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1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S $315 Delivered @ Microsoft Store


If you're lucky enough to have snagged the new Series X or S console and need more space this is the cheapest I can find it at the moment.

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    Ouch. The cost of going proprietary storage.

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      what a nice way of selling you old things rebranded in a new package, for an extra premium.

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      It is an ultrafast PCIe 4 SSD. You would be paying almost as much for a Samsung SSD.

      • right, but you should still have the option to use a normal ~$120 nvme one until games actually use pcie 4.

        • You can via a USB C enclosure.

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          No, then game developers can’t count on you streaming their game off storage with a minimum speed.

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            @AustriaBargain: the xbox ssd isnt that much faster than a good pcie 3 one.

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              @Ahbal: Sure, but it’s still a minimum guaranteed spec. There’s also nvme drives that are a lot slower.

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                @AustriaBargain: not worth double the price at all. Stop acting like this ssd is special/xbox oem, its not.

                Its a normal ssd in an xbox dress. The specs are in other comment chains so i wont copy them, but it basically doesnt even max out pcie 3.

                • @Ahbal: If MS let you use any drive people would sell and buy drives that don’t meet the minimum spec. Customers would be griefed by by drives that underperform or don’t work. Even Sony isn’t ready to let people use other drives yet, it’s still all too new.

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        Yes it's $ per tb is high but inline with pc specs for price.

        • definitely not true. Thats marketing rubbish.

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        980 Pro is cheaper and much faster, obviously a nvme slot would have been the better option here like Sony did, this is the price you pay when going proprietary to make up for their licensing and branding.

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          Yer just wondering why you still can't expand Sony's ps5 storage?

        • Yep, but they are looking at 2tb etc and other manufactures to make them for Xbox cheaper also. Its already been modded to accept others.

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        The Seagate expansion card may run on a PCIe 4.0 bus, but it's only 2.4 GB/s—far below the max speed of PCIe 3.0 (around 3.5 GB/s).

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        It's a CFexpress (CFastExpress) interface so it tops out at PCIe 3.0 x4.

        Xbox Series X's internal, a customised WD SN530 SSD (DRAMless SSD) supports PCIe Gen3 x4 or PCIe Gen4 x2 mode. You do the maths yourself, both come out to be the same bandwidth.

        $315 for a 1TB PCIe Gen 3 x4 equivalent external SSD (or PCIe Gen 4 x2 if you truly believe it is PCIe Gen 4, but no it is not PCIe Gen 4 x4).

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    I love it how this is a 'card' and Switch games are 'cartridges'. I think they got the nomenclature backwards.

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      Don’t see why Nintendo Switch games should be called “cards”

      • It looks like a memory card

  • They’re on Telstra Plus, if people have points and are looking for something to use them on. Last I looked I had enough points to knock about half the price off myself.

    Edit: looks like out of stock right now

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      120K points on Telstra Plus, but out of stock.

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    I can’t bring myself to buying one of these at half the console price

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      You're a true OzB, and hold the badge with pride.

    • Yeah im definitely waiting until i actually need it. hopefully prices drop in a year or so

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        I'm hoping an adaptor is made so we can use other brands/ form factor.

    • You may as well pay to upgrade your broadband speed and just delete and download the games you want to play.

  • Amex have Spend $500 or more, get $100 back.
    Not sure what else you can combine with this.

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    1TB for $300 is very expensive

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      Thats going to be one game in the near future.

      • Control on ps5 uses cracken teck and was able to shrink storage size by 40%.

        We should have similar size games in future.

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    Side note, I don't like how Microsoft refers to it as "external memory".
    Memory is it's own thing!

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      Bit like when people tell you their iPhone has 256GB of memory

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      Yeah, tech illiterate people use memory to mean RAM or storage interchangeably. Microsoft isn’t helping by naming this product that

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      Although you're correct in computer/tech terminology, SSD and other forms of flash storage use non volatile memory chips to store the data. So while you can't call a mechanical disk drive 'memory', flash storage chips in phones, the new xbox and SSD's are technically 'memory'.
      Having said that, I still think Microsoft and others should be using the accepted terminology of 'storage'

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      Because the interface is CFexpress. Some high end digital cameras use that interface and we have a tendency to refer these cards as 'memory cards'.

