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TP-Link KC120 Kasa Cam $50 + Delivery @ Harris Technology


I was looking for a security camera and stumbled across this really good deal from Harris Technology, bought a few! There is a delivery of $15 to Sydney metro when I ordered it.

Officeworks $168

Amazon $87

Such a great deal!

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Harris Technology
Harris Technology

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  • What is the difference between these and the Tapo equivalents? Why do they have two lines of identical smart cameras. My search has led me to no clear conclusion on which to go with long term

    • “The Tapo has a 1/3.2” sensor with 1080p Full HD and 130 degrees view while the Kasa K100 uses 1/2.7” but also 1080P and 120 degrees. The Kasa has audio detection as well as motion detection. Both have two-way audio and activity zones.”

    • Kasa was started by a TP-Link America subsidiary and Tapo is the result of TP-Link making an acquisition of a startup in Europe. Two different ecosystems with no plans of merging either unfortunately that really fragments their ecosystem. One or the other basically if you want to use a single app.

      • Ah thank you! So weird they aren’t merging them or differentiating them. One isn’t more premium over the other I guess? Not what I expected!Guess I’ll make my choice soon enough! Ty

  • Bought 3. Thanks OP.

    • Actually?

      • Virtually.

        • Could not get it! Received this today on e-mail.

          Hi ——,

          Thank you for your recent order with Harris Technology.

          Unfortunately, we are unable to provide TP-Link KC120 Kasa Cam 1080p Full-HD Indoor Security Camera as it is now Out of Stock, End Of Life, and discontinued by the manufacturer.

          Please advise whether you would like to alter your order to a comparable item, or if you would instead prefer to cancel this item from the order.

          We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

          We look forward to hearing from you soon.

          Kind Regards,

          Has anyone else had received something similar?

  • I was eyeing for Reolink pan and tilt cameras on sale. Hey I might give this a try. Does anyone thinks OW will price match?

  • I think for $7 more delivered by Amazon you can get tapo c200, here


    • You think Tapo c200 is better than Reolink E1 pan/tilt cameras? Reolink got 3 different models. 3MP, 4MP and 5MP

      • I think Reolink E1 is quite similar to Tapo C200. There are some functions Reolink E1 is better than C200 (such as resolution and slightly better night vision), and vice versa (such as larger and better sensor, support http/s).

        It depends on your needs. I think they are both great.

    • $55 @Centercom, free shipping on orders of $79. So you can get 2 for $110 del

    • $59ea at MSY for easy local pickup

  • This style of this CAM looks great. Its light, highly adjustable, has magnetic base which can be great for sticking to things. ALSO easy to attach a small 2000mAh powerbank to which should keep it running for several hours if short periods of observations are required in places with no easy power access.

    • Ah I love the idea of using it with a powerbank as a mobile camera solution, will it a go.

      Yep ditto on the magnetic base, it is very easy to setup, and looks unintrusive too.

  • I have two C200s and one of these. There is no comparison for me, the KC120 is a far better camera and easier to set up.

  • Clicked on it about a minute ago and there were 10 in stock, clicked again and now says 'product not found'

    • Same thing happ with me. I was doing a PayPal checkout. Didn’t try again. Received PayPal email after 30mins that payment pending to HT and will be released if they accept order. Order was accepted by HT in the morning and also despatched. Received confirmation from AU post

  • MSY / centrecom prices are no longer as reported above.

  • if anyone bought some, and they no longer want them.. please let me know, I am after 1 or 2 of these.. thanks.

  • Just received a cancellation email from HT that they are out of stock. I purchased 10pm last night.