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Sony Clock Radio (ICFC1B) $21 (RRP $59) + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU, JB & Binglee


lowest price I have ever seen. Usually $35 when it is on sale. It will only dispatch in one to two months if you buy @amazon.

Also white /black variants on sale @JB and Binglee






Clock Radio

Advanced alarm features
Single alarm setting with radio or buzzer sound. Wake you up gently thanks to the progressive alarm volume and extendable snooze functions.

Convenient device

Adjustable display brightness for comfortable viewing and automatic summer time adjustment for extra convenience.

Modern design
Stylish and simple design with few buttons for easy operation.

Battery backup

Automatic time setting when plug in for the first time and clock will be maintained even if there is a power cut.

AM / FM Analog tuner
Simply tune into the radio station you want to listen to and enjoy your favourite radio programme every night and day.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +6

    Welcome to 1990, lol

    But seriously, does anyone know a good sunrise clock, I've stuffed around with some bedside table Smart bulbs and too hard to get them working for that purpose with the scenes etc. The pixel phone does it a lot better with the screen coming on before the alarm and changing orange to yellow.

    • Look up the light phaser. Team it up with sleep as android. Great little unit.

      • Thanks Wes thinking something like the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation, not sure if integrates with Google home or alarm settings, but could set separately or instead of I guess. Something like that would be good and nothing too big.

    • +3

      We have a Phillips DAB clock radio and it’s great. Mostly because it gets the time from the DAB signals and we never need to set it. Turn it on and it just sets itself accurately. It also has a light sensor and auto dimms when the bedroom light is turned off. It looks like you can’t get them anymore though as we tried to get one for my mother in law.

      If I need an alarm, I use it. It has the ability to set weekday or weekend alarms only and fades the volume in. Maybe I’m old school but we keep our phones down the other end of the house.

      This Sony unit looks alright but I’ll only be getting DAB clock radios in the future for the above reason.

    • -1

      I've got an old Lumie bodyclock 250, runs using halogen bulbs, does a good job but my body worked out how to defeat it (like it does most alarms..).

      Does sunset and sunrise, adjustable upto 90mins, being halogen the brightness changes are not noticeable at all, theres not stepping etc

      I dont use the radio or the sounds which are very basic.

  • +5

    Remember when the govt was switching off analogue in 2011? I think I still have my Digital Ready lanyard somewhere.

    • +3

      Analogue radio will be around for some time - it reaches areas that digital cannot and ABC is the emergency broadcaster so it needs to be accessible in the bush.

      Plus I’m pretty sure most cars on the road only receive an analogue signal.

      • +2

        Digital radio sucks in my car.

        It's like going from a top brand TV to a Kogan TV where switch channels you see a black screen for a couple of seconds.

        • Disadvantages and advantages.

          Until we get beams of light from the heavens, I'd prefer some static but understandable radio over the flat-out cut outs and stutters of digital radio with a less than stellar signal strength.

  • Thanks. was wanting a good non blue light indicator of time with sound.
    Purchased :-) 4 left in stock

  • +4

    I already own 2 of these, one in office and one is in bedroom they are gold. I especially like being able to dim the clock face to minimum, nothing worse than a clock that illuminates the whole room in the dark. Speaker quality is good.

    • +1

      How dim does it get? I currently have a blue DAB radio and I have to cover it with a piece of cardboard even on the lowest setting so it’s kind of pointless.

      • The lowest dim you won't need a piece of cardboard.

      • +2

        Back in the 80s they knew to make clock radios with red displays because red doesn’t impact your night vision as much as blue (hence why astronomers use red torches). Seems like the designers these days choose form over function.

        • agreed. I don't need my entire room bathed in blue light when it's already hard enough to get to sleep.

        • Sony designers (& engineers) seem not growing very much after Walkmans in 80s.
          Can't think of anything in the past 30 years invented by Sony, sign …

          • @Al123: original walkmans and minidisc still worth something, should have kept my discman it's somewhere.
            top end bravia's too..

    • Google nest hub has a great dim feature and it's automatic.

      • and have it listens to everything you say in the bedroom. "tin foil hat on"

        • There's a mic killswitch on it.

  • +12

    This product is rubbish, bought one for the missus a couple of years back and it loses about 15min per 2months. Get a reject shop mistral for $10 instead.

    • +3

      Yeah, mine also lose about a minute a week or so.

    • Yeah you need a Wi Fi connected accurate device than crap that belongs to be obsolete .

    • Mine loses time aswell
      About 5 mins in a few months

    • +1

      Try getting a DAB one.

      • I'd rather one that tells the time as accurately as a $2 digital watch from aliexpress.

    • Mine losses a min a month or so. Is there any type of adjustment? First Sony product I can honestly say I haven't been happy with

      • you must've gotten a good one. I just altered the time when it got to more than 10 min difference. My philips one that cost half as much keeps the same time as my phone.
        it's now just used for radio.

