seller

      2017 - OG Switch, BOTW1
      2019 - Switch Lite, Links Awakening remake
      2021? - Switch Pro, BOTW2

      • Good point.

        Twilight Princess came out on GameCube and Wii during the transition.

        BOTW came out on Wii U and Switch during the transition.

        BOTW2 for Switch and Switch Pro/2/Super/whatever during that transition makes sense.

        Think we'll know more by e3.

        • Would be a pattern if it weren't for Skyward Sword in between Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild that was just Wii.

  • +2

    Got one. Not sure why though.

    • Same

  • Got one
    Estimated delivery: By Fri, 26 Feb
    We got your order, and we're processing your payment.
    View order details
    You saved AU $170.00 on this purchase with coupons and vouchers.

  • Welp I caved, $300 is too much of a deal,

  • Got one. My first Switch :)

    Now what games to get and from where - please advise!

    • +1

      Zelda - Breath of the Wild
      Mario Kart 8
      Luigi's mansion
      I'll be finding a deal on 3D mario

      • Perfect list thanks!!

        • Odyssey and botw are must plays for single player. Everything else is niche

      • To add:

        Smash Ultimate
        Paper Mario
        Mario odyssey

        For something very relax and chill:
        Animal Crossing
        Stardew Valley

  • Got one! WOO

  • Got one too, hahaha!

  • It's on.

    • and now its off

      • Lol, surprised how quick that was.

        Was able to get one, but decided I don't need it/don't have any games I want to play in mind, so I let it go.

  • Great got the switch this time

  • Thanks OP.
    Got 1.

    First drop sale that I managed to get something..

  • Got one this time, was unlucky earlier :)

  • got one finally

    • Woohoo… GOT ONE!!

      • Time to retire my Xbox 360 with kinect 😁

        • Replying to your PM (mine's blocked for sending too many PMs LOL)
          I was trying to play online/use matchmaking yesterday but it wouldn't let me do it without the online membership!

  • Lasted only 2 mins this time

  • I think I got one. Thanks OP!

  • Missed out, was too slow, stuck in a meeting. Dammit!

  • Got one. Wasn't so sure the first round, but just had to get it this time after waiting all day 😅

  • +2

    Shittest thing ever. Paypal didn't work for some reason now ebay saying i already redeemed that code…. ebay sucks

  • Ah great, missed out again… This time due to a sudden minor emergency. RIP, probably won't ever see it this cheap again

  • OOS way faster than 1st drop.

  • managed to snag one from the 2pm drop! Thanks OP

  • Got one. thank you @dealbot

    wanting to buy one and was waiting for a good deal.

    continuous refresh from1:45pm on laptop and mobile :)

  • Ok … got one. Now I need to buy these expensive games? Wahhh … Mario Games are pricey.

    • For the entertainment, its money well spent in my mind

  • I missed out because of an error in the app sending me in a loop :)

    • So you saved yourself $299 - win!

  • Finally got one! Thanks OP!

  • Why doesn't my invoice or purchase history show the discounted price I got it for. I know it definitely showed voucher used and redeemed, but just curious. Now for some switch game deals.

    • +1

      Click "More Actions" then "View Order Details". That should give you a breakdown of original cost, discounts and final price.

      • Ah doh lol can you tell I don't buy much on eBay

  • Got one, hit me with games and accessories for 8 and 5 yr old girls please and offers on ozbargain if any would be icing on the cake!

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