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Kogan SmarterHome LX10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop $339 + Delivery (RRP:$629) @ Kogan


No idea if this is price jacked, i had a look at PriceHipster but couldn't find any history.

Has pretty good reviews and features look comparable to that of the other brands.

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  • Get a roborock instead. Software is important for these to be effective and I have zero faith in kogans

  • IMHO i don't think its a good idea, i have absolutely no faith in kogan's software or any form of future updates.

  • Don't get a kogan. You will regret it, they groom their comments to ensure that the bad comments dont show up or they delete most of them so 90% of the comments are good.

  • Had one of these for nearly a year - works great.