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Xiaomi Aqara Smart Window Door Sensor 2 Pack US$17.49 (~A$22.20) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


Back by popular request is this Aqara Window and Door Sensor. As usual we have made priority shipping to Australia free and will be selected automatically at checkout.

It comes in a pack of 2 and is designed to detect when a door or window has been opened. Like the other sensors it needs a Zigbee hub and is compatible with many including including Aqara, Xiaomi, SmartThings, Conbee and more. It also supports Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

Examples of its uses is triggering an Aqara hub alarm or push notifications to your phone when a door or window is opened, having the lights turn on when you open a door or having the Xiaomi air purifier turn on when a window is closed etc.

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  • +1

    any good deal for ZIGbee Aqara hub?

  • +6

    These are honestly one of the best pieces of ZigBee equipment I've used, very small, extremely good battery life and very responsive..

    I feel like replacing all my Smartthings d/w sensors with these..

    Edit: One of mine was installed Jan 2020 and it still says 97% battery (2.985v) ..this door is opened dozens of times a day..

    • Does it detect vibration and temperature like the SmartThings ones?

      • No doesn't look like it

      • There are separate vibration and temperature sensors.

      • What would be the use case for vibration and temperature detection?

        • +1

          Some people like to know what the temperature is at a location in their house. Vibration, though, can alert you if someone tries to break through or smashes the glass, for example, even if the door is closed i.e. the situation where Aqara sensor would not trip.

        • It comes at no extra parts cost, as acceleration and temperature are in the same chip mas the hall-effect sensor.

          My gate sensor tells outdoor temperature, and vibration will turn on the lights.
          Knocking on the front door, or moving it, turns on the entry lights.

          You could put one in the fridge, and alarm if it gets too warm, or the door is left open.

        • +1

          I use the SmartThings multi-purpose sensors which have open/close, vibration and temperature.

          I use vibration on the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher to get notifications that they are finished by Alexa announcement and flashing a few lamps around the house. I also have them on a few mouse traps to get notified when they go off.

          I also have them on all doors so the sensors does triple duty. You get a knock sensor to know when someone knocks at the door, you get an open/close as a security device and get an alert if i go out or go to sleep and leave a door open, plus if it's too hot or cold or you turn the aircon on and the door is left open you get notified.

          There's so much you can do with vibration sensors.

          • @LowRange: I now know who to hire for this :)

            • @Trishool: It's fairly simple, im not the sharpest tool in the shed i just started out with one Alexa, then one light bulb and gradually added things over a few years and learned as i went along.

              All this smart home automation stuff seems daunting at first, but after a while it all starts to make sense.

              • @LowRange: Yeah totally get that. My intention is to do the same, just start small to get my head around it, with a light bulb or something else, and then build from there. I just wish this home automation stuff wasn't so damn difficult (or at least when I read other peoples comments on it, it comes across as very involved and time consuming).

  • nice

    still using the smaller aqara magnetic pill-shaped ones.

    Also recently switched to CC2531 hub for Home Assistant but have the new Sonoff bridge on the way

    • Careful flashing the Sonoff bridge, I tried to jam the jumpers in without much care and bricked mine.

      • thanks for the heads up.

        did the flashing process brick it or jamming the jumpers damage the connection

        • The jumpers, other people reported the same problem. I managed to flash it no problems but the zigbee chip didn't respond afterwards.

    • Any reason for the sonoff since you already have the CC? Just curious as to advantages

      • Can connect via wifi, doesn't have to be plugged in via USB so I can place it in middle of the house

        cc2351 was cheap enough to try out and experiment with MQTT to make sure all my devices would work.

        • Thanks. Wasn't aware it was wifi. Using a husbzb1 myself, but have no use for the z-wave. Can the sonoff be integrated using ZHA, or is it mqtt only?

  • Are these squarer ones older or newer than the pill shaped model?

    • +1

      If they're not Aqara branded then they'd be the older ones.

  • FIXED PRICE Coupon: AU$ 25.68

    • +3

      Exchange rate on the website is out of whack and if you let PayPal do the conversion for you it'll also be out of whack. Hence why I say…

      AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

      The trick to buying overseas on OzBargain is using a card without currency conversion fees in PayPal and paying in USD. Then you will get closer to the actual exchange rate.

  • Hmm, need to replace my entire current sensor array (failing Wyze contact sensors). Not sure if I should pull the trigger on this with the 10-pack or wait :(

  • +3

    Now to get me some windows and doors

  • How'd you get $22, showing AU$33.75 for me

    EDIT: coupon, don't worry about me… Is anyone experiencing the site crashing when trying to set shipping address?

    EDIT 2: had to use desktop, crashed in multiple browsers in mobile

  • +1

    what can I use this for? why do I care if my windows are open? :)

    • +1

      You can use it for automation

      I have it on a linen closet to turn on a down light

      • You have a special light for your winter doonahs?

        • It's like a hallway, there are 2 downlights on the single switch

          The other is controlled by motion detector so switch has to stay on.

    • +2

      Stick it on your fridge/freezer door, so it can alert if you (or more likely, the children) leave it open.
      Also provides cheap notification reminder to close the garage door, without shelling out for a dedicated garage door opener.

    • +1

      I use it for automation too, it turn on all the entrance lights inside the house each time it’s Open and turn off lights 1 min after it’s closed!

