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½ Price 1L Connoisseur Ice Cream Tubs $5.50 @ Woolworths (Online Only, C&C with $30 Spend)


C&C with minimum $30 spend, delivery with minimum $50 spend at your nearest store. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Full range of Connoisseur tubs here.

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  • What s the most delicious flavor?

  • currently this price at my local IGA too

    • Not at my local IGA - Sara Lee $5.

      But can't buy with Rewards points credit, accumulate Rewards points, or use discount eGift card (have 5% discount).
      Current targeted offer received: 1000 bonus points ($5 credit) for $30 spend.

  • I bought the mint cookies one recently and it tasted like toothpaste. Also, half of the tub was just plain mint ice-cream, is this normal?

    • I normally like mint flavoured things but that one is too toothpastey i agree. The Harrys one is much better.
      Also wish they were with choc chips and not cookie bits.

  • +2 votes

    They also make/ used to make the coconut flavour, which is fantastic.

    • You know, I wrote in requesting coconut…. but when it was finally released I have to say I wasn’t too impressed. :(

  • Im about to explode from all of the Ben & Jerrys Aus open codes.

  • Reading through all the flavours discussed here, I think it's fair to say that there is no "best flavour"… They all sound, and seem amazing :)

    ^^ From a fairly picky human-being

  • Anyone here old enough to remember the peanut butter pretzel?! Holy (profanity) that shit was amazing.

  • This stuff is so good but I don't think I can bother dealing with Woolworths click and collect probably be melted by the time I pick it up

    • It's stored in the freezer - frozen when I've picked up.

      • Every click and collect order that I've made that had ice cream or things that needed to be kept cold get picked and just placed somewhere. Let's say I set the pick up time between 11 and 12 and I go down there ready to collect at 11 my order will be filled like an hour earlier.

        • Not storing food at the correct temperature is a major health risk!
          Should never happen!

          That's a serious issue with that store.
          Stores I use have dedicated freezers for pick up orders. My ice cream is so cold at pick up it's too hard to eat.

          Lodge a complain & get refund.

          Am stunned you have repeatedly ordered from there with such a health & spoilage risk!

          • @the INFIDEL: I only ordered from there twice.

            The first time my order included ice cream and pizza slices and the cardboard rectangle box for the pizza slices was so wet from contents defrosting it was basically falling apart. And if I remember correctly I could basically flex the pizza slices because they were defrosting. The ice cream containers felt quite soft and my pick up order that was I'm pretty sure all frozen food was just sitting in a trolley at the service desk. That was probably two years ago. It's my own fault I should have complained then and there. the second time was recent and I had only made the online order because I wanted red Rock deli chips for a party and they were an online only special so I bought a few other things to reach the minimum click and collect I ended up complaining afterwards but again my own fault I didn't complain about the food temperature I complained that they had obviously dropped the heavy packet of kebabs on one of the bags of chips and popped it. but I do remember visibly noticing the honey soy kebabs had pretty much all the source in the bottom of the packaging because as they get warmer the source just obviously got thinner. Again I can tell from the temperature of the food it was not kept cold it was just put in the trolley and pushed to like the back door where they do car park click and collect. Both times same store and probably 2 1/2 years apart. But yes you're correct and I should have done more

            • @Sammy Boi: Don't criticise yourself. It was the store's fault
              Criticise the store & it's faulty systems - someone could get sick. Ultimately it's the manager who was responsible.
              Bit late now.

              • @the INFIDEL: In the future if I decide to try click and collect from this store again as it's the only one close to me I will call them and find out exactly what they do after they pick refrigerated or frozen food for a click and collect order.

                Do you think it would be a Woolworths policy that they have fridges and freezers out the back?
                or do you think those are questions I should be asking?

                • @Sammy Boi: Woolworths would have a policy & staff training about correct food handling & storage at all stores. That will outline the correct procedures for c&c.

                  Just tell them you are hesitant about ordering c&c for refrigerated & frozen items. Briefly tell them of your past experience at that store. Ask them to assure you that will not be a problem.

                  Complaining can help the store. They need feedback from customers to improve. It is potentially worth money to the store.
                  After shopping at Woolies, I am often asked for feedback via email.

                  I received $1500 last week from my complaint about a bank's terrible customer service.
                  I was only asking for $1200, but the branch didn't even bother reading my complaint. So a staff member from the complaints section of the bank apologised & asked if $300 extra was ok!
                  They recognised my complaint dealt with a problem they need to fix. So it was worth money to the bank.

    • Collected 2 today - were so cold. Stored in freezer.

  • I'm starting to think that $5.50 is just the normal price these days.

  • When Browns owned this, it was really good. It was all natural and tasted better. Since being taking over, it's never been as good

  • Couldn't find the coconut flavour…is it still around?

  • I really should neg this !

    I'm trying hard to lose weight and eat healthily, and I'm not good with temptations, and I'm a sucker for 50% off.

    I actually ordered a tub of salted caramel on my Thursday order. Picked up on Friday and hid it at the back of the freezer. We'll see how long it lasts.

    *sigh* life is so hard. Why are so many things that are bad for you so nice?

    Have a upvote anyway. If I die from overeating, at least I'll die happy 😊

    Edit - that was fun - just had to learn how to escape markdown to get the *

  • unrelated, but did anyone find an alternative to Coles' ex peanut butter choc ice cream? It was sooo good that literally only BR's PB choc could match it…