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[eBay Plus] 1TB Samsung 2.5" 860 EVO SATA 6GB/s SSD $134.10 + $32 Cashback @ Computer Alliance eBay


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1TB, Samsung V-NAND, 2.5". 7mm, SATA III 6GB/s, R/W(Max) 550MB/s/520MB/s, 98K/90K IOPS, 600TBW, 5 Years Warranty

Warranty: 5 Year Australian Warranty & Support

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  • damn, i pull my trigger too early on other deal

  • Why don’t you use PLUSAY12 to get it to $131.12, making it under $99 after CB? eBay gift cards for extra 5% off. Could even post it as a new better deal…

    • Is cashback valid with ebay coupon?

      • +3

        Is cashback valid with ebay coupon?

        Samsung don't care, just need invoice.

        Why don’t you use PLUSAY12

        I think now can't 100% pay by gift card and some don't want afterpay.

  • PLUSET10 Not working
    PLUSAY12 have to be member?

    I thought if you buy from ebay Samsung cashback does not work??

    • If CA is listed on cashback then it will work. They will give invoice under CA.

      Both codes need you to be eBay plus.

  • Why is PLUSET10 Not working ??

    Kingston A2000 is 4x faster in R/W?? $140 but if I can get this 50% cheaper is it really worth it?

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/606139

      Only [eBay Plus] 10% off All Items Under 'eBay Deals' @ eBay

      Also that is M.2

    • Sequential read/write isn't something most people can benefit consistently. If you compress/decompress files a lot, you might feel that difference. You really need to have heavy I/O usage to feel the difference. When you look at OS loading, app loading, game loading, the difference is minimal. That said, if you have a spare m.2 NVMe slot, you need to decide whether you want to spend the extra.

      It really depends on your usage pattern. These cashbacks are generally when most OZBers buy Samsung SSDs. However, Samsung cashback team do take their time to send the payment. They generally approve it reasonably quickly, but the payment, they are allowed up to 60 days and from past experience, they do take close to the maximum days allowed as specified in the T&C.

      • Got the AC valhalla redemption and that was quite nice. Played over 100 hrs.

    • Samsung has a better reputation than Kingston, not that Kingston is that bad…

  • Wouldn't you just use this deal and pay with gift cards for those without afterpay?

  • this code cant be applied to your order?

  • Not working for me either. God I hate eBay so much, renew my eBay Plus membership, can't use the $50 voucher the same time as a code and the code doesn't work now.

  • $102 1TB Samsung SSD… Hell, I thought this deal would have 100+ upvotes in no time! Is this the cheapest it's ever been?

    • I don't even know what to do with them anymore. Put an SSD in my xbox one, but that thing is so old it probably wasn't worth it to do so.

      • I've put one in my Xbox one X, but ended up buying a Series X anyway.

  • OoS

  • Dang missed out, fair price

  • +1

    back in stock

  • +1

    Still in stock. Afterpay with PAPY10 or PLUSAY12 (plus member) works

  • Used PLUSBR10 for it to work

  • If I want a portable SSD, is it a good idea to buy this one and then use a casing?

    • make sure you get a USB 3.0 and above case

      • This internal SSD comes down to $102 after the cashback. The T5 is $149.

    • By the time you bugger around with the casing and the cost of that, It might just be easier to get a 1tb Samsung T5. T5 1tb is $139 from MSY and Scorptec, then price beat this at Officeworks it's $132. Also to keep in mind, the T5 uses an mSATA 850 Evo or (most likely) 860 Evo SSD inside anyways.

      • Yup i might wait for a good deal on the t5.

    • You can get a cheap USB 3 case, but there is a bit of chipset lottery. You generally want a chipset that supports TRIM over USB.
      I wouldn't normally use this SSD on a USB 3 case (the SSD is too good for USB 3.0/3.1 gen 1).

      USB 3.1 gen 2 cases… cost too much and hard to find for SATA.

  • is this better or this?
    [eBay Plus] 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 PCIe SSD $179.10 ($162.10 after Samsung Cashback) Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay

    • One is sata, one is M.2.

    • Difference interface.

