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Bosch Series 4 WAN24120AU 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine - $699 @ Bing Lee ($671 with eBay plus)


Popular Bosch washer, first decent sale price in a while. I had another seri 4 model and I love the Bosch machines, very quiet and soft on the clothes.

Bing Lee is having a sale on other Bosch lines too - ends tomorrow.

Don't forget another 3.5% or 4% shopback/cashrewards to bring it down to ~$675.

See comment below from RichardL if you have eBay plus you can bring the price to $671.

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  • What do people recommend - 8/10kg?
    Family of five, kids all under 4

    • 10 kg. Kids will grow and so will the size of their clothes.

    • Do you prefer doing washes as it fills up or do you wait for the weekend? If you wait for the weekend, get the bigger one else it doesn't matter.

    • I would go for 10 KG. In fact, my next purchase will be 10 KG as my wife often washes bed and blanket sheets.

    • You have 3 kids and they are about 1 year apart? Are you expecting 4th soon?

      • You have 3 kids and they are about 1 year apart

        Will need a commercial washer at this rate.

    • 10kg. We’ve got the 8 and only 3 in our family. Depends how good you are at doing the washing on an ongoing, regular basis though I suppose.

    • I have an 8.5kg currently for 2 of us. It does a weeks worth of washing easily for us. And will fit our full bed linen in there. (obvuously not together). 8kg would be a minimum unless you're living alone

    • We are a family of 8.. 1yo, 2yo, 3yo, 8yo, 10yo, 12yo plus 2 parents (wow, what an effort that was) and get away nicely with our 9kg Samsung which is barely bigger than this one and a real piece of crap.

      We get away with using it a few times a week, mostly for towels and a few loads of clothing and it does us well. Depending on how you like to wash (every few days or select days a week) an 8kg should manage a family of 4.

      • You are a hero

      • In your situation I think I would have a top loader. Shorter washes.

        • Unfortunately our laundry is a bench with space in the middle for a washer to go under it.
          We get by with how we have it at the moment, the main reason I don't like the Samsung is if it can't perfectly balance the load, it'll endlessly run the drain pump while it keeps trying to get a perfect balance - one year in and the drain pump sounds a little sick :(

          Our previous Electrolux spun no matter what and lasted us 9 years before the drum bearing started making noise.

    • Probably depends if you like doing smaller washes every two or three days, or one big one each week. Also if you want to use a dryer, they won't hold as much as a large washing machine unless you want to spend a lot.

      For us we're still using our Bosch washing machine that's 11 years old, and we got a cheap dryer when we started having kids which really helped us. We like doing smaller frequent washes so we don't need to buy that many school uniforms etc.

    • An 8kg washer will fit a queen size doona. A king size really needs the 10kg.

      Caveat: you can fit a KS doona in the 8kg, but you have to stuff it in to the brim.

      The REAL issue is that the rated capacity is in reality just a nominal maximum capacity. Most of the cycles will have a maximum load somewhat under the rated max. For example, the maximum load for the delicates cycle on my 8kg washer is only 2kg (this is the extreme example).

  • $671.04 + Delivery (Free C&C) with coupon code 'PLUS4P' from their eBay Store, if you have eBay Plus

  • Honey 'click 20' code + Cashreward up to 4% cashreward (24.69) = 654.31

  • Bought this last weekend and so far so good, much quieter compared to my 10yo Electrolux

    But from what I found, I could only find reference to it using liquid laundry detergent and not powder. Couldn't find anything online confirming or denying if powder could be used so we just bought some liquid.

    And don't forget to remove the transport bolts from the back before using!

  • Any recommendations for a heat pump dryer to go with the washing machine

    • We have this: https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/bosch-wth85200au...

      From memory if you get matching washer and dryer you can by a stacker and put the dryer on top. Only down side is if you want the washing to come out perfectly dry you need to use the sportswear setting. If your willing to give each item a bit of a shakeout each time the other settings are fine though. Heat pump is Worth it IMO not to have the condensation everywhere.

  • Good price. If you're in the market for a washer also consider that there are models with wifi capability now. Yes it's a gimmick, but I actually enjoy the in app monitoring. And I can ask Google to control it ;)

  • Ours has lasted for about 6 years now. Did have to get the drain pump changed recently, but apart from that, does the job nicely.

  • Price matched on AppliancesOnline for anyone outside of Syd. They included shipping so it was $759 delivered

  • Appliances online wouldn't price match for Adelaide as Binglee doesn't exist here, but Goodguys did.

    • Nicely done! Did you get this price match in-store or over the phone? Deciding whether to dash down to TGG’s now.

      • Just called. Then told appliances online that TGG would match and they did a little better. Then looked at fridges as well and played them off each other some more to get some good savings.

  • Are these washers made in Germany ?

  • What’s the difference between Bosch & Miele? Which one is better?

  • No delivery have to rent a truck and haul this 85 kilo machine and what about my old machine 85 kilo where do i dump in the street

  • Can anyone recommend me a washer dryer combo?

    • +1 vote

      Unless space is an issue, much better to get 2 separate units. I have used a few 2 in 1, but it doesn't perform each task well.

  • FYI - putting transit bolts back into this machine is a pain in the ass

    • How do you manage? The white bit drops out so I assume its impossible to hold them in when you screw in the bolts from the rear outside wall?