    • I've got one on my keys.

      If I get home and the keys aren't returned within 30 minutes, I get an alert.
      If I take my keys (it will soon) remind me of things to buy while I'm out.

      I've got one on my dumb AC.

      An IR blaster turns on the unit, but for one reason or another it might fail.
      Sticking one half on the blade and another on the body means that it can't be "turned on" twice (resulting in it being off).

      Another nice one is to stick it on the underside of an office chair.
      There is a little "give" which can make contact when you are seated.

      That could turn on your PC, or set your status to DND at home, or remind you to walk around.

  • Will you be getting the Aqara Zigbee humidity sensors?

  • Is this compatible with Mi Smart hub? I got the kit from this deal. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/598124

    • Yep it works with the Xiaomi gateway. Sometimes if it doesn't pair you need to choose in the device list the Xiaomi equivalent, e.g. Xiaomi Window/Door Sensor.

      • Thanks op!

      • Does it work with the Samsung smart things hub?

  • Does it need gateway to work/sync with homekit or can it work on its own?

    • +1

      You'd need a Zigbee hub for it to work with HomeKit.

  • Has anyone used this with the Echo Show or Echo Plus inbuilt zigbee hub?

    • Tried with both, didn’t work - you need a hub.

  • Does this work with V1 gateway bought in 2015?

    • Yep shouldn't be an issue. You might have to select the Xiaomi Window/Door sensor instead of the Aqara Window/Door sensor when pairing.

  • Do these get detected by an Amazon Alexa hub?

  • I got the hub and the water sensor but they don't won't together. You can pair it manually and it technically works but you can't see it as a child paired device as it is permanently offline.

    Hope Home Assistant can help.

    • Yeah, use a CC2531 or get the sonoff bridge. Plenty of youtube videos on it

  • Just a heads up for anyone planning to use these with Smartthings repeaters, not compatible unfortunately.

  • +1

    Anyone direct me to a starter kit with everything I need. I would like to use these

  • Any codes for the 10 pack OP? If I’m going to do this (up the security), I want to do it properly. Also, where can I find a good price on said hub?

  • Do these also work on windows left ajar, to detect movement, or does the starting point need to be with both sides of the sensors closely aligned?

    • Yes, it will trigger an event when the sensors are displaced e.g. door/window opened and then again when the sensors are realigned i.e. door/window closed.

      • Thanks. What if the sensors are aligned in a closed position but you leave your sliding window ajar (10cm gap) for ventilation one evening. If the window is opened further (to 30cm), will it pick up on that as well?

        • These don't have vibration sensing or anything like that. Simple open/closed, and the maximum distance for it to remain closed is about 10mm.

          So no, whether it's opened 10cm or 30 cm, it will already show as open and wont know you've opened it further..

  • I keep getting the error 'This coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times.'

    • Same - can’t use the coupon. Oh well.

  • Any deals on Motion Sensors?

  • I have missed the deal :(

  • For the record, not criticism, compared to Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors, these Aqara ones do not support temperature, vibration nor "tilt" sensing. They literally are contact sensing only i.e. open/closed. I find vibration sensing a very useful feature because even if doors/windows are closed, Samsung sensor can detect if someone smashes the glass or tries to break in by breaking through doors. Having said that, for their intended purpose Aqara works reliably with my SmartThings hub and I am currently also trying to automate them using Webcore, which looks promising.

    • I never considered temperature. So it detects a sudden change in temperature when a door or window opens? Smart.

      • I don't think that temperature detection is instantaneous with these types of sensors. I believe it is mostly there for ambient temperature measurement, so it needs a bit of time to adjust (never tested how quickly it adjusts to temperature changes, but I believe it would be minutes rather than milliseconds). So in case of external doors, since the usual sensor positioning is on the inside side of the door and since for most people the doors are usually closed, the sensor will tell you ambient temperature in the house. In our case, during warmer weather, we tend to keep the front door mostly open (ajar) - so we get some sort of hybrid of outside and inside temperature. If you position the sensor on the fridge door for example (use case: detect fridge door being left open too long), you would probably get a more accurate ambient temperature reading inside of the house. I think it is fair to say the temperature measurement is not the primary purpose of the Samsung Multipurpose sensor, more of a nice to have.

        • +2

          I prefer Xiaomi/Aqara's implementation of seperating the temperature sensor. A hot/cold external door is not an accurate representation of your room temp. These temp sensors are tiny and just as cheap. You can place them in the middle of the room to get a more accurate reading. They do temp/humidity/pressure readings and the battery easily lasts 2 if not more years. I have a few scattered around the house, and 1 under the patio as an outdoor temp sensor. I also have 2 in the fridge/freezer so if the temp rises above threshold I know someone left the fridge/freezer door ajar.

          • @m9: Thanks, agree that having separate temp sensors, if temperature sensing is important, is better in a separate sensor since it provides more flexibility. That part about leaving the sensor in the fridge or freezer is quite a useful tip.

  • Curses! I was just thinking about adding 2 of these to my home last week.

  • OP, I'm late for the deal… Appreciate if you could add a few more units to work with the discount code… 🙂

  • +1

    Sorry can't get an extension at this time currently. Happy to hear suggestions on others however.

    • +2

      Motion i.e. Aqara Body sensors, please!

  • Anyone had theirs ship yet?

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