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Gerintech Double Powerpoint W 2 USB Ports (2.1a Total, Was $19.99) $13.99 +Del ($0 W Prime/ $39+/1st Order) @ Gerintech Amazon A


Features & details
SAA Certified︱*Certified Number: SAA-90519-EA. Compliance Standards: AS/NZS 3112:2017, AS/NZS 3100:2017 Inc A1, AS/NZS 60950.1:2015.

2 USB Ports︱* Charge your mobile devices without bulky power adaptors. These ports are covered to prevent dust accumulation.

Double Powerpoint︱*This Australian switched dual 3 pin Socket has individual On/Off switches to turn off devices when not in use. It provides a nominal voltage of 250 volts at a maximum of 10 amps.

USB Applications︱*USB socket is suitable for charging most IOS, Android, Windows Phone or tablets.

Product Size︱*118mm(W)72mm(H)35mm(D). Mounting Centre : 84mm.

As always enjoy. Cheers!!

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  • is it easy to change the switch yourself?

    • +4

      Legally you require an electrician.

      • That's not what CDG asked.

      • True, but that does not answer his question, does it?
        And you are assuming CDG is in Australia. He might be in NZ, or almost any other country where that bizarre rule does not apply.

        OK, I know some people are not comfortable with that, just as some peopel are not comfortable violating copyright law by singing Happy Birthday in public.
        But lets be honest, people are not buying a $13 power socket so they can pay a sparkie $200 to install it. All those thousands of people buying light switches at Bunnings? Same deal. The Aussie way of dealing with stupid laws is not to get off our butts and protest, but to simply ignore it.

        Honestly, to me at least, bringing this up sounds the same as telling people that contraception is against cannon law on a condom deal page. (except sex is far more dangerous)

        What bothers me more is having a cheap USB charger hard-wired to the power circuit with no off-switch. Who installs it makes no difference.
        ( And reviews say it is not standard AU size, so a pain to install as a replacement.)

    • +1

      If you have to ask then it's probably better to call a sparkie.

  • +2

    2.1A total on the USB ports is pretty low. That's bad for a single port let along two. Pass.

    • What is the good load? Any good ones you can recommend for a new build?

      Also any UBS C options?

      • There are several at Bunnings from HPM with USB-C but some are approaching $60+ per switch.

  • +1

    usb to slow got similar one few years back it’s painful to watch iphone xs charging

  • +1

    They’ve (other manufacturers) have got PD versions available. [google it]

    • +1

      Yeah 2.1A Total on two standard Type-A USB ports is so out of dated.

  • I heard any build in usb will use power 24/7 even when not charging?

    • Unless it's getting really hot or there's a light or something I don't see how that's possible. Energy has to go somewhere.

      • I don't see how that's possible

        It's wasted as heat. Can't find standby draw on Gerintech, but with certain HPM/Clipsal models it's quoted at 0.07W. Depends on one's interpretation of negligible, but it's not zero idle draw. There are newer ones that specifically states zero idle draw but this Gerintech is not it.

        • Yes, I understand that it can be wasted as heat, hence why I said unless it's getting hot. 0.07W certainly seems negligible to me.
          If it gets actually hot to the touch I imagine it might be somewhat meaningful, but I'd be worried about safety at that point.

          • @NigelTufnel: The question was

            usb will use power 24/7 even when not charging?

            Answer is yes, albeit negligible, instead of "Unless it's getting really hot.. I don't see how that's possible". It does not need to get "really hot". Any powered circuit will consume electricity.

            To put things in perspective, if you have 10 of the HPM/Clipsal power points installed in your home, they will draw a total of 6132W per year doing nothing. Multiply that by your energy rates and see how much it will cost you yearly, or in 5-10 years. It's insignificant to me but others might not feel the same way.

    • If well designed, the standby power will be negligible.

      But even 1W is $20 over 10 years. The standby power is not specified for this.

  • -2

    Is this covered under Australian Standards?

    • +3

      Did you…read…the post?

    • SAA Certified︱*Certified Number: SAA-90519-EA. Compliance Standards: AS/NZS 3112:2017, AS/NZS 3100:2017 Inc A1, AS/NZS 60950.1:2015. at a rough guess.

  • +2

    From previous comments on this product.

    • yes, legally you need an electrician to install
    • screws are bigger than standard C plate, either drill bigger hole and tap it or use different screws
    • USB output is 2.1A total, not each
    • The current comments suggest these are a bitch to install.

  • Anyone know where can get similar but with 2 USB-C ports? doesn't need 2 powerpoints. 1 will do. Really struggling to find one with 2 USB-C though.

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