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Dell MS3320W Black Wireless Mouse $28.81, Dell Universal Pairing Receiver $7.80 - Delivered @ Dell AU


Thanks to Phlume for pointing me towards these via the previous cheap Dell mouse deal. While browsing the site I also came across this basic 3-button wireless mouse that can connect to multiple devices using either the supplied 2.4GHz USB receiver or Bluetooth. The reviews are generally positive so I'm guessing they're not awful to use.

If you lose your receiver don't despair you can get a replacement for only $7.80! The documentation doesn't state it but if these work similar to the Logitech Unifying Receiver (or if they're made by Logitech) then you may be able to plug a separate receiver into different computers and connect your mouse to more than one. That way you can carry your mouse around with you and not have to worry about plugging the receiver in each time you change location (and them promptly forgetting it when you leave).

Since these are genuine sale prices on the Dell web site without the need to enter a code you should be able to take advantage of your favourite flavour of cashback as well, plus any associated coupons or discounts they offer.

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  • I like big mice and I can not lie
    You other brothers can't deny
    That when a mice rolls in with an ergonomic shape
    And a round thing in your face
    You get sprung

    Bad lyrical puns aside, at 6.05cm x 10.44cm x 3.83cm this compares favorably to the 5.73cm x 9.48cm x 3.56cm of Dell's ultra-cheap wireless WM126.

    It is smaller although not to far off my measurements for the Microsoft Wireless 900 at 6.2cm x 11.1cm x 3.4cm (I cannot find a manufacturer's measurements for that one). But none are as big as the wired Phillips M234 from Big W at 11.6cm x 6.2cm x 3.7cm which at $7.95 I should probably post a deal for and has just delighted me.

    So I guess it's over to the OzBargain folk…how does this mouse stack up? Is it suitable for someone like myself who, like Donald Trump, has absolutely massive hands?

  • +1 for the lyrics

  • that universal pairing is new info to me. I was wanting to get a new set of keyboard and mouse as I'm swapping between work laptop and home cpu.

    I check control panel and the current receiver is already an universal receiver. I bought the receiver thanks.