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[eBay Plus] Intel 10th Gen Core i9-10900K (No CPU Cooler) $598.50 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Great price, a ton of other components as well that can be used with the coupon.

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  • God damn this is so tempting, but I'm just going to wait for the 11900K, they better not price it in the 5900X territory considering it has 2 cores less than its own predecessor here.

    • Rumours are they will be pricing next gen up..

      • Up from these current prices like the one above, oh yeah definitely. I'm expecting the 11900K to compete in price with the 5800X, so if it's $50 more expensive than that considering the performance uplift, I don't mind. The real problem is the high-end Z590 boards are priced super high, and even the mid-range Z590 boards are overpriced.

    • Surely the 11 series will be close to 10th gen launch pricing

      • They could do that, but I won't purchase, and they will probably sell out, but it would hurt in the long-term. 10900K launched in Australia for around $1000, they could do that in the past because AMD was not competing with them in this space. There's no way they would be stupid enough to price the 11900K at $999 in Australia.

        Right now 5900X is $859.00, it's a 12 core / 24 thread processor with the X570 high-end boards costing cheaper than the Z590.

        The 11900K will be a better gaming CPU, but with 8 cores / 16 threads, and the prices of Z590 boards being ridiculous. I'm 100% switching to AMD and waiting for the 5900X stock (mid-April) if the 11900K is priced above $799 in Australia, in fact they should try their best to make it go toe-to-toe with the 5800X in terms of price (between $730 and $750) so they can regain some "pride" back.

        My main reasoning for even going with the 11900K is because the Z590 boards support HDMI 2.0, meaning I can push my 4K monitor at 60Hz without a graphics card, and that allows me to stop gaming for a few months before the next-gen videocards are released at the end of the year and sell my RTX 2070 Super for a decent price probably. Z490 and X570 boards do not support HDMI 2.0

        • I like the thought process. Is there any real significant benefit to 590 boards other than HDMI 2.0? Ive read about PCIe 4.0 but im not sure that would really affect me.

          • @PlagueistheCheap: Based on motherboard reviewers talking about them just on the specs side, they are very well refined. Theoretically all the issues from Z490 boards have been solved, they have better VRM. And in terms of longevity the PCIe 4 might be more important than people are speculating right now.

            See the thing is there's barely any difference in terms of videocard performance between PCIe 3 and PCIe 4, and that's fine. But the problem is PCIe 5 is literally becoming the standard at the end of this year for both AMD and Intel. Now while there's very little difference now between PCIe 3 and 4, we don't know what the difference will be between PCIe 3 and 5 in terms of gaming.

            So how PCIe 5 videocards will perform on PCIe 3 systems is unknown, or what features might be locked out because of PCIe 3.

            PCIe 4 should give us enough headroom for extra bandwidth for a few years at least.

      • Its going to heavily depend on where it ends up being in terms of performance vs current AMD CPUs.

        We know that Intel are willing to offer competitive pricing when their back is against the wall.

        At this stage we just don't know until independent reviews and benchmarks are released.

    • They'll for sure price it around the $700 mark given the 5800X is technically $699 and it's closest competitor.

      That said Intel has been on a tear recently, the 10700K is now a champ, consistently cheaper than the 3700X and the 10600KF is also cheaper than the 3600. Not to mention plentiful supply.

  • I brought one anyway, cbb waiting ages for stock for new gen, i think also the difference for gaming at least would only be a few fps.

  • After watching this, I think I will have second thoughts buying anything Intel moving forward. TLDR; bribes, anti competitive practices, fake/questionable benchmarks, dodgy behavior..