Dash Cam Advice

Looking for dash cam front and read recommendations.

Budget less than $300. Preferably with WiFi but not GPS/speed display. Good night vision.

Background: got a very cheap camera $25 from an ozbargain post 2 years ago. Had a car incident recently only to find out that the sd card was damaged and nothing was recorded.

Ate there any cameras that have internal memory in case the SD card fails? Or that at least notifies that the SD card is not recording?

Do the cams with WiFi send it live or via SD card?

Thanks for the advice!


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    I would have a look at Blackvue Dashcams. Good quality Dashcams made in Korea with 2 year warranty. Sometimes, Repco will have 30% weekends.

    Look at the DR750X, currently it is $429 but if you wait for a sale you could get for $300 dollars. You can view footage via Wi-Fi or take out the SD card and watch the footage your laptop/pc.

    • Thanks! Will keep an eye on sales. Seems like a good camera.

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        I have 2 of these now for both of our cars. At $300 it is great

        • Where did you buy them? I've searched and the dual comes at $600. I can wait for offers though.

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          even at $300 on sale , for 1080p (FHD) ….is quite bad especially for just a single camera.

          for only $289 instead you could get a 2K (QHD) front dashcam and 1080p Rear , not just a single camera but 2 camera's. see HERE

  • At that budget, whatever the current Viofo model is. SD cards don't last forever, you need to check them regardless of the camera and no, there's none with internal memory as it'd be the same issue with the memory wearing out but you'd have to replace the cam rather than the card. Wifi is only for downloading from the card, changing settings etc.

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      Do you know if in the viofo A129 you can choose to deactivate the GPS mode and keep the Wi Fi?

      I've searched but couldn't find this information.


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        I don't recall. There used to a model without GPS but it's something most people want so maybe they don't make it any more. You should be able to download the manual from the website and work out all that.

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        You can remove the GPS module for the a129 duo. It comes as a separate item.


        • Thanks!

      • can confirm , i have 2 viofo A129 , one pro and one standard and gps can be deactivated (even if the module is attached) and wifi is activatable.

        • Excellent. Thanks!

  • … but not GPS/speed display.

    Why is that? Its very handy

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      I guess the only reason would be to avoid self-incrimination?

      • I have this on my Viofo A129 and you can disable it. Think the data is still hardcoded into the file though.

      • absolutely , you know it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • I don't understand this. You can always edit out the speed if you really need to use the footage and you were speeding. For the majority of times you aren't (hopefully) speeding, having the speed would protect you from people claiming you were speeding.

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    No GPS/speed display?
    You can normally disable them in settings but really if your trying to hide the fact that you speed, you can still work out speed by distance traveled by viewing your footage anyways

    • That and the car computers likely have an event log from the car's sensors…

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      Well, I don't really speed. Sometimes I may be only 2-3 km higher from the car's speed display although I'm within the limit in my radar app. It shows a bit if a difference.

      Anyway, I dont want 2-3 km written on the video affect me in case there is an incident.

      • You own the footage

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    What kind of SD card did you use? I've heard it's best to use cards with high endurance as your files will be constantly overwritten. I've used the sandisk high endurance for 3 years now and haven't had any problems yet.

    • I agree. Needs to be Samsung Evo, or Sandisk High Endurance/Security). Also, the car may have been a copy?

    • I used the Sand disk but the normal I used to use for my mobile. I guess that I will buy a new one with the new camera.

      Did you take it out and format it during those 3 years?


      • Nope, left it in there most of the time except for occasionally checking footage.

        • Thanks! Will get a high endurance for the new camera.

  • @OP Cherry12
    how often did you check the footage?
    and what kind of sd card did you use?

    (i'd like to avoid that kind of incident myself)

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      Well, I'd never had any incidents so I wasn't checking the card. A year ago I checked footage to show the dealer about a car's failure for them to fix and it was recording well.

      I didn't check the card after that, just would check that the camera was on.

      After the incident happened I checked the card in the computer and theast file was months before unfortunately.

      Was using a normal Sand Disk. Used to be on my mobile before, actually a bit of an old card.

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        Good to know thank you

      • I use this card - Sandisk High Endurance 256GB - $55-$60 on EBAY.

        • Thanks! Will get that one.

  • Or that at least notifies that the SD card is not recording?

    Our newly released BlueSkySea B4K dash cam comes with these audio error notifications, and its rear camera is avaiable also on ebay.com.au

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