Qantas Premier Platinum Credit Card 100,000/120,000 QFF Points ($4000 Spend/3 Months) + $199 Annual Fee @ Qantas Money


Bonus 20,000 points for eligible spend to members who have not earned Qantas Points on a credit or charge card into their Qantas Frequent Flyer account within the previous 12 months from card application

I haven't seen 120,000 points offered before for this card (historically has been 100k).

Offer Ends, 3 May 2021, 1159PM

100,000 bonus Qantas points, $199 annual fee

2 lounge passes

Min spend $4,000 in 3 months.

Annual Fee: $199

Note: ^2
20,000 bonus Qantas Points offer is available to members who have not earned Qantas Points on a credit or charge card into their Qantas Frequent Flyer account within the previous 12 months from card application; and apply for a Qantas Premier Platinum credit card by 3 May 2021, 11:59pm (AEST), then make an eligible purchase by 30 June 2021. Eligible purchases do not include Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, Refunds, Chargebacks and Special Promotions. Qantas Points are taken to be credited on the date they appear in the Qantas Frequent Flyer Activity Statement which can be checked online at Please allow 6 - 8 weeks from making an eligible purchase for the 20,000 bonus points to be credited to the member's Qantas Frequent Flyer account with the description ‘Credit Card Bonus’. Members are not eligible for more than one first-time Qantas Points earning credit cardholder bonus within the last 12 months. Offer ends 3 May 2021.

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  • Like the anz 120,000 one but $1000 greater spend plus more spend to get the extra 20,000 right?

  • You could give your points balance an additional boost of 20,000 (on top of the 100,000) bonus points if you make an eligible purchase by 30 June 2021, and haven’t earned any Qantas Points with a credit card in the last 12 months

    sooo that's maybe a no for majority interested in this deal?

    bummer I was going to jump on it

  • Is the 20k bonus only for someone who hasn't earned any qantas points through any credit cards at all within the last 12 months? So would this rule out any of us card churners?

  • Also note: Eligible Transaction does not include transactions from operating a business, or from government transactions, e.g. paying the ATO, council rates, and even Australia Post.
    See T&C for more detail.

  • Must not have any Qantas earning card for 12 months for the 20K bonus is a bit challenging

    • Pretty much rules out most people who would be looking at this sort of deal LOL

    • I saw that - new clause?

      Could kill the QFF churning game

      Hopefully QF issued only and not bank linked

  • Is this actually a good deal? Most people wont be eligible for that 20k lol.

    My ANZ is expiring, is someone has any recommendations, please give.

    • I've had a Qantas Amex Premium last October so that rules me out all together.

      I just finished the ANZ, should finish the Citibank shortly.

      I am also looking for recommendations (Westpac done)

      • I rolled the dice with the HSBC deal two days ago. Got approved within 24hrs. But haven't received the letter of offer (though I applied through the 120k points link so can't see them having a leg to stand on denying the full points). Not QFF, but why limit yourself to one rewards system.

    • I'd like to know this too as my wife's ANZ card needs changing before getting the annual fee.

      Even though you wouldn't get the bonus 20K points, 100,000 points for the annual fee of $199 still seems a decent deal.

      • Yeah I got it for that, and the 0% 18 month balance transfer works well right now for me. Not that it's a big balance transfer, but yeah.

    • nab is another option

  • I noticed this in the small print:

    We may decline your application if you have previously taken advantage of multiple introductory offers such as, but not limited to, bonus points or a balance transfer on a Citigroup issued credit card facility. Offer ends 3 May 2021.

    Does this mean it's just a rebadged Citi card? What's the application process like (level of detail required)? Like AmEx (simple) or more like any regular bank (lots of details + spending habits)?

    • This is enough reason to avoid for me. I'd get slammed with the circa 400k bonus points I've gotten over the last 18 months…

      • I think they're referring to Citi bonus points specifically.

      • lol I got slammed. Rejected hard, might have to go somewhere else and get approval.
        Excellent credit rating, decent income, minimal debt (other then the home), always pays on time.

        I can't compute but they wanted like 3 months of payslips, my contract and my liver so …. was not as easy as I thought.
        Where to next?

    • Well it is a Citibank card. Application was pretty straight forward. Easier than my las ANZ application was. One call to clarify and then approved.

      • I applied for this exact same card a few years ago. A rep called me up and said I had to get my supervisor / manager to verify that I currently work at current workplace. My direct manager worked offsite so it would've been a hassle for me, so I told them to disregard my application and copped the credit check aswell

    • Citigroup Pty Limited ABN 88 004 325 080 AFSL No. 238 098 Australian credit licence 238098, is the Credit Provider and Issuer of the Qantas Premier credit cards on behalf of Qantas Airways Limited ABN 16 009 661 901.

      The online application is comparatively short and easy. For example, only a single payslip required, and no need to itemise all your other credit cards individually, just enter a single total combined credit limit and total amount owing. Spending habits do have to be estimated in about five subcategories.

  • $199 annual fee kills the deal

    • Any other cards out there giving 100K Qantas points for less?

    • Why is that? Ongoing annual fee i understand but $199 as a once off for 100K points doesn't seem too bad.

      Assuming you are using the points to travel…… Eventually.

      • before you use to get 100k points and annual fee free for 1 year

      • It's really each to their own. Yes the 100k/120k points are worth more than $199 no matter how you slice it but some people have their thresholds. 5 years ago I was only willing to pay <$50 annual fee. Now my threshold is arbitrarily set at <$150 annual fee for 100-120k QFF. No rhyme or reason, I just don't like the idea of paying too much in fees otherwise it takes a little gloss off flying business/first down the track. Also some part of me thinks/hopes if I don't utilise these "bad" deals then they'll offer something more compelling next time.

  • Could anyone please advise about how to apply when a joint mortgage is involved? I.e. joint expenses are halved, mortgage repayments are halved, mortgage loan is halved, or am I doing this wrong?

    Track record is 2/2 applications rejected in 2y.
    One application was accepted bc it was a joint application. But really would like to apply on my own if I can get this right.

    Happy to hear your thoughts.

  • Got the points within the first statement, and this was with part of the 4k spent on mostly bills being ineligible for points (only received ~3k) it looks like they weren't too strict on that criteria.

    • how long after meeting the $4k spent did you get the points credited?
      I've just crossed the threshold, but some of that is due to bills.

  • I can't see mention of the 20K bonus points - has this finished?

  • Just FYI the T&Cs say they will exclude Australia Post transactions from earning points, and they really are doing that. I paid a gas bill there by Postbill pay (as weirdly the card wasn't working online for some sites in the first 5 days, been fine since that though, otherwise I would have paid it directly with the energy company), and also bought some stamps, neither transaction earned Qantas points.