      Or, if you want to be cheeky, Microsoft is hinting you that don't rely on it to store your data forever…

  • Hmm this or a new console

    • Higher chance of these being in stock

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    I'd rather delete my games, how often do people finish a game and come back to it any time soon… Unless it's multiplayer

    Hopefully Sony's solution is cheaper

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      Buy a HDD to put the games into storage when not in use. It’s a good feature implemented on Xbox but lacking on PS5. Hopefully Sony adds it in the near future

      • This is what I do. 1 TB of active games on SSD, 6 TB of downloads on an external drive. I just move games around depending on what I am playing. And yes if a game is very unlikely to have a replay any time soon, I delete.

        1 TB is enough to cover me and 2 of my kids, because obviously many games are much smaller than 40 GB. I probably have 15-20 games installed on the default 1 TB SSD.

        And per other posters, new cross-gen games seem to use better compression, because they are averaging out around 40GB rather than the ~100 GB for games like RDR2 and Infinite Warfare.

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      It would be nice to quickly jump between games without waiting to redownload or transfer them.

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    If you're getting this for a Series S then you're a fool

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      I have both an X and S.

      I use it to transfer easily between the two. Extremely handy.

      So, no. I'm not a fool.

      • Could you not have put the $315 towards 2 x XBox Series X and used network transfer or an external storage?

        • No. I don't want both identical. I like the convenience of a smaller model I can take around a double story house or out and about.

          Also, the S was easily available.

          External storage isn't as good as these.

          I keep all active games on this drive and switch between them.

          • @scuderiarmani: It is mostly because you also have S, this is more compelling. USB 3.1 gen 2 enclosures aren't exactly dirt cheap, otherwise, right now, with Quick Resume and most people not having games that must run from the internal SSD or this, it is fine to use USB storage for now (for most people).

            However, if you can afford one, then that's a better option.

        • That might be a good option in a six months or so, but right now it's hard enough to buy just one Xbox Series X!

      • I’m not sure exactly how this will impact you, but one of the features of the digital distribution is it transfers assets that is optimised for either the Series S or Series X. Unsure if that means you are getting lower quality assets if you download on the S and take it over to the X, or if the console will download impacted assets over again so you get ones targeting the correct hardware.

        • Given im only really playing backlog atm probably not a huge problem. Though thanks will keep an eye on that

          • @scuderiarmani: No worries. I have no idea what the console does when a relevant title is run in such a fashion. Would be interesting to find out.

    • Actually, quite the opposite, this is more compelling to S (and that's one of the things which some people considered as a hidden cost of S).

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    I just use a Samsung T5 and transfer games as required. It only takes a few minutes to transfer and I hardly ever have to because my Series X has so few games.

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      Lots of games are getting optimised that need internal storage. Mine is full.

      • Not sure about optimised ones (new Series X versions of games - yes, existing games optimised for Series X - seem still playable from external HDD). I have a few games on external USB HDD, they play fine. I just tried Gears 5 (it is only on my external USB HDD), plays fine. Quick Resume works fine too.

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    Whilst this is a good price and haven't seen cheaper excluding financing promotions (eg Latitudepay), I feel that given I don't need the 1TB SSD expansion yet, I may as well and see if they release a 2TB one in the future, or if this one drops in price over time.

  • So can it to be used as normal usb / type-c drive to connect PC / Mac?

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      No, will only work with the new Xbox Series X or S consoles. It uses the 'CFexpress' connection standard so wont work with usb. Its designed specifically for the storage expansion slot on the back on the new consoles.

      • Thank you for the comments. If so, I can't see any reason to purchase such thing if you could connect any other normal usb drive /ssd on the new xbox.

        • New games cannot be played off USB SSD's

          • @FabMan: This. Any Series S/X titles can’t run off an external drive. Same applies to the PS5. You can however archive off games to an external on an Xbox (but not a PS5), but to play them you need to move them back and possibly make room by moving something off in the process.

            Backwards compatible titles can run off an external however.

  • Shame Suncorp Benefits has seemed to drop Microsoft gift cards. Extra discount would have been great

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      Still comes up for me.

      • +1

        Yes your right. I was looking for Microsoft gift card. It is the Xbox gift card that I should have been looking for. Thanks

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  • I'll be waiting until 2-3tb ones are available

    • Those will be be 600-800 dollars when brand new. I’d rather wait for 1tb be half off on sale

      • That will probably happen when 2-3TB ones become available. So, it is likely you will both be buying at around the same time.

      • Not 3/4 years from now

  • I feel like extra 1tb ain't enough, 2tb version will eventually come out mark my words

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