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Hyundai Inverter Split System Air Conditioner 7.5kW $799, 8.4kW $999 + Shipping @ Kogan


So cheap, just half the cost of other Japanese brands.

Sorry i should say less than half cost of …..

also comes with 5 Year Hyundai Warranty.


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  • Wow. These are tempting!

  • Anyone even had experience with these units? They seem very cheap

    • their TV brand is great as well… if anyone ever tries it… well at least far far farrrr better than kogan tv

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      I purchased 7.3 kw in 2020 Jan around $808 with free delivery from Kogan. both indoor and outdoor unit are relatively 15-20% larger and heavier than known brands. The internal electric cable connections are a bit unusual but it is not a problem for electrician. Overall the performance are ok. not noisy at all. Outdoor unit sits on concrete slab. The remote is grey / black with red button which is a bit “unusual” while most remote are white colour. For this cost I recommend if you in tight budget.

  • woooo, what's a bargain!

  • “half the cost of other Japanese brands”

    Just FYI Hyundai is Korean

  • Don't Hyundais come with air conditioning/climate control these days?

  • Choice has no reviews, but the overeseas mouthshut site has some pretty low ratings for Hyundai Air con.


  • cheap for a reason, surely

  • Repairs will be difficult with a non popular brand in Aus

  • For those who want to compare the long term cost of this vs various other air conditioners: https://www.energyrating.gov.au/calculator

    • You'd be surprised by the Korean quality over Jap. They have come a freaking long way

      • Seen a Daewoo left on the road?

        • In the 50s and 60s jap quality was atrocious. they have come a long way since then and are now seen as high quality items.

          i think what Dezeption is saying Hyundai have come a long way since the cheap and cheerful excel days. Yes Korean brands are not quite up there, however have a look at any new Genesis, Kia or Hyundai and they really are a pretty solid car. Not quite on par with German or Jap but a lot better than many other parts of the world including (debatable) Australian cars.

          But a side note, buying this Aircon and trying to have it serviced or repaired would be a nightmare. buy it as a disposable item only and i wouldn't expect it to last.

          • @paulpavs: People forget that up until 4-5 years ago, Nissan sold the tiida and pulsar, pure trash cars. They were both sold in SEA and India, never up to Australian standard and 10 years dated but still high end costing over 30k

            • @nephilim: The Tiida really was shit. A lady I know had one as a work car and it pretty much sat in the driveway until it was eventually swapped out for a Camry.

            • @nephilim: They aren't a totally Japanese car company though like Toyota.
              It was all downhill since they ran into financial problems and became part of the Renault group and the leadership of the group was not only incompetent but completely corrupt.

      • Worth a look if you are interested in these sorts of things.

    • Cant say anything about hyundai aircon units. But before your say that toyota is better than hyundai, own one first. Ive owned Toyota (camry) and 2 hyundai (santa fe, kona). Reliability for both hyundai cars have been amazing and I've never had any issues (except for the odd recall, which happens with all manufacturers).

      From memory hyundai have come with 5yr unlimited warranty (some 7yrs), yet Toyota have only recently started to give 5yr warranty. Hyundai top management, design teams and engineers have also been poached from brands like Audi, BMW, vw, etc. Thats why, unlike back in the excel era, their build quality is up their with the jap brands and you get value for money, because their entry andnmid range models usually come fully optioned.

  • just to save time - there have been a similar post and lots of “interesting” i.e spicy 🌶 comments

    • worker on 28/12/2019 - 12:13

      I tell ya what, I’ll do a YouTube vidya for y’all once it’s installed and working. ( or not working ) I’ll do an honest review compared to my Mitsubishi 5kw in the other room.

      worker on 08/01/2020 - 12:18

      Just received the unit today, so far so good nothing on it looks out of place or cheapish.
      Only give away is that is says “imported/distributed by Kogan Aust” and licensed by “Hyundai Corporation Holdings Korea”

      Let you know how we go with install next week.

      Seems worker got blown away.

      • Been working great haven’t had any issues with it

      • If it is imported by Kogan, then it may not have the Hyundai warranty of 5 years. If there is a 5 year warranty then it is likely only to be by Kogan.

        I notice no one has mentioned the energy efficiency. If the energy efficiency is not as good as a more expensive unit, then it may not be a bargain. It would depend on how much you use it each year. If you are a heavy user, then higher energy efficiency can make a real difference.

        While it is in the Federal Government energy efficiency website, it doesn't actually have an energy star rating. Not sure how that is allowed to happen.

