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Binance Fiat Invite Program: Give $5 and Receive $5 BUSD, $50 USD Buy Required @ Binance


10x bigger than the 2nd Biggest Crypto exchange. Also have their own coin BNB.

Been using Binance for a few days and super happy with it. Enjoying the APY returns and graphs, cheap fees. App is super complicated but there is a lite switch which makes it as easy as coinspot.

That is on top of Referees get 0-20% of commission from trading fees. Referrers get 10-40% of commission from trading fees

Supports credit cards and payid. Easy 10% return but requires $50 USD Buy.

New promo just launched
Promotion period: 2021-02-25 00:00 AM (UTC) to 2021-03-11 11:59:59 PM (UTC)

The Binance Fiat Invite Program provides both you and your friend a chance to earn a bonus of 5 BUSD. There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite, so the more friends you invite, the more bonus you will get. This promotion is only available for two weeks in selected areas.
How to participate?

Do the following:
Step 1: Create your unique invitation link/QR code, make sure you put “FiatInvite” in the note section, and tick the default box.

Step 2: Share your unique invitation link/QR code to a friend who has never registered with Binance before.

Step 3: Your friend must click the invitation link (or scan the QR code) to sign up for a Binance account within the promotion period.

Step 4: Your friend must buy crypto worth 50 USD or more using their credit/debit card (Visa/Mastercard) within 7 days of opening his or her account.

Note: Both you and your friend are eligible to get the 5 BUSD bonus when the order completes.

Referral Links

Referral: random (438)

Referees get 0-20% of commission from trading fees. Referrers get 10-40% of commission from trading fees.

Referral: random (85)

Referrer and Referee receives 5 BUSD. A unique invitation code or link needs to be generated. Follow these instructions to create your own link. Referral program ends 11th March 11:59:59 PM (UTC)

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  • You actually get a cash voucher worth ~ $6.50 USD after your first trade (with no minimum amount ).

  • Terrible exchange manipulating market with FUD, don’t support even with free money. It will be wiped out during the next retrace anyway

  • Binance is a CEX and completely defeats the decentralised focus on CryptoCurrency. Considering that you have only been on it for 4 days, you haven't experienced all the issues they have (planned and unplanned). You will start noticing outages during big price movements or inability to access your wallet when you need it most. Start learning about DEX ( decentralised exchanges) and where you have control of your private keys and finances.

    • Lol at the people preaching defi and market manipulation.

      Binance is literally the best place to start for a retail investor and their new smart chain if anything will generate competition in the space.

      Like any of you started straight into uniswap. Don't make me laugh.

      Want to use a dex during big price movements? How does 1000 gwei gas fees sound. Binances small outrages start to sound more appealing now?

    • Unless you're some kind of revolutionary, Binance does the job and it's fine. I've cashed in fine, I've cashed out fine. Of course there's whales but that's the nature of crypto today. Don't care about its centralised nature - they provide cute graphs.

    • Tend to disagree with you. Unless you are buying in big amounts, paying gas fees of over 100$ using dex makes no sense, otherwise currently Cex like Binance are the best option. Also with Binance Smart chain all the people who don’t have big bags of coins can participate in pools and staking with very small fess of less than a dollar comparing to Dex fees of over 100$

  • Let me get this right, I give you $50 USD and I get some virtual coins.

    Referrers get 10-40% of commission…

    10% returns…

    Is this some kinda ponzi scheme?

    • Incorrect.

      • hey Korban, you're not supposed to include your own referral code in the deal, you're supposed to just assign it to your account so the referral code generator has a chance of generating it for people who click the deal.

        • He's spamming his referral mate. There's no promo code for this one, just a referral

          • @hanofee: Mods added it now make sure you add

            FiatInvite as a note or no dice which I am sure ~340 people haven't done yet so it was the right thing to do at the time.

      • Well then, please explain why I'm incorrect?

        • Which point do you not understand ?

          Referrals get a commission on a trade, the fees binance charges are low so it's only a very small amount per trade.

          All crypto "Virtual coins" are different, some are backed by currency, stocks, metals which can be claimed. Others might be speculative. There's also plenty of Ponzi or scams.

    • The referrer can choose to split or give whatever percentage. Yes, it’s a bit unfair system especially if u don’t know the split. But on $50, it’s worth nothing anyway (it’s 10-40% of the commisions which is cents, not on the $50 itself)

  • The Third Element sucked.

  • What is the current best exchange to buy crypto in Australia? not so much in terms of ease of use, more interested in exchange rate and fees.

    • I liked coinspot but 1% fee was too high for me


      • So what do you use now?

        from your link binance seems to be the best option but I know most of these exchanges advertise low fees than inflate coin prices for buying

        • I use both binance and Coinspot (I started here first) I haven't done an in depth comparison but I wish someone did.

          I did notice when BNB was $345 on Coinspot it was $335 on Binance

          Also get 25% off fees if bought with BNB and if your referrer is generous upto 10 to 20% reduction on fees again.

          I also like how you can liquid pool, Stake and do other things on Binance then just holding a wallet of Crypto.

          • @Korban Dallas: Im looking for this in depth comparison as well.

            It is defiantly easier to just buy it on binance, I just expected them too have much higher fees due to all the extra services they have

        • I have used both Binance and Coinspot and Binance is much cheaper to deal with, fees are much less and due to liquidity, spreads (difference between buy and sell) is much lower.

          • @Sarinella: What method do you use to purchase on binance?

            am i correct in thinking that unless you are verified you can only buy $380 or is that just for debt/credit card payments?

            Also do i need to upload my ID photo and another photo to become verified?

      • You must have been using the quick buy/sell service on coin spot to be charged 1% which is more a service of ease and convenience rather than a propper exchange. If you use the coinspot "market" like a normal exchange, though a limited selection of coins, you can still get into some of the main coins with a fee of 0.1% fiat to crypto. Binance is best if you want lots of coin variety with cheaper fees (even cheaper if you use bnb for the fees). Now both binance and coin spot use payid/osko it's great. But yes as with most exchanges you will have to do kyc identity verification. I haven't used btcmarket for a long time which I first started with. From memory btcm's first tier fees were 0.8%. Also with most exchanges, crypto to crypto fee will be cheaper than fiat to crypto.

    • Swyftx is very good. low fees, based in Brisbane i believe. I can PM you a referrer code if you want.

    • Kraken and Coinspot are great. Coinspot however has issues with spreads. Kraken is one of the oldest exchanges trading. I personally use Binance, Coinspot and Kraken. As crypto is decentralized you will find buying and selling rates will be different on all exchanges.

  • As an Australian resident, can I deposit money in USD directly from a US bank into Binance? Or can anyone recommend a good exchange where I can do that? I found a few that are only for US residents. I also tried Independent Reserve but they don't allow it.

    • I believe yes.

      • Binance doesn't support USD deposits. It's not regulated there, at least not the app we use. Binance.us might be different but you need a ssn.

    • Have a look at Gemini and Kraken for USD deposits. Gemini doesn't require a SSN you can deposit USD there and buy any of the supported coins by Swift transfer. Citibank transfer is free for wire transfers, USD, AUD withdrawal is free by Swift.

  • Hmm, I am not sure if the sign-up bonus is appealing. Anyone got a 20% referee commission link? Please feel free to let me know. Ta.

    • That's someone with a decent chunk of change in BNB over 100k USD >, I'm not sure how many here would have one of those codes.