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[PS4, PS5] March 2021 PS Plus Games - Final Fantasy VII Remake / FarPoint / Maquette / Remnant from The Ashes


Edit - officially announced.

The March 2021 games have been announced on Facebook (and subsequently removed). As usual, available from the first Tuesday of the month.

More info.

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            @Hybroid: One last question sorry. If I sub now, can is till get Control?

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              @x853: Yes you can and I highly recommend it! As well as Destruction Allstars and Concrete Genie.

              You also get access to the entire PS5 PS+ Collection (this is a PS5-only benefit on top of monthly PS+ titles):

              From Worldwide Studios:

              • Bloodborne
              • Days Gone
              • Detroit: Become Human
              • God of War
              • Infamous Second Son
              • Ratchet and Clank
              • The Last Guardian
              • The Last of Us Remastered
              • Until Dawn
              • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

              From our third-party publishers and developers:

              • Batman: Arkham Knight
              • Battlefield 1
              • Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition
              • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
              • Fallout 4
              • Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
              • Monster Hunter: World
              • Mortal Kombat X
              • Persona 5
              • Resident Evil 7 biohazard

              All these included so makes sense to just grab a year subscription and enjoy.


            • @x853: If you have never got PS Plus, and you want to get Control, the best way is to get the 7 day free trial. You should be able to collect both Control and FF7 Remake (the last day to claim Control is March 1, but it is best to do it sooner).. You want to turn off auto renew.

              You do need to watch out if you have PS5, as you DO NOT want to claim Ratchet and Clank from PS Plus Collection. You actually want to buy it for free (so you will get it own it). You DO however, want to claim everything else from PS Plus Collection.

              • @netsurfer: Thank you both for your replies. I will sub today!

                • @x853: I assume you will do the free trial, you would do it today (safer) - there is no reason not to.

                  However, if you have already used that free trial previously, then it gets tricky. If you have to pay out of your pocket, and pick a 3 months or 1 year plan, then do it on 1/3 as you will still be able to collect 1/6 free games and 1/3/2021 free games - both happen to be Tuesday - However, you have limited time to do it - my understanding is that it expires 1 second before your initial subscription time (basically you get exactly 1 year) so you might want to subscribe in the evening.

                  Normally, you aim for a date that's after 10th (or 9th if you want to cut it really fine) so you will get to collect the final month of free games.

  • If I claim the ps plus ff7 (but not install it, just to have a copy when I trade the disc in for ff7 part 2), and also have a physical disc (which I will play on), how does the system know (when ps5 upgrade is concerned) if I purchased it or not?

    Or am I on to something here? I.e. use a disc to get the free ps5 upgrade installed, then install the ps plus version, which the ps5 upgrade will now be attached to?

    • Sony will create completely new game FFVII Remake PS Plus for anyone claiming plus game this month, and this one cannot be upgraded to ps5 version.

  • FF7!!!!

  • From someone who has never played a FF game, is it pick up and play or will you need to have some back story?

    It’s not a genre I have much interest in but may as well give it a go!

    • You will easily be able to jump into this. Each FF7 game is generally its own story, bar the direct sequels to certain titles. With some overarching themes and lines between the series. They did a great job with FF7R and I’d say it’s as good a place as any to jump into the series. You’ll likely love it and want to go check out some previous ones after.

    • Each of them are a self contained story within each numbered series so you'll have no problems with starting with whatever game appeals to you most.

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    Amazing month of ps plus. To get FF7R less than a year after release, even without the free next gen upgrade, is amazing value. Was seriously in the running for my personal GOTY last year and it won GOTY for several publications.

  • Do you only get to play those games for the month of March?

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      You have access them whilst your ps plus subscription is active. Let it lapse and you won’t have access to them again until you resubscribe.

      • So basically it will still be there when we resub? Or is there a time limit before they clear your accumulated games due to inactivity?

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          Yep will be there when you resub. As soon as you “purchase” a plus game for the month it’s available it’s tied to your account as a ps plus game. You then can access the game as long as you have an active plus subscription.

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    I know I said last month was the best. But bloody hell, this month just smashed it. I already have FF vii but it's amazing for them to offer it for free only a year after it launched

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    FFVII remake is an amazing game

  • Incredible for PlayStation owners. Remember that you can redeem the PS5 games online without needing a PS5.

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    Just got a PS5, do I need to sign up before march or can I just wait till next month? I'm a bit confused if I get games from the previous month or not?

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      If you signed up today (28/2), you will be able to still get Control. The official cut-off date for claiming Control is 1/3 (end of 1/3). What kind of "sign up"? 7 day trial, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year?

      7 day free trial - you want to do it really soon to collect 2 months worth of free games.

      1 month - it is a gamble, we do not know the free games for April, so you are betting on April's free games won't be as good as Control Ultimate Edition (you will miss out on April's free games).

      3 months or 1 year - again, cannot tell the games that will be on offer in the future. Generally, one would target a date that will cover the first Tuesday of a month (so that means after the 10th). By my rough calculation, if you subscribe on 1/3, you might just be able to get that final month of free games on the last day of the subscription (1/6 this year or 1/3 next year - both are first Tuesdays of the month), but you must collect them in time (I think the expiry time is based on when you subscribed). However, once that 3 month or 1 year is up, you probably want to wait for a few days to build a bit of buffer as counting on 1st day of a month to land on a Tuesday is risky. Also, I've read the expiry time is based on when you signed up, so if you were to sign up early on 1st of March, make sure you collect the final free games even earlier on that final day.

      • Thank you so much for the detailed response, appreciate it!
        I skipped the ps4 and back when I had the ps3 you didn't need to pay for online play lol.

        This sounds great, I'll just grab the one year pass for FF7R and bloodborne etc :)

        Ill probably sign up for tonight/tomorrow as I don't want control, thanks for the advice

        • If you don't want Control Ultimate Edition, then you might want to wait a few more days (maybe wait till 10th). The reason is you don't know whether you will keep on renewing PS Plus and banking on 1st day of the month being a Tuesday is quite risky.

  • This is probably the best month that I could remember for a while now just for FF7 remake. Can't wait!

  • when will this happen? the release PS+ games for March on playstation website are not FF7 and Remnant

  • Is it up yet when is later today?

    • The post indicates the deal will be active from 8:00pm

      • I see thanks

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    • It’s past 9 pm but still shows $$. Am I missing something?

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        I claimed it via the PS app

    • So that's why. I was wondering why I am still seeing Feb games.

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      Thanks! The direct links are appreciated. Something about Japanese console manufacturers and having shite digital stores.

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    Could someone please help me understand how the 4 games can be claimed? I clicked on luckylittles links above but it still shows its full price. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in as well. Help?

    Do I need psn subscription?

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      Yes you do need PS Subscription. Do you have PS Subscription? If your claiming it you can go to your console and go to PS Store and search the titles of the game,if the website doesn't work or the app.

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        Thanks. Looks like it is unlike the previous deal for ratchet and clank that is free for all.

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    For those playing FF7R for the first time, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Absolutely loved the game.

    One recommendation that helped me out for midgame (chapter 9 onwards) was looking up combo guides for the characters (especially Tifa). There's so much more depth than just spamming the square button continuously and I loved her playstyle.

  • FK, forgot to login and claim last month. Missed out on Control :(

  • Is anyone else getting an error adding these games to the cart?

    I'm using the PS app on my phone

    For the record: FF7R is amazing. Really good remake of my favourite game

    • These games shouldn't give an add to cart option, just press Add to Library and it should be instantly redeemed.

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