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Fairy Garden Flower Seed Pack (4 Varieties) $10 + Free Shipping @ Veggie Garden Seeds (Excludes WA/NT)


Fairy Garden Flowes Seed Pack (4 varieties)

• 1 x Packet of Linaria Fairy Bouquet Mix Flower Seeds x 500 seeds

• 1 x Packet of Candytuft Dwarf Fairy Mixed Flower Seeds x 100 seeds

• 1 x Packet of Alyssum Magic Circles Mixed Flower Seeds x 300 seeds

• 1 x Packet of Baby’s Breath Gypsophila Elegans Mix Flower Seeds x 300 seeds

We are unable to ship to WA/NT.

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  • That's… a lot of seeds.

    What's the go, do you get your 5 year old to just toss them into a cleared garden bed?

    • haha, you could do that…. but I always recommend to raise seedlings and then transplant. Then you know where and what you have planted.

  • +1 for the sweetness of this deal.
    BTW does "mix" mean mixed colours? Also do they transplant well?
    Also how long do the seeds last? Thanks
    Also do they come in any packaging that says fairy garden seed pack? Thinking of gifting them.

    • +2 votes

      Ha! thank you.
      Mix Baby's Breath are pink and white tiny flowers.
      Seeds will last a long time if stored well in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
      They come in a pack that says fairy seeds on the back and flower seeds on the front. See my homepage on the website for what packaging looks like.

      Kind regards, Bec

  • Are these okay to plant now or would it be best holding onto them until Spring? (I'm in Brisbane so subtropical climate) They are so pretty!

  • Do you sell any succulent/cacti/lithop seeds?