  • Do these require dedicated power line?
    I have standard 10A power socket next to the unit.

    • a good installer will always run cabling back to the powerboard

    • Yes and no.
      Being inverter units, you could get away with it if necessary. Nominal current rating is less than 10A.

      But normal practise for such large units is to provide a dedicated circuit to the fusebox, if possible. And the compressor connects to an outdoor isolator switch.
      So you'll still want an electrician.

      Aircons can draw a lot of startup current, which can cause a voltage dip which may be bad for some appliances sharing the circuit. However, that is mostly an outdated fear.

  • These are rebadged TCL air conditioners - it has not much to do with Hyundai, Kogan just licensed the brand.

    • FYI TCL is a Chinese brand.

      • The Kogan units are OEMed by Midea / GMCC while the Hyundai branded units are OEMed by TCL - both are imported and distributed by Kogan.

        TCL is also the OEM for Euromatic (split system), AKAI and Stirling.
        Midea / GMCC is the OEM for Carrier and Kelvinator.

    • I heard the same with Hitachi T.V. Sets. Absolute garbage from China using Hitachi brand under license.

    • Thanks, came looking for this info. TCL are at least reputable in other areas. Good to know!

      • Are they? Their TV are pretty average and wouldn't buy a TCL fridge.

        • They aren't a fly by night operator, and have been a major CE manufacturer for a number of years. TVs are some of the best value in their range. I'd trust them over many other unknown operators, but as it isn't badged by them warranty and service is more important from Kogan than the manufacturer of the product in my view.

  • Don't be fooled. Hyundai doesn't make the aircon. Not even at Korea.

  • What's the cost to install one of these downstairs on a 2 story home?

    Approx cost will suffice? Say the 8.4kw

    • $800+ at a minimum. They scale the price due to system size and install difficulties. A simple b2b at this size is starting around $800

    • Shop around. Don't be one of those ppl who get ripped off and pay $800each for a back to back unit. Size doesn't matter also. Besides the size/weight of the outdoor and slight size difference with the I door unit the install process if exactly the same. I got 2 units installed recently for $750.

  • Granted these are Chinese units, but TBH if you install them properly there's no reason they won't run flawlessly for years to come. I DIY'd two no-name Chinese split-systems a few years ago, and they haven't missed a beat. Next door got their Mitsubishi's "professionally" installed around the same time, and have had no end of problems.

    • That may have nothing to do with the air con. It very well might just be a dodgy install.

    • You are talking total BS mate. First you are saying that you DIY installed 2 unit yourself? Unless you are a sparky, that's illegal in Australia.

      As for brands, it does matter which brands you have. Ive got 2 Samsung's, 1 Fujitsu and 2 MHI aircons at my house. All installed by the same installer over the years. Both Fuji and MHI units have never had issues, where as I've have constant issues with my samsung units. So yes brand does matter, specially for after sale support.

      • It's not rocket science. Also, it's a refrigeration license that is primarily required, not an electrician. Perhaps that's why you've had so many problems? Why would you trust a "sparky" with only a 60% success rate? 🤣

        • When did I say that i had a sparky install my units?

          The warranty repairs were related to a leak in the indoor unit, as well as the circuit board on the outdoor units. Which had nothing to do with the installation process.

          It may not be rocket scient to install it, but still illegal to DIY, just like other DIY electrical installs.

          • @BlitzR: Funny thing is you should see the legal and licensed work some sparkys and plumbers do now days. It's freaking atrocious. There fb pages where you can admire this work that I've seen DIY do better and upto code

          • @BlitzR: You said that only a "sparky" could legally install an AC in Australia, so either you were saying a "sparky" installed your 5 units, or you were saying that you had them illegally installed. Which was it?

    • Agree. I booted a licensed AC installer from my place when I caught him doing a dodgy. I have since done my own installs from 2.5KW to a 10KW MHI system at home. I have the tools, the know how and take more care in doing the job correctly. I do the fridge & electrical work and then get my sparky to do the final inspection and termination. Saved me plenty over the years and have also done the same for family. Job is not hard but you need a level of expertice and the correct tools & knowledge are essential for longevity of the system.

  • Fantastic unit can’t fault it. Kept our house cool for 2 summers now. We are in central QLD so have run it day and night over the summer months


  • My grandma had a Gree split unit installed back to 1993. Surprisingly it is still working fine. I don't mind having a Gree system installed in Melbourne.

  • Not sure if Hyundai is good after Tiger Woods flipped his car.