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[eBay Plus] Sony KD75X9000H - 75" Full Array LED 4K Android TV $2203.20 Delivered @ Sony eBay Store


Great deal on a highly regarded TV. Hope all of those who got disappointed by the JBHIFI unobtainable deal can get one here. Looks like they have a good stock level.

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              • @Ozfanmel: They will ship it from the main store on Saturday

                • @mevrick: Oh if no stocks are they accepting order? If so I’ll try tomorrow

    • Just curious did you buy your $1000 gift card with any discount?

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        I bought jb hifi gift card from shopback 3% cashback lol

  • Amazon order says arriving 5-9th March

  • Looks like Sony removed all stock from eBay and Amazon now. Wonder what's going on.

    • No they didn't. Still available

      • Just go to jb hifi and show my receipt :)

      • It was removed when I posted. It's back now

  • Just got an email from Sony. My tv has just been dispatched with dhl 🥳

  • Amazon order shipped. DHL Delivery says Monday.

  • Tried local JB (Maroochydore QLD) who has stock at 9:00am and they wont price match on the receipt earlier in this thread.

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    Hi all OP is here. I also received a text including tracking number from DHL this morning.

  • Also got tracking details from DHL. ETA Monday. Thanks

  • Yay. got the tracking details from DHL. ETA Monday!

  • Lucky! Tried to call sony and pricematch, but they say they won't price match an "Error" price.

  • Received my shipping info from DHL!

    Now, how much could I sell my Samsung F8500 for?

  • Anyone knows if it's possible to arrange a delivery day/time with DHL?

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      For this deal, chuck a sickie

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    At this price that TV is great, but you're also stuck with something that's pretty inferior to everything else. I literally side by side tested this TV against the x950H and the Samsung Q80T and the LG Nano 90. There is a huge difference between the X900 and the X950H first of all, the X950 look significantly and noticeably better. You guys should wait for the new X900J by Sony, this year's model. Once you commit $2000 to this there is no going back and you'll be stuck with it. Not to mention all the promised features are not out yet.

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      Well first of all X900J is also pending a major software update before it can get any of the features. Its also going to be $3000 when it releases. So you could buy 3 of these for 2 X900J's price.

      X9500H lacks HDMI2.1. This Sony has full HDMI 2.1 and unlike some of the 2020 tv like the very low end oled LG CX that uses a half baked 2.1 that won't support the fastest speeds. Whomever silly enough to get that is going to have issue down the track when they find out their HDMI 2.1 isn't really managing full speeds.

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        If you read the product reviews of gamers on the JB Hifi site, they're pretty damning of the 120hz implementation on the KD75X9000H - most reference major blurring - probably because VRR still not sorted.

        If you are a gamer, you're taking a gamble in the hope a firmware update will resolve the gripes. If you're not a gamer, the Sony in this deal was a great buy for a 75".

        For gamers wanting to be able to achieve 120fps for the current/upcoming titles that support it, there is no perfect television in the 2020 crop (unless you pop for a high-end OLED at OLED prices).

        • You can do 120 fps on the x950H you just use the 1080p upscale option. The problem is you won't get ALLM.

      • @Fuzor, have you seen this tv compared to the rest? It's twice as bad in my opinion, and horrible off axis.

    • X950 - no HDMI 2.1, 4k 60 only, no VRR or ALLM. No way

      • you can do 4k 120p with upscale.

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      The X950H is a great set, i'm very impressed with the PQ on my 65".
      65 is just a little too small for me, esp when you're letterboxing
      Yes im sure 4K60 VRR ALLM R2D2 Blah blah blah is cool.But there has to be a decent % of hype / marketing BS in there. For the average joe anyway.
      I would rather have the flush surface bezels and build of the X950. X900H plastic bezels look cheap.
      Couldn't pass up this deal though. $1k off the 75" X900H.Even if PQ is 85-90% as good as the X950. No brainer.
      Can't have it all.

      J series is ages away and full price vs 2020 models ts discount.

      • Yeah that's exactly right, I wanted to like the X900H but the X950H is really where it's at. If you can't get that then there is only the Sony Q80T left, not the X900H.

  • ETA Monday as well! Thanks OP!

  • Do DHL provide a delivery window?

    • DHL just called me. Delivery tomorrow between 9-5

      • Same here. Thankfully I haven't used my sickie today, based on the ETA.

      • Same here. DHL called me about delivery scheduled for tomorrow. Surprisingly the DHL tracker still is stuck on ETA for 1st of March.

  • Having the delivery soon, was wondering if there is way to buy product care or any other providers that provide extended warranty for such products bought online from Sony directly and not from HN or TGG.

    • Do we get the 3 year warranty Sony offers because we bought it from Sony?

      • apparently the warranty term for TV's is one year as per sony AU portal.

        • Ahh thanks.
          Must be Sony offering extending warranties in store.

          • @sm0: Probably yes, I couldn't find a way to buy extended warranty online on sony portal.

      • I'm pretty sure you could get 3 years pretty easily under ACL

  • Anyone got "held" as a status in the tracking page, after booking a delivery day by phone? Mine says "booked-in-tba" in the orig. description.

  • Out for delivery today

    Love my X950H. Just hope the X900H isn't too much of a downgrade for movies (PQ and HDR brightness)

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      Just took delivery of the 75 X900H. OzBargain of the year?

      • Just received as well, Cheers!

        • Just got mine too!

      • The year has just started. I'd say give it another 8 months at least :)

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    Please share your honest experiences with fellow ozbargainers.

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    I missed this deal when posted but ordered an X9000h from JB 2 weeks ago, still waiting for delivery. Price was $2995 too cries a little

    • How did you manage to get for $2995?

      • I went in (Osborne Park, Perth store) on Feb 13th and asked. I talked a bit about black friday pricing and TV features I wanted like HDMI 2.1 and FALD and the guy gave me $500 off and free delivery. I later saw that JB offer free delivery on 75" and larger TV's, haha

  • x9000H delivered

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    Hah stand is so wide it doesn't fit on my cheapo tv cabinet. It's 41cm wide, cabinet only 40cm. Ahh well I'll put this cabinet elsewhere

  • I just called JB HiFi and asked for an update on my order. Stock hasn't arrived and no ETA. I rekon Sony shafted WA for this eBay sale, trololol

    EDIT: Warehouse is waiting on 48 units to arrive.

  • Received mine a week or so ago, absolutely love it.