  • Got one with PLUSAY12 and Afterpay

  • back in stock! was really hoping to use the $50 new ebay plus voucher but as it doesn't stack with the voucher codes (grr) just used PAPY10 and 5% off Choice GC from CR. If it helps anyone, there is a particular order the GC / PAPY10 code has to be added in so if you get the error message first time try reversing the order you add the gift card / PAPY10 codes in.

  • Do we automatically get an invoice, or do we need to request this in ebay?

    • +1

      CA normally have the invoice in the package.

    • You can download invoice PDFs from the CA website. Do a password reset for the same email you used to buy on eBay, you should find they've created an account for you.

      (if there's nothing there yet, check again after it ships)

      • Thanks, I'll try that.
        I get

        Unable to reset password, please check that you have entered your correct user name or the email address used to register on this site. Otherwise please phone or email us for assistance.

        Tracking says I should get it today, so I'll see if it's included.

        • +1

          Hmm, maybe they don't do that any more. When I reset mine I found an order via eBay from a while back (though nothing for this order, just assumed it hadn't been processed yet)

          Anyway as said above they do normally include a paper copy with the order.

          (edit: just saw below you already have your order :)

      • On the invoice I see an account name, but I can't reset the password (tried entering my email and also the account name on the invoice).
        Anyway, I have the paper invoice, which should be sufficient for the claim.

        • Just noticed they included a copy of the invoice in eBay messages with the tracking number (no serial numbers though so guess I still need to wait for the package to arrive before putting in a claim. Not so bad, forgot these guys use Startrack Express and gets here quickly)

    • +1

      A printed invoice ships with the order.

      We have also started to attach a copy as a JPG to a eBay message along with the shipping information. That now is going out with all orders - JPG is not ideal, but eBay don't allow for a PDF attachment.

      Note the serial number you need is off the physical drive, not the one on the box which is the SN we record. The drive SN has an extra digit.

      As for access to previous invoices via the CA website — still possible for accounts created earlier last year but not so easy for new accounts when created via an eBay purchase. eBay no longer supply sellers your email address.

      • Thanks.
        I can confirm the printed invoice was in the shipment :-)

  • Is it possible to take the Ebay Plus trial, order this and cancel straight away?

    • +1
      • Thanks, I knew it can’t be this easy, I guess I will just have to wait for a non-sub deal.

    • T&Cs for the PLUSBR10 code can be found here.

      I don't see anything excluding trial members.

      The issue linked by OP is about the user not being able to get a refund because they can't stack codes.
      As a trial user you won't have the $50 voucher anyway, so don't see any reason why you can't use the PLUSBR10 code on it's own during the trial.

  • I'm having trouble with registering for the cashback, S/N is 14 digits iso 15

    Please input the 15 character number and refer to the Help Icon for more information.

    • +1

      Using the serial number written on the back of the SSD itself (not the number on the box)?
      I just submitted my cashback request an hour ago with no dramas.

      • I see now that the SN on the box has 15 characters. I continued the claim with 14 characters and 0 appended.
        It's not possible to update the claim, and when I try to create a new one I get:


        It's possible they only look at the first 14 characters, but I sent them an email anyway.

        • and 0 appended

          So the actual last number not zero by works?

          • @superforever: I submitted with 0 added, that was accepted (but was not the actual character on the SSD, which I only saw after opening it).

            You can't update serial itself after submitting (you can update the picture).
            Submitting new claim with the actual last character doesn't work anymore for me.

    • Just got an email, after providing the picture of the back of the SSD, that the claim has been approved.

      Please allow for up to 60 days for the cashback to reach your account.

  • Hi, I have a Gigabyte Aero 15 (i7-7700HQ), and I was thinking of doing some upgrades in terms of storage (and also do a fresh install of windows).
    I note that the current hard drive is a Samsung SM961 MZVKW512HMJP.
    I just wanted to check that if I get a Samsung 860 EVO, would that be okay?
    Which one should be the main boot/OS drive? The current Samsung SM961? Or the new Samsung 860?
    Main use of computer is just internet games and browsing, but occasionally photoshop and small blender renders.
    Still debating between the 970 and 860

    • +1

      Samsung SM961 is PCI, this is SATA

      • Ah thanks for clarifying, from what I've read now PCI is better than SATA so I guess the PCI is better off being the OS drive.
        Is a Samsung 970 better than my current hard drive?

        • +1

          If you current one is OK I will leave it, I don't think you will feel that much difference unless you want more storage.