What's The Cheapest Way to Get More OneDrive Storage

I've been using OneDrive as my cloud storage option. Got 30Gb which has been sufficient till now.

Over the past year, I've been using my phone more for photos and videos and my OneDrive storage is near full. I need the cloud back ups and I also use OneDrive to retrieve photos/videos off my phone.

I'm thinking of just getting an Office 365 sub… maybe the family one so my partner gets cloud storage too.

Just wondering if this is the cheapest way to get more storage?

(espeically if picking up Office 365 subscription during a sale from Bing Lee etc)

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  • You can buy additional OneDrive storage but it works out to be around $3 per month.
    Instead, I purchased an Office 365 family sub recently using the method posted here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/586683 which gives you 1TB per account for roughly $5.42 per month.

    Alternatively, you might be able to pick up a discounted subscription through saveonit.com.au for under $100.

    • This ^^ $3 month is the cheapest I've come across over the past few years.

      There are some bonuses here and there, eg. I had Office 365 and cancelled it - during cancel they offered 3 months free if I kept it on which I did. I've bought codes off ebay for 2 years although not available for sale anymore (they were bonus codes that individuals had and were selling).

  • Option 1: Buy a office 365 family subscription and share within your family. You can have upto 5 people with individual 1 x TB storage + access to all office apps.

    Option 2: Search OZB forums, people here share their family subscription for $15-18 per year which will get you the storage and all office apps.

  • Left field option if its for photos/ videos only:
    Buy second hand google pixel OG (`around 50-100 on marketplace) - unlimited photo/ video backup to your google account.

    • Buy second hand google pixel OG (`around 50-100 on marketplace) - unlimited photo/ video backup to your google account.

      Not any more, its being removed etc shortly.

      • Other models yes I.e from pixel 2 onwards, but OG pixel still unlimited lifetime

  • +1

    Hey Mugsy,

    Getting a cheap subscription when Bing Lee has a sale I reckon is just about the cheapest way to get both Office 365 and 1Tb of storage in OneDrive for you and 5 family/members or friends, specially if you all split the cost.

    And, as someone has said on here, people often offer "slots" in their own subscription for reasonable rates.

    I have one slot available, and if you send me a private message, I'll give you the most reasonable rate you've ever seen! :D

  • What about Google Drive 100GB for $25 a year, you can share that among the family members as well

  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

    Got a bit of thinking to do now since there's a few ways I can take this. My options seem to be:

    .1. Jump onto MS 365 Family for $129/yr now. This gets me an extra 1Tb plus Office 365 going forward. Renew using discount subscriptions from Bing Lee etc

    Pros: Gets me onto a longterm viable cloud storage solution as well as longterm Office solution now and also gets my family/partner the service too.
    Cons: High initial cost. Binds me to continuing the service going forward if my partner and parents are using the service too.

    .2. Sign up to $3/mth to expand my storage by 100Gb. Expand to the Family plan when that is on sale.

    Pros: Lower initial outlay but eventually results in MS 365 Family. Eventually gets me the latest version of Office… useful when Office 2016 gets a bit old.
    Cons: Only gets me extra storage for now. My parents don't really need cloud storage urgently but my partner could do with it. She takes lots of photos and videos. Binds me to continuing the service going forward if my partner and parents are using the service too.

    .3. Assuming disabling Camera Roll back up in OneDrive does not lose me half of my current storage (I signed up when it was 15Gb free OneDrive storage + 15Gb additional Camera Roll bonus), disable the camera roll back up in OneDrive and switch to Google Drive… probably the 200Gb option for both my partner and I.

    Pros: Cheaper ongoing costs at only ~$44/yr. Only impacts on my partner and I if I discontinue the service.
    Cons: May not be enough storage to last us in the long run. Won't get my parents cloud storage (though, the free 15Gb Google Drive storage might be all they need). Requirement for me to move my entire camera roll to Google Drive in order to free up OneDrive for document storage.

    .4. Clean out my OneDrive Camera Roll.

    Pros: No ongoing costs for additional cloud storage.
    Cons: Won't have access to all my photos and videos when mobile. Require me to provide reliable local storage.

    Decisions, decisions!

    EDIT: Just so everyone has an idea of my usage, since getting our pug puppy 2.5 weeks ago, I've added 7.4Gb onto my camera roll. At this rate, 1Tb will last me just over 6yrs but it's not likely that my usage will continue once the pug gets older (maybe).

  • OK, I think I've made up my mind…

    • for myself… I'll sign up to the $3/mth option for the short term just to keep my back ups to the cloud going. I'll keep an eye out for MS 365 Family to be discounted to the $90 mark but also give cleaning up my OneDrive account a go. I'm sure there's a lot of unneeded stuff on there. I have Office 2016 so am not in a hurry for MS 365 to use office apps. Might chat to my bro to see if he needs more cloud storage. Might make getting MS 365 Family more viable now.
    • partner… will just wait for me to get a MS 365 Family subscription. Short term wise, she's in no hurry but long term she'll need something to upload her photos to.
    • parents… I originally put Dad onto OneDrive without realising that they scaled the free 15Gb base storage down to 5Gb and got rid of the Camera Roll bonus a few years back. Next time I have his phone to tinker with, I'm gonna set up Google Drive for them and turn on camera roll. They'll have 15Gb each worth of free storage to back up photos then. I have access to their Google accounts… they've used none of their Google Drive storage lately. This way, they won't be bound to my decisions around OneDrive.
    • $90 mark

      Is that 90 per year?

      • Yep

        • thanks
          im stingy so im looking for a non subscription base.
          Google pixel OG still the best option. More info here (will be better for your parents) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/581366#comment-9622094

          • @mmd: I've been skeptical about that. Lifetime unlimited uploads is attached to the phone and not the user right? If so, the phone will only last at most 5yrs before getting severely outdated and requiring a replacement.

    • You might be able to get it for $64 (50% off) from the recent Win 10 20H2 update promo. I managed to get it yesterday, what you're looking for is this screen which shows up during a wizard: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/586683

      For me I had skipped the wizard when it first popped up (it asks you to set some Internet Explorer settings and other crap) but managed to continue the wizard from the settings.

      • Cheers. That was posted above too but on my first read of it, I thought I the opportunity had passed me by. Then I looked at my Windows Update and I haven't applied that update yet!

        I think I'll jump on it and hope that this deal holds true:


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