    • +2

      So neg the deal…

      • -1

        Why? the deal is good if you get one that works properly, the quality of mine and some others is poor though. This is not a product review page, its a deals page. I paid $40ish for mine, so $20 is a bargain.

        • +4

          $20 for a clock that doesn't keep time doesn't sound like a deal to me.

          A negative vote would alert people to do more research before purchasing. It's not a strike against the OP as most people seem to think.

          • @Vampyr: Social pressures. He has enough social validation now with the extra comments, but he is correct he would have been negged to oblivion if he just came out without pandering.

    • Mine gains a minute each three or four weeks.

  • Do you need a PhD to set the alarm on this thing and does it have annoying beeps when you use the buttons?

  • +1

    I've had the white one for about 4 years. Never had any issues with losing time, Three brightness settings are handy. 1970's tech still has its place in 2021!.

  • I have this and it keeps losing time. I have to adjust it every month as it loses 3-4 mins. Sometimes I get lazy and I just add 3 mins to what I see on the screen. Otherwise it does the job. I never use the FM feature as I have a Google home sitting next to it that I use to play music.

  • I have one of these too and have had no dramas with loosing time. Nice little clock with a battery in it so if the power goes off and on again it wont loose time. Only thing is I wish you could set 2 different alarms but eh not bad for a cheapy. As others said the speaker quality is surprisingly ok.

  • -1

    I found one of the street, it is very, very dim to the point that it is unusable (it may be broken hence the street find). The inlaws are using it for the radio

  • Now Borat’s neighbour - Nursultan Tuliagby can finally afford clock radio. Nice!

  • I have 2, they are nice looking clocks to put near your tv or whatever.
    They lose time which is kind of annoying these days when other stuff syncs with internet.
    The radio quality is poor, so we don't use the radios.

    $21 is about it's price.

  • I have one.. not sure if this clock is running slower overtime or my iphone clock time moves forward few minutes every few months…

  • Used to use one of these. I didn't have a big issue with clock drift like other comments, but my biggest issue was how the radio was analogue tuning and for whatever reason it would be hit and miss day-by-day whether it still be tuned the next day. The worst case being it drifts and ends up being inaudibly quiet. Yes I used my phone as an alarm too but that's the backup.

    No kidding I now use the cheapie KMart clock-radio which tunes with buttons rather than dials and it hasn't skipped a beat yet. Used a spare piece of clear plastic I coloured over with red marker to give a dimmer, red LCD look again.

  • +8

    Got this for $9 delivered in 2015.

    It's still in the box.

    Another OZbargain success story!

  • spend the extra and get the dab supported dual
    alarm model. syncs up dl savings as well automatically

  • Got it for $49 years ago from sony online when I had a $30 sony voucher from a camera purchase.
    AM radio is not good as my $39 sony radio purchased in 2007, and requires reset time from time to time.
    $21 is all right if you simply need a AM/FM radio for casual usage.

  • I've had two of these clocks, after 6 months they start to drop time/slow down frequently/will slow 5 mins daily.

    Upsetting because they are nice clocks otherwise. Would not recommend.

    • Yep i have this problemxwith minectoo…

  • Really? Old Tech. The time of those obsolete clocks is never accurate, always too fast or too slow. My Lenovo Clock may be more expensive but worth it, accurate, and esthetically superior all the way.

  • Got one of these for dad to replace an actual 90s cube clock and had to return it.

    The alarm tone was very weak to me, being 80yrs old he couldn't hear the alarm tone well at all. He did not want to use the radio function which was admittedly louder.

    Went with a simple anko jobbie from kmart.

  • +1

    Really average clock radio. Bought a couple some years ago thinking Sony brand would be a sign of quality.. nope. The time issue I don't care so much about, but the analog radio doesn't remain tuned to a station from one day to the next, so every single time you use it you need to tweak the tuning. Forget waking up to radio, best you'll get is static

    • Yeah it's pretty bad. Seems to be a crowd favourite on ozb though, see it posted all the time. Mine sits in a draw.

  • +1

    A clock that can't keep correct time. Doesn't sound worthy of $21

  • JB hi fi also had it at this price, as of 2 hours ago.

  • Don't buy this it buzz the heck out of you while everything is off the capacitor inside is shocking poor quality. This humming noise is loud at night and hard to sleep with

    I won't buy a Google clock neither as who knows they exit out of Aus. All your google minis, hubs, lenovo clocks will just become bricks

    The only thing I wanna say is this display tech is quit long lasting same as the ones in cars. Don't like the all screen display

    • I had one of these a few years ago, the noise drove me nuts!

      Please don't by this clock, it makes a horrible noise at night which will make you wish you never bought it

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