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Jabra Elite 65t $119 (Save $80), Jabra Elite 75t ANC $219 (Save $80) + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi (Expired), HN (Expired), Amazon


Key Features

Superior sound with unique 4-microphone technology

Personalize your music with a customizable equalizer

Up to 5 hours battery, 15 hours with charging case

True wireless connection stability to reduce call and music dropouts

One-touch access to Amazon Alexa**, SiriĀ®, and Google Now

Jabra Elite 65t
JB Hi-Fi Expired
Amazon AU
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Jabra Elite 75t
Amazon AU
Harvey Norman Expired
JB Hi-Fi Expired

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  • Is the 65t good for phone calls?

    • +1

      They are ok for calls. It's a great purchase at this price. Ive had mine for almost 2 and a bit years now i think. If you get it anywhere, get it from JB and slab on an extended warranty…if you have any issues after manufacturer warranty period, they'll give you your purchase amount ($119) toward your next headset. The usual culprit will obviously be battery life.

  • +2

    Only issue i have with this is that you cannot use the left on its own.. its always the right side if you want to use one side only..

    • the other issue with these is they have connection issues around TV's and security rfid door things…

  • very happy with my soundpeats 3 se, which recently have gone on sale almost weekly on amazon for $43.19.

    • I have issues with my QCY TWS left cutting out. Any such issues with Soundpeats?

      • Nope, but i've only had them for a week. They have decent range though.

  • I just replaced mine with some Samsung Buds Pro.I absolutely hated these. I'm not sure if mine were faulty, but they would constantly cut out, especially if I was lying down.

  • +1

    Can vouch for the 65t. Best set of true wireless ear buds I've ever owned (others include Bose and Samsung).

    Good for music and for calls. Only complaint with calls for meetings is that they have been reported to pick up a lot of background noises

    • I can also vouch for Jabras (65t). They're the first set of Bluetooth ear buds that don't suffer from drop offs/interference. It really holds a stable connection like no other.
      I was lucky to grab'em at $100 during a sale, but would be happy to pay $118 for it.

      The sound quality and clarity from the Jabras for me are a class over other earbuds I've tried.
      It handles both music and voice with ease.

      I also have multiple Soundpeats and a Taotronic.
      Whilst they're pretty good for $40-50, I feel they do suffer from little issues here and there that reflect why they're $40-50.

  • went for a pair of the 75ts over the 65ts due to the better battery life, but so far very happy with them. my first pair of true wireless earbuds after upgrading from neckband earbuds.

  • +1

    $101.15/$186.15 via TGG eBay here for those following and haven't purchased.

  • These 65t are poor quality batch.
    I have same model from 2019 which is extremely solid build and great quality in terms of sound , but these I bought from tgg deal are completely different product in terms of build quality and feel very light fragile and plasticky. Even the sound quality is extremely weak.

    Returning them now

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