[VIC] Free Registration for Penguin Viewing at St Kilda Breakwater @ Parks Victoria via Eventbrite


Hey all, this is a bit of a PSA. But if you like penguins, you can register for a free penguin viewing time slot at the St Kilda breakwater thanks to Parks Victoria. It was closed for most of 2020 because of COVID, but now open again for free ticketed entry. Enjoy :)

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  • Wot, before covid you could just go there whenever.

  • So is this worth doing? (Sydney person here). I’ll be in Melbourne in a couple of weeks time.

    • If you want to watch penguins yes, but ive personally come to realise these penguins should be left to their own devices.

    • I’ve been to both the St Kilda and Phillip Island penguin experiences, and I felt that the Phillip Island one was better, both for viewing the penguins and respecting the penguins’ space.

      If you can make it to Phillip Island, I would, and remember that the penguins nest under the boardwalk so you can get quite close views there. If you go to St Kilda, go early if you want a good view and expect to see fewer penguins.

      Just be respectful of them and let the volunteers know of anyone who isn’t.

  • I'm living in Elwood now and lived for 7 years right on St Kilda Esplanade and never seen the penguins, so thanks OP, got some tix :)